Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day After the Dentist...

While at the dentist you could smell this amazing smell. The dental assistant told us that there was a bakery next door..GREATTTTT !!!!!
Then she says...It's healthy!

So after the dentist we went in and got a few things. Their breads looked amazing.
Plus Jack needed to bring a breakfast item to work the next day. I had planned on baking as I always do. But they had some amazing cinnamon bread. So Jack took that. I also bought Sweet Potato Butter.
Surprisingly it is healthy..Only 20 calories 4 Sugar and 5 carbs.
I tried it today. It is really good but also really sweet..
I also picked up some honey..I love Honey !

Afterwards we went to Applebees..
Once again I made a bad choice..But with my tooth I was not able to eat much..
Something I have to work on is if I am going to eat out I am going to have to pick a healthier option. They have those options but I did not choose it.

Then we went to Big Lots..I miss Big Lots. I use to have one across the street. But since we moved I don't
We stoped in and what did I find????
Well I found a few things.But they had a Conair Weight Watchers scale that weighs in 0.1LB Increments.
I wanted one that also did body fat and water. But this was $22. So I took it..Maybe eventually I will also get the other one.
I weighed when I got home and sure enough it is just over a pound heavier then the one I am currently using.
But I love the fact that it tells me the exact weight..So eventually I will just get use to it. It is also right on with my docs scale.

The numbing medication wore off late in the day yesterday and I have been in agony since.
I never knew how painful it would be to have a tooth pulled.
Most of the pain is coming from where the shots were given.

I was hungry for dinner and made a turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn..
Then when I started to eat I realized it was just too painful.
The meatloaf was good. I used applesauce,sage,panko,onion and celery..It was SUPER moist.
I will have to make it again when I am feeling better.

So sorry if my Blogs are very blahhhhh But that is exactly how I feel !
Hoping for a better day tomorrow!

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  1. Mm, a bakery near the dentist. The scent of the fresh bread must have been tantalizing. Anyway, it's no fun when we get our teeth pulled and have to wait a while before we're able to chew again. Still, it's best to let our teeth heal.


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