Saturday, February 5, 2011

My MRI...Week and a half to go!

This is the first chance I have gotten in a while to do a post!
Yesterday we had to be up really early to make it to my MRI in time.
It was at 7AM and we live about 45 minutes from where it was at.
This was not your typical MRI because I am REALLY claustrophobic.
Usually when they do sedation they try and just put an IV in and give me Demerol. But over the years I have been on a lot of medications and I have quite the tolerance. I knew this would be a different experience when they told me over the phone that I was to go to the OR department.
So we left the house about 6:10..With just enough time to get there. But there was a accident on the road out of town and we were about 15 minutes late.
I went through everything you would as if you were having surgery. They had me change into a gown. I was put into a bed. I was asked a million questions. Then the nurse came in to start my IV. This was the first time that ANYONE and I have had many IV's has EVER numbed the site first!!!
Then the anesthesiologist comes in to talk to me and tells me that she is doing FULL sedation. That I will have a tube down my throat!! WHAT???? OK I am really freaked out at this point!
She explains with my tolerance levels and such. Now I am already stressed out because I know I am going inside of the tube and now I am told that I will also be having a tube shoved down my throat. So by the time they wheeled me down to the MRI and I was waiting for them to wheel the last person out. Lets just say I was a hysterical mess!!!! I had 7 people around my bed trying to comfort me telling me that I will not know anything that I will be completely asleep before the tube ever goes in my mouth and out before I ever wake up. So I stand up and walk in there and lay down on that god awful table as they are ripping and pulling at my gown and my hair. I have no idea why they are all so in a hurry! By the time I laid down and they placed a pillow under my knees I felt a sting in my IV as I then complained about that. They said it was a medication. I said can you explain what you are doing. They said you won't care in a a second. I seen this green face mask go half way over my face and that was it..
The next thing I remember I was being awoken in the recovery room. I was already in the bed I was wheeled into the MRI in..I had this horrible taste in my mouth and stuff on my face. The nurse said they forgot to wipe it off..I guess it was from the tube.It took me about 20 minutes to wake up. They said I would be in recovery for an hour. So I have no idea how long I was in there before they woke me up. But it took me about 20 minutes to wake up enough to be able to talk and drink something.I then got dressed and we left..
It was nice not having to worry about waking up in the tube..So it was definitely the way to go. But also very scary. My neurologist said that because of my claustrophobia we will probably only do this every 2 years when most people with MS have them done every 6 months to a year. But I can't be going under anesthesia that often. Now everything makes sense to me. Now I know why he said that!!!

After we left I was hungry! They told me not to eat. but I was hungry! So we went to applebees. I got the Oriental Chicken salad with the dressing on the side.
I was also up to a Big Lots trip..Then had to fill a prescription and finally home!
By the time I got home I had the worst headache. It feels like a anesthesia hangover. The best way I can describe it. Plus my throat hurts really bad from the tube!!!
I went to bed REALLY early. It was around 4 or 5 PM..So I was up very early this morning!

I don't think I have been doing the best with my food! For some reason I feel like I am gaining. That may just be because TOM has been here. I have not been eating horribly. We don't even have the food here to eat bad. I think I have just been eating more bread then usual. Plus I ate more chocolate this week then I have in 6 months!!!!

I don't think I will EVER again go a month without weighing. It is killing me!
I still have about a week and half to go.I am getting there.

I have started to incorporate vlogging into my blogging. Vlogging is a hobby that I started on a different YouTube channel about a year ago. We put it on hold for a few reasons. But I thought it would be fun it incorporate the two together here. They are the same name so easy to remember.Reneas Skinny Love
So make sure that you check there often. I won't post all the videos here. Most of them will stay on You Tube. But if you have an account subscribe so that you can stay up to date. Also so that I can follow you!
My introduction video did not cover much! Did not want to talk about everything in one clip!...(  ;

I am sure I will also put my months end weigh in there too!! I can't wait for that! I know it will not be any 12 pounds as I had hoped for. I just hope for a loss at this point! They weighed me yesterday. I did not look!!! I explained why..


  1. Glad the mri went well. My hubby loooves big lots trips lol

  2. I'm sure your just glad it's over and done with!! What a pain the butt to have to go through that. Hope your having a great day today :)

  3. Whew glad that MRI is done! That must have been scary to be let in on it so late.

    Polar's Mom

  4. I know you are glad the MRI is over...You were in my thoughts yesterday.

  5. I'm glad it's over for you.. Was thinking about you yesterday and said a prayer that all went well..


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