Saturday, November 20, 2010

Feeling better today!

When we got home from the dentist the other day I just about got electrocuted!
I had closed the cord to my laptop in our reclining sofa. When I went to open it. It was sparking all over the place.

So right now I don't have my laptop and using our desktop is a pain. Jack uses it and I can't even get pics to load. So it needs some work..

I ordered a new cord from amazon and should get it in a few days. So until then no pics.. I will just add them later.

I am feeling much better today. Though on a really wacky sleep schedule.
I stepped on the scale today which I try and avoid. My weigh day is not until Wednesday but with my new scale... I just love it..
It read 189.3..Yeah back in the 80's..I hate TOM...I put on so much water weight!
I have not been drinking very much water the last few days. For one I could not drink from a straw. I also had to make sure that my mouth healed and that I did not end up with a dried socket. Those are no fun and they happen when you lose the blood clot and the root is exposed. So I had to make sure I was not flushing it with water all day and let it heal..
Things should be back to normal tomorrow and I really feel a difference..I feel really sluggish!

I have kept up with my eating..But I have not been logging anything.
I have been having about 2 meals a day and fruit for snacks..So I am probably way under my calories. When I say meals..I just mean I made those meals but only had about 5 bites! It just hurts way to bad to eat!

I can't believe Thanks Giving is this week. That is just crazy!
The winter needs to slowwwww down..WAY DOWN !!!
Today sometime I need to go to the store and buy a few things for what I plan to make and take.
Every year I make Pumpkin Cheesecake. I agreed to bring it this year. I realized last night that I am setting myself up for failure. So I am gonna have to think about it!

In past years I never gain a pound. We eat so early that I am not hungry..I know odd but true.


  1. I think the only really bad thing I have on Thanksgiving is not too bad.

    This year is going by way to fast...

  2. I totally didnt realize that thanksgiving was this week!!!!! crazy!!!

  3. I know it sooo snuck up on me too!


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