Monday, February 28, 2011

Seasons are changing

The seasons in Arizona is getting ready to change and that means that we get to wear shorts!!!
Now I don't like summer for the fact that it is HOT and the heat messes with my MS.
But I do like the fact that I get to wear shorts. I have never had issues with my legs..
As a matter of fact I have always been complimented on my legs..
WHY?? I have no idea! They are short and stubby..But take it where you can get it right!
No but really! I don't see anything wrong with my legs. So wearing shorts does not bother me.

I am starting to wonder how my shorts from last year will fit considering I am 23 pounds lighter then I was last summer. Here during February we can pretty much wear shorts. At night time it still gets cold though.. I have been home during the day so I have not had a chance to wear my shorts. So I have NOT tried any of them on..It will be interesting though.
I thought I would be farther along. But then I started thinking...When I thought that I was think more into July. So I still have 5 more months till we get to July!! That is a ways off!

I have written down EVERYTHING I ate today! For dinner I forgot to take down any meat so we had salad and a flatout with Hummus. It was really good..I sure love that Hummus. You just need to make sure that you measure it out!

Tomorrow I am going to restart my treadmill goal of 10min x 4 per day.
It is about time I get back to that!
Then I will slowly add in some other stuff.. I just need to make sure I don't do everything at once.That is when I get into trouble!
Tonight is Copaxone night and I mean that. As a matter of fact as soon as I get off here I am going to do it. No over thinking it! I just have to think it is there to make me better because it is!

Monday Weigh In...ERRRRR

OK...So I am back up to 182.5!!! It is what it is..
I am clearly in a plateau. I have been doing a lot of reading on it. My body is just use to what I am eating and to tell you the truth I have been doing the same thing and eating the same things FOREVER!!

I have had plans to start 30 day shred but with the way I have been feeling with my MS I did not want to push it!
So I still have those plans and the day I wake up feeling up to it is the day I will start it and that has not happened yet!

I am not beating myself up over the 182..I have still lost over 20 pounds..That is 20 pounds that I have had on my body for the last 13 years. Would I like the scale to be moving?? You bet I would!

This morning I made sure to measure every single thing that I ate..

This is what I had for breakfast.
Cheerios 32 grams   110
Soy Milk Light vanilla 8oz  80
Strawberries 109 grams  34
Orange 115 grams   54

All I can do is eat healthy,weigh what I eat and get as much exercise in as I can!
Right now that is what I am going to stay focused on..If I don't I will say screw it and eat what I want!
I want this to work and I want to make it to goal one way or another.
I am thinking I may need to do something sever like Adkins to jump start my body again!
Gonna have to do some thinking!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finally the scale moves!

Today I got on the scale just for the heck of it..I usually don't do that. I always weigh on weigh day!
It said 181..Can you believe that!! I couldn't....Down 1.5 pounds from Monday. So I still have to wait till Monday. This is not my official number so we will have to wait and see..All I can say is what the heck happened during that month. I am NOT doing anything different!!!! I did not weigh at all during that month so for all I know I could have gotten into the 170's and for some reason went back up to 182..Who the heck knows..I am just glad to see it moving in a downward movement. It just needs to keep on going that way!
I have not gained in quite a while. I would have to go back and look. I think it has been months since I have had a gain and when it was a gain it was nothing huge it was .5 I think and I was on my period.

I STILL have not started my copaxone and that's that!

By the way...I have 2 new Vlogs on my youtube channel if you are interested in viewing those!

Friday, February 25, 2011

I am struggling

I am struggling!

Going a month without weighing was the worst thing I could have done. I DO NOT advice it.
It got me all thrown off and I did not blog as much and now I am even blogging less..
I am still eating the same foods but I am not tracking as I should or journaling or weighing my food all the time.
Last night we had pasta. Though it was Whole Wheat..I had wayyyy to big of a portion!
I have cut out the bread and the honey so I feel better about that.

I am going to try and get myself back on track..Start journaling,weighing,and writing down everything I eat!
On top of that I am going to blog EVER DAY!! I need to get back in the habit of it again.
When I am blogging daily I am more on top of my program..
I have also not been keeping up with all of you guys and you are my support and keep me going as well and I need that!

I have noticed at night I want to snack and that is a clear sign to me that I am reverting back to my old ways! So I need to nip it in the butt now before it gets out of control!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It has been a while..New weigh day!

It's been a while since I have posted almost a WEEK to be exact!!!
I think this is the longest I have gone without posting since I started all of this..

I have had a lot going on mentally and physically..
Which should we start off with first..I know this is a Weight Loss blog in general. But this is also my journal so I talk a little about everything..

I am going to go back to my Neurologist appointment since it is the #1 thing that has been on my mind.
Things DID go well..As a matter of fact I even had some lesions vanish.. This could be a result of eating healthy and not eating highly processed foods. On the other hand he was so confused by my MRI's that he wants all my MRI's that I have had done to compare them because he feels like that was not even my scan..I seen TWO doctors that day and they both agreed that with my symptoms that I am having lots of blood work to check for many other auto immune disease such as lupus. I was tested for Lupus in the beginning but right now I cant think of the names of the other ones..As soon as he gets my scans and my blood work he will call me..I have craziness going on inside my body right now and I have for some time..I think for about a year now I have NOT had a break.. I have to walk around with this smile on my face when I am in public when I am dieing inside! As soon as I get home I put my PJ's on and collapse on the sofa or the bed..They know there is more to this and I do too and always have!!! The key is finding out what??? Do I have to go through another spinal tap? Am I willing to do that? I don't know at this point! If it means being able to get through my day and FINALLY say today was a good day.. Then maybe it's worth it..
The COPAXONE has not been started yet..I have a hard time putting myself through one more thing then I have to.Dr. M told me to just start it when I am ready..As soon as possible. The hope is that it will calm down my symptoms. So the sooner that I do the better. The day they got here and I unpacked them from the box filled with ice packs and opened one of the boxes. It was a familiar site. Rows and rows and needles pre filled with medication. Medication that burns like a Mother F-er...I just wanted to cry looking at it and can not believe that I am here again..I need to be grateful that it is available to me. But right there in that moment all I could think about was the endless days of dreading my nightly shot where I sit and cry for an hour because I DON'T want to do it..Jack then forces me to JUST get it over with!!!
This medication reacts different for each person.. For me it is the worst it can possibly get! The burning last for about 2 hours..By then I am completely mentally and physically exhausted..So yes I am holding out..I said I would start Monday and Monday has come and gone!

I have a NEW weigh day!! No more giving myself those few days to make up for the crap I eat over the weekend! So I weighed this morning and surprisingly I weighed 182.5..Let me tell you..It has been a free for all since Friday..We have ate out every day and I have had a McDonald's ice cream cone every day. It has been one meal a day not all 3 meals. But I was shocked. I was expecting to see a gain!

I will be starting 30 day shred.. Monday did not happen as it was suppose to.. I was going to start 30 day shred and copaxone today. But I started getting sick yesterday.
So I may put this off till NEXT Monday..
I am also going to start doing a lot more Journaling. I have bought 2 more journals. I bought a really nice one at Borders and then I also got a really nice one at Walgreen's. The only difference was the price.. Yeah..I was tempted to take the borders one back.. But I really like it so I may keep it..
I am going to document my Copaxone symptoms how I feel the day of and my symptoms and see how I feel. This way I know if the meds are working. I did not do this last time.Jack seems to think That I felt better the last time I was on it. Now I will know. No more guessing!

So I am still here..Still going strong. Other then this past weekend of course..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My MONTH weigh in!

I am just gonna tell you like it is..
The news is NOT good!!!
183...I lost .5 of a pound...I am not happy to say the least!!!!!
I don't know what happened. Jack is home sick today and even he is stumped. He sees what I eat and knows what we have in this house. I don't even drive right now. So it is not like I am sneaking food!
There have been a few times this months we got Taco Bell.. It was the healthy TB.. As healthy as you can get. We also got panda Express once and ate out twice. Once at a Mexican restaurant and I picked at my food and the other time we split a chicken breast sandwich and fries, there was also the applebees after my MRI...I have also had maybe 6 McDonald's Ice cream cones that DID fit into my daily calories..I have stuck to around 1200-1400 calories a day and I have been doing clean eating with a bit too much sugar! The sugar may be the cause?? Who knows....I just can't believe an entire month is down the tubes!! I did not feel like I had lost anything. I had said that in an earlier post. I just did not have that feeling.

I guess I just have to  move on. There is nothing else I can do!
I started this morning off by WEIGHING my fruit.. I am going to start being diligent about weighing EVERYTHING and using calorie counter to my full ability! I am going to be really good about tracking everything that I eat so that on weeks where I don't lose anything I can look back and see why.
I have tracked in the past but I am one to not be real good about doing it daily or forget to finish out my day. Well no more of that!!

I also now know that without some form of exercise I am now at a weight where I cant lose..So I need to be doing it! I think that is where I went wrong.I had the best intentions. But I let my MS fatigue get the best of me!

Speaking of..I have my appointment in a few hours so I must run. But I wanted to let everyone know what happened and what the scale said! I sure wish it said different.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Almost here!

I finally got my COPAXONE all worked out and for those of you that don't know what that is and that is about 99% of you.. It is my shots for my MS (Multiple Sclerosis)..So those will be delivered on Wednesday.YEAH for me..NOT!! I get to go through lots of burning pain on top of the burning pain I already go through every day. Oh well..It is the hand I was dealt. Things could be worse. I just have to be grateful that the shots are available to me and so are my doctors and so on.

Two more days and I get to weigh..Or one more day depending on how you look at it..I get to weigh on Wednesday morning. I am going to video tape it and post it on YouTube and on here as soon as I know you will know.. I cannot wait to know!!! Driving me a bit batty. I mean not really.. I have been able to leave my scales on the bathroom floor and not touch them. But I sure would like to know what I weigh.

I am ready to know what I weigh and move onto something else. That something else being 30 day shred. Now I hear it is suppose to be really hard. So I may just do it my way. I may not do it the way it is intended. I have to modify things so that I do not end up in the hospital.I am not sure yet. I won't know till I try it once.Also as soon as I know how much I lost it will help me know if I need to up my calories or lower my calories..I have been flying blind here for a while..

As soon as a weigh I am gonna start over with everything.. I am gonna start being really good with my tracking because I have been slacking.I have to really pick up my exercise because summer is on its way and when it gets here I wont be doing much if any. The heat is really hard on me. Regardless if I am in the house..

I have a neurologist appointment on Wednesday and a Primary doctors appointment on Thursday..So I will get to talk to them both not only about my weight but about my most recent MRI and about doing this 30 day shred!?

Food is still doing good..Everything has been the same.. There have been a few nights where I have had Jack get me a McDonald's Ice cream cone..I have a sweet tooth what can I say.. But they did fit into my calories!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New plans with Jillian and Atkins "EDITED"

It has been a few days since my last post.
It seems since I have started doing vlogs I have been doing less and less post and I don't want that to happen.
I also have really not had all that much to talk about.
When you go an entire month without weighing..Well....It is kinda like not being on any program at all.
I am doing the same thing as I was doing yesterday and the day before and the week before and so on.
But that is soon to come to a close when I FINALLY get to weigh on Wednesday and I can not wait!!!!
I thought about doing it on my webcam. But I will just do it on my camera with video and post it on YouTube and here. That way you all get to see what I weighed in at! Won't that be fun???
I really have NO IDEA what it will say.. I don't feel any different then I did a month ago. So it could be the same. I could have gained. Who the heck knows...But I will know soon!If I gain sure I will be disappointed. But if I do I will just keep right on going. No matter what I will never do this again. But you live and learn right? So if I have a gain. I will just dust myself off and keep on truckin and on to the next day. I will NEVER give up!!!

My great friend Trisha recently started 30 day shred..I also know there is one other blogger doing it.
So I started looking into this..With my MS I have to be really careful in what exercise I choose to do and the intensity. If I chose something that is too hard it could send me into a flare or just put me in bed for a week. But I also will try anything once!! I defiantly don't let my MS hold me back. But sometimes it does and I have no control over it!
I told Jack all about it and guess what he came home with on Friday? I had actually asked him to look for it at Bookmans since he goes there all the time. But he went to Walmart and bought it.

I have a few doc appointments coming up this week including one with my neurologist. Plus I weigh on Wednesday. I don't want to start 30 day shred until I know that I am going to be home each morning for at least the first week and that I can weigh. So I may not start until next Wednesday. Have to wait and see..

"Had a conversation with JACK my husband and he does not want me doing the Atkins diet and that is NOT the only reason why I made the choice NOT to do it..There is NO way that I can without eating fruit. There is just no way. I started this program by eating a well balanced diet. If I switch to Atkins I will be then doing the complete opposite of EVERYTHING I have been working to accomplish..So I don't know what I was thinking!! Thank you Sarah for helping me decide."
Now something else I have been thinking about. I know some people may not agree..
I have been saying since the beginning that I wanted to do this on my own. No pills,gimmicks,or programs!
I have been reading a lot on the new Atkins diet. I don't know if I have the willpower for that program.
I have also always thought that it was not the healthiest. So even if I did do it. This is not something that I would do long term. We are talking just a couple of months. I would want to do the first phase and then do the second phase for a month or so..
I am thinking about it..I am going to get the book and read through it before I make any decisions. I would still eat clean with no processed foods or I would not do it!!! I have already been thinking that I needed to cut out some carbs. This would be to the extreme! It is NOT a done deal!
But definitely something to think about. I think with 30 day shred and Atkins... This would really kick my weight loss into gear!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It has been a while! EDITED(bottom)

WoW..It has been a few days since I have posted..
I guess I just really have not had much to talk about..
I have been waiting out my time...Hahahha
I swear I feel like I have made the worst mistake EVER!!!!!!
Why oh why did I do this to myself????
One more week! That is all I have left as of today..Just one more week!

I am dealing with insomnia AGAIN!
So I have been up late at night and when that happens I just want to eat.I find myself standing in the kitchen staring in the pantry or the fridge when I know just what is in there. So why I do it?? I have no idea!!

Last night gave me the opportunity to think about a few things. It has been a while since I have actually been counting my calories. We don't have fattening food in this house. I eat just about the same way every day. So last night I sat down and wrote down everything that I ate. Then I plugged it all into the calorie count website and it came out to about 1350..That is right about where I like to be..Right around 1400 is good for me..Then for some crazy reason I decided to eat a bowl of cereal that is 250 calories for a cup..I did measure it..But I just don't know why I ate it to begin with. Then I also had another piece of chocolate..It was just not a good night..

I am starting to do a lot of vlogging..I think it is good for me..I don't care if I have makeup on or not..I am just going to go with it..This is for me!!! Someone recommended that I do it daily..So I may just do that. I am still going to do my blog here.. I am just going to be doing both! It feels great to just sit there and talk it all out..

Once again I threw out the honey..I just cant handle the stuff I eat way to much of it..So in the trash it went!!! You can see that over at my You Tube channel (  ;

I am not sure what it is but it seem that something that I have been eating has been making me severely constipated..TMI..I know..But this is a big deal..It is either the whole grain bread,peanut butter or the flatouts.or could even be the soy milk..I have been thinking of doing a slight version of the Atkins and seeing if that changes things..Any thoughts??
I am realizing that even though I seem to for the most part eat really healthy and I also seem to stick within my calorie range..I think that I have some BIG changes that need to be made..
When I look at what other people eat...My eating schedule for one is all over the place..I get up in the morning I eat right away and it is usually just an orange..Then a few hours later Jack gets home and we have dinner. Which I guess is my lunch. ( I am a night person. So my sleep schedule is all over the place as well) After the meal with Jack from there on it is mostly what I call snacking..They really are not "meals"Though healthy!!!
I have tried to get on a regular sleep schedule and when I do it is much easier. Then I do the BLD and snacks..So I am still working on that!
Tonight I cooked up about 12 chicken breast..It was also part of dinner with Quinoa and veggies.
I am going to start adding a lot more protein to my diet! Having those chicken breast already cooked up it will make it easier for lunch and also for tacos for dinner etc..

I am going to start tomorrow with adding an egg with my orange.
The only meal in my day that is an actual meal is the meal that I have with Jack and that needs to change.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Made my first goal!!!!!!

Thank you everyone on your advice on what I should do..I thought about it and decided to take Moniques advice..I am going to go ahead and stick it out! That way I know that I finished what I planned on doing. If I don't I am going to feel like I failed at something.
I have already failed at so much when it comes to my weight. I don't want to fail at this too! I committed to a month! So a month it will be! I only have a week and a half left..Really it is just a week and 2 days and that will fly by..By next weekend I will be counting the days!

I woke up this morning..Still feeling like CRAP!!! This throat thing I have is for the birds..I spend the entire weekend in bed or sleeping on the sofa. I just could NOT stay awake for the life of me!
As soon as I woke up for some reason I remembered my STRING..If any of you don't know what I am talking about. I have this cooking string that I cut way back in July and Marked with black marker. I did 2 goals. A while back I had posted a picture of progress that had been made..It was HUGE..

But I had not yet made it to my first goal..This morning for some reason it was the first thing I thought about. So I pulled it down. It hangs in my kitchen over my apron. Wouldn't you know..I am at my first goal!!!! It took long enough! But I am finally there! I am gonna have to go measure what that makes my waist measure at!?!?



This gives me even more reason to keep going for the next 9 days or whatever it is..
Maybe I have not gained..It is so hard to tell.It is such a mind game..You know??
I have had a lot of other thing going on in my life..Some other stuff that is more important than my weight.
So I have had my mind on other things. I have found myself drifting back to my old ways and not caring about what I eat..Jack will say..Just want Taco Bell and I say fine..I am getting the healthy taco bell. As healthy as you can get but a month ago I would not have gotten it..I am also got McDonald's Ice cream cones..I am starting the emotional eating again..I know when I do it..I do it when I don't feel good. Most people DON'T eat when they are sick.. I EAT!!!! But I am aware of it..So I am trying to correct it..
I also know that whatever is going on in my life I need to learn to take care of myself. So that is what I am going to do. Being sick is VERY hard on someone hat has MS..Right now is effecting my muscles so bad that I cannot lift my left arm..It feels like someone is stabbing a knife into my arm every time I move it. Same thing with my right leg..So I am a HUGE mess right now..I am home alone and it takes me about 20 minutes just to get to the bathroom..My husband has to work!!! This too shall pass...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wait it out???

I think for a lot of us the reason why we can't stay off of the scale that sits on the bathroom floor staring back at us is because we want someone,something to tell us that what we are doing is working! We need to know that all this hard work is paying off. I need to know that eating 1200 calories every day last week and writing down every last thing I put in my mouth and every step I took on the treadmill and documented was going to help me lose such and such pounds that week.

Sooo...You then go over a week without weighing and then two weeks and then three weeks. There is NOTHING giving you(me)that validation I need.  That I need to to say hey you are losing weight and doing exactly what you should be doing. So keep doing what you are doing.

The first 2 weeks I think were fine..But Now...I am struggling!!! I HONESTLY feel like I have gained weight. It may all be in my head. That may very well be. TOM was here and I get really bloated but it passed 2 days ago and I still feel the same and I also noticed that my jeans felt a bit tight. I just donut feel quite the same.

So I am looking for a bit of advice. I like to finish what I start. Should I keep going and go the month. Or should I just go to 3 weeks.

I am REALLY sick right now. I am still an emotional eater. At no time have I said that I have been cured! So since I feel like CRAP I have wanted to eat. I have had 3 pieces of chocolate today and even had peanut butter on toast last night. I bought PB2..But NO I use REGULAR peanut butter??? I guess I was too lazy to mix the PB2. That is my best guess.

So I was thinking maybe this next week I can try and lose whatever I gained this past week so that I am not disappointed.I am torn on what to do?? Go ahead and weigh this week or wait it out??

I can tell you this! I will NEVER do this again. I need that scale. I need to know that what I am doing is working. Or even if I need to make a slight adjustment because in the past the SLIGHT adjustments have made a difference.

I am totally torn!

My MRI...Week and a half to go!

This is the first chance I have gotten in a while to do a post!
Yesterday we had to be up really early to make it to my MRI in time.
It was at 7AM and we live about 45 minutes from where it was at.
This was not your typical MRI because I am REALLY claustrophobic.
Usually when they do sedation they try and just put an IV in and give me Demerol. But over the years I have been on a lot of medications and I have quite the tolerance. I knew this would be a different experience when they told me over the phone that I was to go to the OR department.
So we left the house about 6:10..With just enough time to get there. But there was a accident on the road out of town and we were about 15 minutes late.
I went through everything you would as if you were having surgery. They had me change into a gown. I was put into a bed. I was asked a million questions. Then the nurse came in to start my IV. This was the first time that ANYONE and I have had many IV's has EVER numbed the site first!!!
Then the anesthesiologist comes in to talk to me and tells me that she is doing FULL sedation. That I will have a tube down my throat!! WHAT???? OK I am really freaked out at this point!
She explains with my tolerance levels and such. Now I am already stressed out because I know I am going inside of the tube and now I am told that I will also be having a tube shoved down my throat. So by the time they wheeled me down to the MRI and I was waiting for them to wheel the last person out. Lets just say I was a hysterical mess!!!! I had 7 people around my bed trying to comfort me telling me that I will not know anything that I will be completely asleep before the tube ever goes in my mouth and out before I ever wake up. So I stand up and walk in there and lay down on that god awful table as they are ripping and pulling at my gown and my hair. I have no idea why they are all so in a hurry! By the time I laid down and they placed a pillow under my knees I felt a sting in my IV as I then complained about that. They said it was a medication. I said can you explain what you are doing. They said you won't care in a a second. I seen this green face mask go half way over my face and that was it..
The next thing I remember I was being awoken in the recovery room. I was already in the bed I was wheeled into the MRI in..I had this horrible taste in my mouth and stuff on my face. The nurse said they forgot to wipe it off..I guess it was from the tube.It took me about 20 minutes to wake up. They said I would be in recovery for an hour. So I have no idea how long I was in there before they woke me up. But it took me about 20 minutes to wake up enough to be able to talk and drink something.I then got dressed and we left..
It was nice not having to worry about waking up in the tube..So it was definitely the way to go. But also very scary. My neurologist said that because of my claustrophobia we will probably only do this every 2 years when most people with MS have them done every 6 months to a year. But I can't be going under anesthesia that often. Now everything makes sense to me. Now I know why he said that!!!

After we left I was hungry! They told me not to eat. but I was hungry! So we went to applebees. I got the Oriental Chicken salad with the dressing on the side.
I was also up to a Big Lots trip..Then had to fill a prescription and finally home!
By the time I got home I had the worst headache. It feels like a anesthesia hangover. The best way I can describe it. Plus my throat hurts really bad from the tube!!!
I went to bed REALLY early. It was around 4 or 5 PM..So I was up very early this morning!

I don't think I have been doing the best with my food! For some reason I feel like I am gaining. That may just be because TOM has been here. I have not been eating horribly. We don't even have the food here to eat bad. I think I have just been eating more bread then usual. Plus I ate more chocolate this week then I have in 6 months!!!!

I don't think I will EVER again go a month without weighing. It is killing me!
I still have about a week and half to go.I am getting there.

I have started to incorporate vlogging into my blogging. Vlogging is a hobby that I started on a different YouTube channel about a year ago. We put it on hold for a few reasons. But I thought it would be fun it incorporate the two together here. They are the same name so easy to remember.Reneas Skinny Love
So make sure that you check there often. I won't post all the videos here. Most of them will stay on You Tube. But if you have an account subscribe so that you can stay up to date. Also so that I can follow you!
My introduction video did not cover much! Did not want to talk about everything in one clip!...(  ;

I am sure I will also put my months end weigh in there too!! I can't wait for that! I know it will not be any 12 pounds as I had hoped for. I just hope for a loss at this point! They weighed me yesterday. I did not look!!! I explained why..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Netrition has arrived!

I was hoping to show you what I got from netrition on my webcast. But that is not going to be till next week and I can not wait that long. So here it is. Maybe I will show you then too for the people that don't see this!

Skinny Love-1


You Tube Vloging

I did my first Vlog today..Well my first for this channel anyways!!
It is in one take..I have been saying that I was going to do it forever. So I just wanted to do it and get it over with. I did not cover much but that will just give me a lot more to talk about in future vlogs.
This was just my first one. So please do not be critical ( ;
I am having some issues with email addresses being linked between different YouTube accounts. So it will not let me upload my vlog to blogger. It keeps taking me to my other YouTube account.
So just so everyone knows. My YouTube account is the same as here. reneasskinnylove..I will be posting videos there. I don't know when or how many. It may be daily or weekly.So make sure that you favorite the channel and check back often!!!

As I said in the video. I am going to be doing a webcast. So you can be expecting that in the next week or so. It will probably be on or blog tv. But I will let you know in the next few days so that you can make yourself an account ahead of time. I will also let you know ahead of time what day and time. So that you can stop by and chat! If you would like to join in on the webcast by Skype please let me know by emailing me so that I can get you all set up on my skype ahead of time.Please let me know what you guys think as far as time of day..Should I do it early evening or later? Weekend or weekday? If anyone has no idea what I am talking about. I am going to use my webcam and sit and chat with you all. It will be on a site where you can make an account and there will be a chat room..It may all sound confusing..But you will see it is really fun!

Things are still going strong with the weight loss though for some reason I feel like I have gained? That may be because it is TOM..Who know!!!
I have made it 2 weeks without weighing and I have 2 more weeks to go..BLAH..But I can do it!!!!

Tomorrow morning I have my MRI..We have to leave here really early.Probably around 5:30AM That is going to suck. I am really claustrophobic. So they have to sedate me. So they treat it like a surgery. I have to get there really early and go to the OR department. It is also really long it takes like two hours.
I am still waiting on my medication. I tried finding out yesterday what the hold up was but they were closed due to weather.

Well back to laundry and trying not to fall a sleep so that I will be able to sleep tonight!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SUPER BOWL and MS update

I made it to 3PM yesterday!
That was it! That was all I could handle. I took my nightly meds and went to bed!
I emailed Jack and told him that I was going to bed and that he could try and wake me to see if I wanted to get up when he got home. He did not bother.

I got up at 4:30AM It is now 6AM and Jack just left for work just a bit ago. I hate of all day TODAY that he had to go to work. I also know some days he hates leaving me. But someone has to work right?!?!

My MRI is coming up and it will be nice to know what is causing all this havoc inside of my body! It will let me know if I am just having a flare or if I have new lesions or what is going on!
My MRI is on Friday morning really early. I get heavily sedated because I am so claustrophobic. So I have to go to the OR department at 7AM. So it will be an early morning for us! We live an hour away!
It is one of those things where you want to know what is going on. But then again you really don't.
I have spoken to my neurologist and was told that I should go to the ER with the way that I am feeling.
But I have been there done that. I know exactly what happens from the time I get there to the time I leave and I just don't want to go through all of that right now. I would much rather just be in the comfort of my own home and wait to have my MRI done on Friday. If there is something to warrant me needing to be in the hospital then my neurologist will let me know.
So for now I am trying to manage my numbness as best as possible. If it was just pure being numb that is fine. Well not fine. That is when they actually want me in the hospital. It is this flippin pins and needles. It is like falling a sleep on your arm and it hurts so freakin bad. Well I have had that 24-7 and can't get rid of it. So the worst thing would be to go lay in a hospital bed and have nothing to do but sit and think about it. At least at home I can try and keep my mind off of it as much as possible. I do have breaks from it. It is starting to come in and out and that is a good thing. It is when it last for hours on end that I feel like I am going to lose my mind!
The numbness in my face seems to be much better today which is a good sign. This is complete numbness which is one to worry about.

I am still waiting on my Copaxone. Which is my daily shots. I am hoping I will feel much better. Jack seems to remember that when I was on them I did feel better so I hope that is the case.
We are having family over for the Super Bowl this weekend. We have lived here for something like 8 months and most of my family has not been to our house. We live out about 45 minutes.So it is a drive fro some So we are going to have everyone over to watch the game and have dinner. My aunt was worried about if I was up to it or not and I love her for that ( ; But right now I can use all I can get to keep my mind off of all of what is going on!
I have the worlds best husband so he will help me make dinner.Plus what I am making I can make most of the day before. Then I can just sit and visit with my family. I am going to make the chicken soft tacos that I posted on my blog a few days ago. They are so good and on my healthy eating plan.
So...I am looking forward to having the family over!!!!
I am still waiting for my stuff that I ordered from netrition. I guess I am not suppose to get it until Thursday which sucks!!!
But I am doing good with my eating.
I have NOT pushed my working out. I know I should at least be walking on the treadmill. I will do that today. Even if it is at  1.0..I need to be walking!!! I have no excuses there!!
The other night when I had done floor exercises I had woke the next morning I felt nothing.So I was like OK I guess I need to more reps. Well I did not do anything that night and woke the next morning really sore. It had a delayed effect. The next day after that I was even more sore! So I am going to keep doing what I was doing. They were just basic floor exercises. I will try and use my laptop webcam and see if I can do a short video and show you what I was doing.

Well it's only 7AM and I have had 2 oranges and 2 bottles of water!
I think I am going to drink a lot of water today!