Sunday, November 21, 2010

Being sick and my scale..

I am still on my wacky sleep schedule..
I woke up at 6PM !!!
So I will be up all night again. At some point I will have to go back to sleep early or stay up for 24 Hours.
I may do the 24 hour thing.It has worked in the past.

I am still dealing with jaw pain and some kind of sickness.
It feels like the flu. But the last time I was at the Doc I got a flu shot?
It is that achy yucky feeling..

I have been concerned for about 3 weeks.
I am so dizzy all the time. But mainly when I sit up or lay down..
It really sucks..I figure it is just the MS. But I have never dealt with somthing just like it or for as lomg
So not sure?

I got back on my scale today and it still reads in the 80's
I love that scale. But every time I get on it reads somthing different.
So I guess I will have to take it back and get somthing else.
If anyone has a scale that reads in 0.1 increments and reads water and fat possibly please let me know!

Jack wants Panda Express for dinner !!!
Since I am sick and NOT cooking I am not gonna gripe...
I have had water and OJ today..So I will just go with it.
Plus he just cleaned our carpets!

I still make the wrong choices. But I don't beat myslef up over it.
I have come so far in 11 weeks.
When I think back at my old habits..I have done a 180 for sure..
So I am not going to kick myslef for one meal a week anyone..
But I do know that if I want to lose more weight faster I may need to cut that out.

It's raining!!!! I love the rain.
This dang house we are in has no front window. The front window is actually the back bedroom..
From the street it looks like a front window but it is actually a bedroom..
It's a new bulit house!
What is wrong with this builder!!!
Why did we chose this house!!
I want to go back to my old house!

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