Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day at the Dentist

It has been a long couple of days..

I have been dealing with some dental issues.
Two months ago I went and seen a local dentist here in the town of Maricopa only to leave not having any of the needed work done. My appointment was on a Friday. I was the last patient to be seen and there was only one doctor on staff. When I left I was given a" treatment plan"  and was told that after he spoke with the head Doc I would be called back in a week and if I did not hear from anyone to call. Well I did and I emailed and I never heard back from anyone.

While doing a search on the Internet I came across a dentist in Mesa..East mesa which is 40 miles from where I live. But they have great reviews over 60 to be exact and they were all 5 star reviews. I was hoping to make it to the first of the year but I was just in too much pain. So this past Thurday I went to the dentist.. WoW was I anxious. The last time I was at a dentist and had a cleaning was quite a while ago and they put me in so much pain I was literally screaming  in the chair.So I have put off going for that reason. I have dental insurance and I get free cleanings..But nooooo..I put it off to the point I now have cavites..I knew this before I was even seen. This dentist that I seen 2 months ago told me that I needed two root canals. So I have been really stressed. They are costly even with insurance. So I go see this new dentist and lets just say they were AMAZING. Super friendly and they took their time,explained everything and told me what I needed done and what could wait and gave me options. They had planned to talk with another doc and see about me having the work done while under anaesthesia. But I was ready to get this done.So the numbing began. Then came the shot! Oh boy. It did not feel great but was nothing like it was many years ago.
I was able to feel how the very long needle went around my jaw muscle. Many years ago she went through that muscle!!! So yeah this time was a HUGE difference..It seemed to just fly by..I may have broken jack's hand in the process!! HaHa..

She proceeded to do two fillings. When she was done she said "since you are all numb how about we get rid of that wisdom". So I agreed. She made sure I was fully numb by pulling up on my tooth. Since I could slightly feel it. She brought on some more numbing meds.. YES more shots !!! But since I was slightly numb. I did not feel it as much.
I was able to feel the pressure plus a few crunchy sounds and then all of a sudden she was done..I was amazed how fast she did it..

So I left not having a root canal as the other doc said I needed. This doc did more X-Rays and did a cold test and said my root is fine. I go back in 2 weeks to have the same done on the other side. A few cavities and one more Wisdom. Then eventually I will have to have another doc take out my last wisdom which is under the skin.

I was soooo numb when we left. That is the oddest feeling.
But since I was numb I was feeling no pain.
We even went shopping and to eat after...
I had no idea what was to come....

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