Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OMG...Plus my weigh-in ! yesterday was day one on the Double Dog Dare Challenge.
WoW did I have to pee a lot..This is not your ordinary pee. lets just say that.
Typically I can and most people go pee come sit back down and not have to go back for a while.
But no..I have to pee again by the time I make it back to sit down.
Plus when I wake at night or in the morning. I can usually wait a bit. FORGET IT ! I am trying as fast as I can to get out of bed before I pee my pants...But I made it through the day and drank roughly
108 Ounces of water. Which is my optimum amount. I had a diet soda so I could add that in there but for down I will stick to just plain straight water!

Now onto the BEST news..I was so bummed last week..I had gained a HUGE amount for no reason.
Well there may have been one..I was in bed all week with my MS.
This morning was my weigh day. I thought about just waiting till Sunday. Which is the weigh day for the water challenge..But I sluggishly worked my way to the scale..I soooooo did not want to see what it said. 191.5 LBS.....WOOT WOOT..HAPPY DANCE..Now I know that I need a new scale. When I first steped on it this is what it read. I went and sat down. Then started thinking. I had just got up. Maybe it read 197.5..Which it did last week. So I went back. I got it to read anywhere from 190-192. But 191.5 was the first and it came up most often. So I will go with that. I know my scale. It 's not to far off. It has been what I have been using for years and even my doctor scale every month reads the same as at home.
I have been wanting a new scale anyway! So maybe I will go buy one of those fancy ones that shows water,fat etc..How it does that I have no idea.

So as some of you can imagine..I am over the moon HAPPY!

Now onto my water..BLAH..Just Joking..I should say onto peeing.

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