Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's a BOOK..Part 1

When I went shopping the other day I purchased a bag of marshmallows for sweet potato casserole that I will be making to take for Thanks Giving..
It is 2AM and when I get tired I mindlessly eat.( I am 90% better)
For some crazy reason I grabbed a handful or mini marshmallows. Now I know they are not THAT BAD..100 calories for 2/3 cup..
But why was I eating them in the first place?
I am so motivated right now it is crazy!!!!

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a runner..
I have dreams about it.
It is something I have never been able to do..I have hip issues and I never know when the pain will start. I can be walking and all of a sudden I get a sharp stabbing pain deep in my hip that takes my breath away. I have the same thing in my ankle on the same side. I have had MRI's on both. My foot was about 5 plus years ago and they wanted to do surgery. Because it happens seldom usually during long walks or exercise. So I passed.

I may rethink it eventually and see another doctor. This doc knew what he was doing considering he was the doctor for the entire diamondbacks baseball team but it is always good to get a second opinion. Look how things turned out with the dentist. If I had stayed with the other I would have had TWO unnecessary root canals!

So what's the next best thing to Running??? If it can be done outdoors. I would much rather be outdoors then in. For the last few years we have talked about getting bikes for me and Jack. We meant to get them for our birthdays over the summer which are one month apart. But expenses came up.

On the holidays since we do not have children we go all out..
We always have. Usually Jack tries to out do me. If I wrap and put them under the tree. He will actually count and make sure he one ups me...LOL
One year I made the mistake of putting every single item in a separate box and he went out and spent a ton of money because he thought I had spent a ton and he had only gotten me a few things.
That was when I realized this game he plays and felt horrible when he opened his gifts and I opened mine..
Now I know..It's Christmas. It's the thought that counts. But we have fun with it and love buying each other gifts.
Every year we usually buy one big gift for each other combined. Then we buy a bunch of smaller gifts. That is always the plan anyways..It does not always work out that way.
last year we had Christmas in July when he bought us a 50 some inch TV and bought me laptop and himself a PS3..So the bike thing must have been 2 birthdays ago.
Then of course we had Christmas as usual but did not buy the one big gift since we went all out over the summer.

One year he bought me my kitchen aid mixer.. The mack daddy..575watt.. That does 3 batches of anything..It has accumulated a lot of dust lately...)  ; I do a ton of baking around the holidays for neighbors and even hand then out as gifts for my family..I make all kinds of yummy cookies and wrap then in a nice package..It is truly from the heart and not just walking around aimlessly trying to find something they will like.
So very soon I will be firing that thing backup. Tomorrow actually to make my cheesecake to take for thanksgiving.

So back to the bike...LOL
If I will never be a runner and I should not say never. Maybe when I lose the weight it will take some pressure off my hip and things will change. But when I am on my treadmill and I think about speeding it up to where I would have no choice to run. It scares the patooty out of me..
If I am going to exercise it needs to be something I will love doing.
It has been years since I have road a bike..But how could riding a bike not be fun..
Plus a ride into our town is less then a mile..
So when we went out to dinner the other night we decided that is what we will do this year. Bikes for both of us and I am sooooooo excited..I want it now..

Since I live in Arizona there is a very small window of time where I will be able to ride it comfortably.
I know the exact bike style I want. I want something comfortable. So I am going to get a cruiser..One that has a BIG seat..Plus I can add a basket and possibly take the dogs along or use it to go to the store..

I am going to be honest when I tell you that since I started this I have NOT been exercising. I even bought a treadmill a few months back and don't use it..Partly because the one I bought I don't like. I bought a new kind that is on shocks..I just don't like it.. But I bought it. So I will have to use it..But for now..I will have so much more fun on a bike as long as weather permits.

I have been really tired and dealing with fatigue. So I slept most the day.
I also have not gotten in enough water at all..So I am trying to get down a bottle before I got to bed. Which is slightly a bad idea since I partly peed my pants in my sleep last night..Sad but true..LOL.
Tomorrow is weigh day..I am very excited. Not because i am expecting some HUGE loss. I just love weigh day. It lets me gauge where I am at and what need improvement..

I stayed within my calorie count
I realized my reason for the marshmallows
I am extremely motivated and each day I want this more and more and not for vanity reasons but to be a healthier person.

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