Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moving on to week two

I dont even know if i can call it week two..
Its not like there was even an official week one..
Always when you strart a diet it's always "I'll start on monday"
Monday rolls around and its I'll start next week..My exscuse was "I'll start once the treadmill arrives and Jack puts it together" !
We got the treadmill...Last Monday night. I have yet to use it once..Go figure
I still started my eating healthy but not as much as I would have liked.
It always starts out so strong. You empty the cuboards, clean out the fridge, go and buy all the healthy food..Now what??...Now is when I got really board with salad and chicken.
I have to find a way to mix it up.. I am a great cook. I just have to find a way to create that into healthy and low fat..I can't complain to much I am down a couple of pounds. I have ate O candy in over a week and that right there is AMAZING !!
The one thing I do know. This will be the last so called diet I will even go on..If this does not work.. I will give up.I hope I look back 6 months from now in awe the amount of weight I have lost.. I am not one to care about numbers and saying those numbers outtloud to anyone is just the truth and the truth is I weigh 204..Down from 206..I am not quite sure why it is..But I have been around 205 for 3 years..It just kinda sits right around there. I can eat like a pig for a week and it stays right around 205..So my goal for this week is to break out the 200..I will then know that somthing is working..Oh yeah and to get on that treadmill.