Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weigh IN Plus some good news!

Of course again I forgot to weigh on Monday..

This morning I weighed in at 173.5
So I am down a pound. I am good with that. Every pound I lose that I gained over the last two months is one pound closer to the 160's and that is somewhere that I have NEVER been before.
So I am really looking forward to that!

I was on my way there when everything happened back in June..

Good news....
Now it is only a temp job..But it is a job and it pay much more then Unemployment.
The last time he had a Temp job doing just what he will be doing it turned into a full time job and he was with the company for 7 years.
So please pray that happens here as well..They interviewed 20 people and only hired 3..So they really liked him..This is what he was told by the Temp agency!
So FINALLY..Things are turning around for us..


  1. Yay!!! GREAT news!!! My husband also had a temp job and got hired on full time after 90 this could be the beginning of a beautiful thing for you!!! Congrats on your excellent news today!!!!

  2. Yay yay yay yay!!! So happy for you both.. one less stressful thing to worry about.. How's the house coming, btw?? :-)

  3. Congratulations on both accounts! Hopefully more great things on coming your way.

  4. New follower here...hope you can check out my blog. My body is holding onto 30 lbs too..ugh!


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