Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weigh IN Plus some good news!

Of course again I forgot to weigh on Monday..

This morning I weighed in at 173.5
So I am down a pound. I am good with that. Every pound I lose that I gained over the last two months is one pound closer to the 160's and that is somewhere that I have NEVER been before.
So I am really looking forward to that!

I was on my way there when everything happened back in June..

Good news....
Now it is only a temp job..But it is a job and it pay much more then Unemployment.
The last time he had a Temp job doing just what he will be doing it turned into a full time job and he was with the company for 7 years.
So please pray that happens here as well..They interviewed 20 people and only hired 3..So they really liked him..This is what he was told by the Temp agency!
So FINALLY..Things are turning around for us..

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Making a change

I decided that I wanted to do something with my hair..
I have been thinking about this for a while now..Do I want to cut it? Huummmm
COLOR?? Well....I need that considering all the grey I now have! What color though????
I have NEVER gone lighter then my natural shade. Sure I have had highlights but I am a licensed hair dresser and never went fully blond. I also have not done anything with my hair for the last few years.

When you are in the salon you see everyone else getting their hair done so you want to get yours done. So every other week you are doing something different. That is how it was when I was working.
Now though I do nothing with hair.
The great thing about having a license is I can also buy everything at wholesale.
Trust me ladies I paid a pretty penny for that piece of paper and lots of hours in school. So I am paying for that product for SURE!! But it still feels nice to go in and buy all kinds of stuff at wholesale!
Lately though I have not stepped foot in a supply house. Not in a year maybe.

So....I finally decided I would do something with my hair. I was in the supply house for probably an hour or more. It has been a while and I could spend a lot of money in there that I don't have.
There is so much fun stuff in there! It is fun just to go and look! To see what is new!
I decided on a color and got a few other things and left!

Then when I started talking to Jack and telling him how I had never gone lighter blah blah he said then you should do that! OK..So there is this little thing where color does not lift color. So you then have to use bleach. I had been growing my hair out for a long time in hopes of growing out all my dark color so that I could lift my hair color with COLOR..NOT BLEACH! I have been examining my hair to see if I could see if I still had a hair color line in my hair..Now I have hair to my butt..So that will tell you how long I have been growing it out! The last couple days I have been going back and forth on what I should do.. DARK OR LIGHT??? Then this morning..I realized some time a few months back I put color on my hair!! It was one of those moments for some reason I don't remember too well..Yeah that is called Cognitive issues and they happen from time to time when you have MS. I just wish sometimes I would remember things a bit sooner..Hahaha
So after all that. I have no choice but to go darker because I won't put bleach on my hair!
Good thing I already have the color for it! When I was at the store I bought color to go DARK not light.

As far as cut goes...I don't know.. I never know. Leave it long for now I guess. I need to find a stylist that I trust for one thing. I have never gone to anyone that has not jacked up my hair. My husband cuts my hair better then anyone that has an education. It has not always been that way. The first time I coached him he really screwed it up. Since then he does the back and I do the front. I am just having him cut off and inch off the back. Trust me there are girls that can not do that right out there in the salons!

As soon as I color my hair I will post a before and after pic.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Monday morning I actually forgot to weigh in!
I know...LOL
I just have not got back to swing of things. So I don't wake up on Monday morning thinking about weighing in.
Since I forgot I did remember this morning...174.5 That is my OFFICIAL weigh in!
So this is where I start AGAIN...

I have to admit. For me eating pretty much WHATEVER I wanted for 2 plus months. 4.5 Pound GAIN is not that bad. But when I look at the fact that I could have had 2 MONTHS of Loss..That is when it really sucks!

I am just happy I am not too far from where I left off.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Have to start eventually...RIGHT?

Tomorrow is my official weigh in day!
I am struggling with getting back in the groove of healthy dinners!
It has been so easy to just pop a dinner in the oven.

For the last 2 weeks since we moved into the new place my body GAVE OUT!
So I have been in bed and to the sofa but mostly in bed. So Jack has been doing the cooking or getting food to eat.
I typically just say WHATEVER you want..YES there are times for sure that I say that I want Mexican or something else. I am in NO WAY putting this on him. I am my own person.
But when you feel as I do...It is much easier to just give in and let him just make the WHATEVER....

So how do I get out of this and get back to healthy eating????
This is going to be my struggle.
I know it won't happen overnight. Like I said in previous post. Dinner is my only real issue.

So tomorrow is weigh day..I will just start from there.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'M BACK...I brought some weigh back with me!

I said I would NEVER put the weight back on and NEVER go back to eating the way that I was..
Never say never..I should have learned that a long time ago.
LIFE can throw you some SERIOUS curve balls and if you are not prepared to deal with them emotionally and mentally YOU WILL go back to old habits just as I did.. I can guarantee you that!!!

June 1st..That was my day..That was the day that my husband told me that he lost his job.
I seen it coming for a while.. Even though it seemed as though he had job security..He was always REALLY busy. Had more work then he could keep up with. There was just little clues here and there. Like no overtime.. Things like that. Especially when he worked for a HUGE corporation.
He worked there for 7 years! So it was a big adjustment to make. We knew right off that we would have to move. We would not be able to afford where we were living. We had been needing and wanting to move anyways and it just gave us that extra push. With me on Disability and my husband now on Unemployment. Which let me tell you did not actually kick in till 2 weeks ago..Imagine the stress we have been under the last few months..We did not even know if we would qualify for another place to live!

So what did I do????I did what I do best!!! I ATE MY EMOTIONS!!!
Sure for the first week or so I cried EVERYDAY..So much so I could not catch my breath.
It is a VERY scary situation to be in to feel as though you are going to be homeless..
People would say.. What about family?? Well neither I nor my husband have ever been ones to involve our families in our personal business. We keep as much as possible to ourselves. NO..if it came down to it they would not put us out on the street.
Lets just say we are very grateful that some things lined up the way that they did financially because if they had not..Well.....I don't even want to think about that!

About 2 weeks ago we finally got all moved into our new place which is a Condo and about 1000 ft smaller than our last home and that has taken some adjustment.
We had movers do most of the moving and when I came into the place you could not walk..It was CRAZY!! I did not know how I was going to do it. The first Morning after I got up and spent 12 hours just on the kitchen. I have A LOT of kitchen stuff!
It is getting there..

A few days ago I was getting dressed to go to Target.. I am so HAPPY to have a Target down the street again. We were going to go have dinner and go to Target. I am just happy to be able to go anywhere and then be back home in 5-10 min instead of 45 minutes! Anyways. Jack walks in the room as I am getting dressed and asks what wrong? "I am so upset because all of my clothes are TOO BIG" Jack: Well that is better then too small right?
I guess at some point when you lose weight you just want you clothes to fit PERIOD!!

BUT what I am noticing right now is that I have gained weight.. I have been noticing it for a few weeks. My shorts are a bit tight.. The new ones..My bras are also a bit snug. I also just feel a bit bloated.
I have not been weighing. the scales have been packed. Plus when you eat WHATEVER..WHENEVER..Well, why weigh? I knew that I was up a couple of pounds from the last time I weighed.

Right now it is TOM..OH JOY!!! So as of right now it won't be accurate but I did dig out the scale.
Since June1st I have ate what I wanted in moderation. I still eat breakfast the same as always and lunch when I do eat lunch. Dinner is what gets me and eating ice cream at night. The ice cream at night has always been a down fall of mine and I fear it always will be and to tell you the truth I am OK with that.
But we have ate out A LOT and picked up food etc...So not the healthiest.

Two night ago I got on the scale at 179
This morning it read 176.5
I am on the tail end of TOM..
I will weigh again on Monday which is my official weigh in day. So in 2 Months and 10 days I gained somewhere around 6.5 pounds.
Which trust me!! I am NOT happy about! I was so close to the 160's and if I had stayed on course I would now be in the 150's. ...MAYBE.

So..I had my fun? If that is what I should call it. These last few months have been anything but fun!
It's time to get back to eating healthy and dropping the pounds and blogging and getting caught back up with all of you.