Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

Wednesday already! I wait all summer for winter to come along and it is just flying by. I cannot believe it is almost Thanksgiving and the winter will be over before we know it.
Then I will be back in what I call "hell" Can you tell I hate the summers???
The heat is so hard on my MS!

I was really hoping to get out and walk first thing this AM
I have been dealing with some dental issues. It is all I can think about when my jaw is throbbing.

Tomorrow I will be going to see a new dentist.
I had seen one a few months ago. One that never got back to me on my treatment plan
So I had to start all over. At least I don't have to get my X-Rays done again.
I do know that what is needed is a root canal. But from the MS I can only open my Jaw so far,
So they will either be able to take care of this or they will need to submit a a letter to my primary insurance to have this done in an OR...
So I am very nervous to say the least. But I will be glad when I am no longer in pain with this tooth.

Today was my weigh day. I maintained. No loss and no gain..
It is that time of the month. So no big surprise. I actually thought I would have a gain.
I crave sweets three times as much this time of the month. But I am managing it OK
This is the 3rd time I have had to deal with this now and getting better at it each time.

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