Monday, November 8, 2010

Food Habits..

I wake up every morning and typicaly I eat the same thing.
1 Cup of Sugar Free Applesauce with 1 packet of splenda and about 1/2 tsp Apple Pie Spice
33grams ( Yes I weigh) Kashi Heart to Heart Warm Cinnamon Oats..They are realy good.
I have been eating this for weeks..I am not sure that I ever really eat lunch..With my off the wall sleeping schedule. I usually have dinner when Jack gets home and almost ever day I have Ice cream. Dont worry it's the healthy kind and I top it with a bit of honey. If I am hungry again I will have snacky stuff. Usually a piece of fruit, a mini bagel with laughing cow cheese..So when I look back on my day. I can always see that I may not be eating enough. I also think I should change up my breakfast. Maybe have some eggs..

So my goal for the rest of November is to chnage up my eating habits..
Lots of water
Lots of veggies..
Cut back on the carbs..
Get walking !
It's cool out now I have no exscuses.

I have been doing this now for almost 10 weeks and I am no where near where I wanted to be.
But if I had done nothing. I would be even farther behind. I would not have gotten to exsperience what I have to know that 10 weeks in that I may need to do things a bit different to show some loss on the scale.
Eventually I will figure out what it takes for my body to drop the pounds..Until then I will just keep going and changing things up.

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