Monday, November 15, 2010


Today was an overall great day..
Started off good with breakfast.
When I have been adding my food into my calorie blog it has been telling me that I am not getting in enough potassium. So today I made sure to have a banana.

I soooo wanted to get on the scale today but I have been doing that daily and I need to stop doing that.
I never did before. But after I had that HUGE loss I wanted to make sure that it does not creep back up.
So maybe I will weigh tomorrow..

Things have changed since my recent blog..For personal reasons I have decided not to do the water challenge. I am still going to continue to drink the same amount of water. But I will not be participating in the challenge itself. Since I will not have to turn in my weight on Sundays. I am going to go back to Wednesday weigh-ins.

For dinner Jack cooked and we had Fish, Potatoes with Green Beans and Brussel Sprouts.
I have been dealing with some stomach issues. So I ate some of my dinner and a while later had some toast with honey.

Nothing special to report today..Just trying to feel better and get my water in for the day today.
Kinda hard to do with an upset belly!


  1. mmmmmmmm banana!!! I need to buy a bunch!! Sorry your belly was upset... hope it feels better soon!!

  2. Thanks Trish..I actually do feel better today.
    Then TOM today..blah !!


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