Monday, November 29, 2010

Body Bugg verses Body Media FIT *Updated*

Every year since the Biggest loser aired I have been saying that I would lose the weight..
Year after year has passed and season and season of the BL has passed as well..
This is the first year that I am watching the show and losing weight. I am also for the first year not sitting on the sofa eating junk food while watching Biggest loser..It's a great feeling..

A few years back they started using the Body Bugg..I instantly looked it up online..
It seemed like a cool device and since I am a tech geek and love anything that is an electronic I WANTED ONE !!!!!!!! Then I read the price..A bit out of my price range for something to help me lose weight when I was not able to stick to any program that I started.

Then this year while searching through blogs I came across someone that uses one called the Body media FIT..I have never heard of it or seen it anywhere..So I started doing some research. When I visited the website BODY MEDIA I noticed that it looked very similar to the Body Bugg and after doing much reading I could not tell what the difference was between the Body Bugg and Body media..So I emailed them..This was the response...

 Hi Renea,

The Bodybugg Armband is manufactured and distributed by 24-Hour Fitness.  They are a Business Partner of ours here at BodyMedia.  The BodyMedia FIT Bluetooth Wireless Armbands are manufactured and distributed by us here at BodyMedia.  All 3 devices are supported by the BodyMedia FIT application Software and all 3 capture, analyze and report on the same data in generally the same way.  The Firmware Software installed on each device is proprietary in that the Bodybugg Firmware is developed and supported by 24-Hour Fitness and the Firmware for the BodyMedia FIT and Bluetooth Armbands is developed and supported by us here at BodyMedia.

Yours in Health

BodyMedia Customer Service 

When comparing them both they are very similar..They are also priced about the same as well..

Right now Body Bugg has some great deals...So now is the time to get one if you want one..
I am torn on which one I want to purchase. Body media even measures your sleep. But the price right now is more then the Body Bugg..

If anyone has either I would love to hear what your opinions are!


Hello Renea,
I just wanted to give some further information on BodyMedia, BodyMedia FIT and bodybugg as well as clarify some points that Ron previously mentioned.
As Ron has stated, we manufacture and provide the hardware and technology for our Partner, bodybugg.  bodybugg is managed by 24 Hour Fitness/Apex.  They own the web Application and choose what information to provide as well as the features available.  Our BodyMedia FIT solution is our consumer weight loss solution that is similar to bodybugg.  It is essentially the same hardware and technology, however we develop what features and services to provide to the web application, just as 24 Hour Fitness chooses the same for the bodybugg Application.

Both bodybugg and BodyMedia FIT offer a Bluetooth Armband that will communicate with a compatible Smartphone as well as a model that will communicate with an optional Display Device.  We have further information on our website that discusses both the Bluetooth version (BW Armband) and non-Bluetooth (Advantage Armband).  There are some differences between bodybugg and BodyMedia FIT, such as:
-bodybugg provides a coaching session with purchase
-BodyMedia FIT provides Sleep data/graphing and Sleep efficiency
-the look/feel and development of the Application is independent from each other, but both solutions will derive calories, steps and physical activity.  Both solutions offer meal logging to track and monitor your calorie consumption. 

To clarify, the Armband and Display is compatible only with the web Application of the same offering, meaning a BodyMedia FIT Armband and/or Display will only work with BodyMedia FIT Application and same with a bodybugg Armband/Application.  The Firmware for the device is developed and improved by BodyMedia.  We provide regular updates to our bodybugg Partner to ensure they are using the latest technology.  bodybugg has their own support team to assist you with any questions/problems if you purchase bodybugg, and same with BodyMedia FIT.

We are happy that you would choose either solution, and wish you best of luck in reaching your goals.  Please see for bodybugg information and for more information on BodyMedia FIT solution.
If you have any further questions please feel free to reply to this email to reopen your case.

Thank you,
Michael Oncea
Customer Service Supervisor


  1. I have honestly never heard of either... I rock it old school... lol.. I have a step counter. ;)

  2. The new app I am useing also counts steps. So I am just not sure yet if it will show me anything that I can't already get with the new app. Plus there is the HUGE price tag!

  3. I just bought the bodybugg because I couldn't get my hand on the bodymedia Fit/subscription.I've the same thought as you have about the price and not able to stick to any program. So far I love it, but I know it's too early to say anything. There are more information/data with Bodymedia Fit, like sleep, exercise intensity. I'm not sure but I heard that you can enter self-calculated daily calorie totals without having to log in what kind of food you eat. That's nifty. I can't do that with bodybugg.

  4. Thanks for posting this information on the difference between the BodyBugg and the BodyMedia Fit- it was very useful. The reviews I have been reading over the last week or two seem to be preferring the BodyMedia Fit user interface to the BodyBugg, so my girlfriend and I decided to go that way. Right before we went to Costco to buy two of them (they have the BodyBugg advantage for $180 after coupon) I went and checked at Amazon- they have just dropped the Bluetooth/Smartphone model to $150 each (link below).

    So, I just ordered two. Here's hoping it works as well as hoped!

  5. thanks for this. i was trying to decide between the two myself. i'm glad they stated that techwise the bands/sensors are pretty much the same. makes the decision a lot easier.

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  13. Then this year while searching through blogs I came across someone that uses one called the Body media FIT..I have never heard of it or seen ...


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