Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Weigh-In

What a weekend it has been...
A weekend full of fattening food!
What's done is done and thank god for a new week.

Last night for dinner we went to a Greek restaurant as planned. The food was amazing as always.
I certainly could have made better choices. While eating my dinner of not so good choices. I was saying what I should have ordered. Oh well we enjoyed it. I did say that I would take one day a week and eat what I wanted in moderation. But this was a bit overboard. It is what I ordered as the old me. There was a salad and my Jack had a Gyro..Plus there was cheescake! 
I guess I still have some work to do!

I have been suffering with a major tooth issue that I need to have taken care of. We have dental insurance but I needed to save up enough money as to not strap us down for weeks. I could just go and have it ripped out. But what I need is a root canal. So I have been saving up for that. Plus I had issues with the dentist I went and seen.
I have MS and I can only open my jaw so far. He recommended that I have all my work done in an OR.
After I was there and had all my xrays done and he looked over all my teeth they gave me a sheet that had all my needed dental work listed with prices. I was told that he wanted to speak to the head doc and that he would call me in a week. If I had not heard back to call them. Well I did and I emailed..Multiple times on both and they don't return anything. I told someone about this and later found out that she was a dental assistant and she said to me " you do know that they are discriminating against you right" She was referring to my MS..So I am not sure what to to about that, But I am looking into it. So here I am almost 2 months later and still dealing with this tooth. I am on bottle 2 of antibiotics and lots of Orajel.
I have found a new dentist. I was hoping to make it to the first of the year. That way I won't have to pay another co-pay. But looks like I will be getting this taken care of sooner! So people if you have dental insurance use it!!! I made the mistake of not using mine! How stupid was I !

I have 2 major things to announce!
First off..Ever since I started this. I have had 2 pairs of jeans that I have had hanging on my wall. They are 2 of my favorite jeans and I was not able to wear them last year. I could not even get close to buttoning them. Even though I have lost "NOW" 14 pounds....I was leary of trying them on. I did not want a big disappointment. Well Friday I tried them on and one pair FIT!!!! I was thrilled. The other pair fit but just a tad too tight for me to wear them comfortably just yet. Maybe another 5 Lbs.
I actually wore them last night. Plus I took my first progress pic in them last night before we went out.

I have been doing the water challenge as some of you may know and today Allan asked for a pic and our weights. I have been weighing on Wednesdays. But I am going to change that to Sundays. It will just make it easier since it is the day for the challenge.Plus it will help keep me in check over the weekend.
I mean heck I chose Wednesdays for a reason...
So this morning I stepped on the scale to realize I have lost another 2 pounds. So that is a total of 8.5LBS in 11 days. That is just crazy! But I am now in the 80's....YEAH I now weigh 189.
I really wanted to make it into the 80's in November.

I have been looking at scales. I have notices that mine is fluctuating. I can get on it and weigh 5 times and it read one thing. Then weigh again and it read lightly off the other.
I know it is not that far off since my scale reads just as my doctors does each month. So I am not worried about it too much. But I am looking for a scale that reads in 1 point increments. Having water,fat and BMI readings would be awesome too!

Today is going to be a day of flushing out last night dinner. LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER!!!!!

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