Friday, July 15, 2011

OLD POST...Decided to post it..

This was in my to be posted folder... I wanted to go ahead and post it to have to look back on later.

It's been a while..
I have neglected my blog..I have also neglected my blog friends BUT not my self!! Not too much anyway!
I am not going to sit here and say that I have not ate pizza or had Mexican food because that would be a flat out LIE!!! I have had more of that in a month then I have had in a year..But not eating any other time of the day has actually caused me to maintain or lose..I know..NOT healthy!!! I am doing the best I can considering my current situation.

Have I lost? Yes..Has it been much..NO
I am right now at about 170.. Still waiting for that 169. But I am fine with where I am at right now.

Jack celebrated his birthday on June 20Th..He did not think he would have much of a birthday. Early that morning we were in Casa Grande sitting in the DES office.. What fun is that on your birthday!!
By lunch time though we were at lunch..Then we went shopping and headed to the mall.
I had no intentions of shopping for myself that day but let me tell you..If you were to look in my closet at the clothes that I have!!! You yourself would be telling me to go by some clothes!!
Everything that I have is swimming on me and that is no joke..I own one pair of shorts that REALLY fits!
Now you will find this funny but odd..I have NEVER and I do mean NEVER worn a tank top in my adult life that I can remember. I was always too self conscious. Since I lost the weight I have been fine with it. But I only own ONE. Living in Arizona I figured it would be nice to finally have more then one with it being now 115 degrees outside. So..when we went into the mall I decided I would just LOOK..It was a nice surprise to see that things were on sale..I grabbed a few sizes and went into the dressing room.

Every top that I grabbed was a tank top and every single one that I grabbed I liked and they were all under $10..I have NEVER gone into a dressing room and liked everything that I tried on!
Now came the shorts..I unbuttoned them..Went to slip one leg know that feeling when you go to slide the shorts or pants on and you just know then if they are going to fit..I was thinking to myself..NO WAY!!! Well guess what..I was wrong!!! They did fit! I was undecided if I wanted to buy them because they were $20 and I can not afford even that right now..But I have not bought any clothes since I have lost weight. So Jack said go ahead and buy them.. You need clothes!! I get to the register..They rang up at $10! So..I bought 6 Tops and a pair of shorts for $50. Not bad considering right now..My closet is full of tents! Plus we had a garage sell this past weekend which made us over $200...So I was OK with it!

As soon as I can I will take some pictures!

Now onto what is currently going on...
Truthfully..We are in limbo...
We have an awesome landlord that let us out of our lease. So..We have spent the last week and half looking for a place. It is a daunting task! We know the area that we want to live. It is just really hard to make a final decision. There are so many places and so many listings. You just want to keep looking.
So we are going to go our one more day which will be Friday and then we will make a final decision from there. If we still can't decided then we will have to stay where we are for one more month.
We are coming to end of the month here and we are not packed..It is a lot of work! We still have so much more to do.
This is SO hard on ME!! We went out yesterday in the heat and that KILLS me!!
I have what you would call and ice vest..It is suppose to keep my body temperature down when I am in extreme heat.The problem is..I cant find it!!! So by the end of the day I am really sick! The next day I am also really sick..
Yesterday I only made it to 2PM..I only made it about 3 hours.We got a late start and it was just way too hot.My body could not handle it! But we did find a potential home.( The one we are waiting to hear back from now)

So at this point we are not sure if we are able to be packed,hire movers,etc etc..If not we will just do it next month. We would like to do it this month.Then Jack can concentrate on finding a new job.
Everything will work out one way or another..We will just keep doing what we are..

Check back for pictures!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I am back..Well...I will be very soon

Right now I have no choice but to take a break from blogging..
I have so much going on with moving,packing,trying to find a place to live and all the stress that comes along with it..

I have tryed to keep up with it..But then i would find that I would start a blog and then it would sit in my to be sent folder for days and then it would be to outdated to post..

So my plan is to just wait until I get through everything which should not be much longer and then I will pick up where I left off...

Are you wondering how my diet is going??
Well if you are wondering if I have been eating healthy..The answer is NO..Not the way that I should be.
It is not CLEAN be any means..When you spend a day of packing or a day out in the heat looking for a place to live the last thing you want to do is come home and cook. So we have done a lot of eating out.
I know that I need to learn to be able to work these types of things into my life if I am ever going to succeed..But I had A LOT thrown at me..More then just ONE THING! So it was just too overwhelming.
But overall I am doing ok..

Have I gained? Yes and no..It goes up and down by 2 pounds..So I have not lost..That is for sure.

As soon as this is all over I am right back to it...

It is AMAZING that is for sure how fast you can go right back to old habits..I have not picked back up all bad habits..I have not gone that far.The worst has just been eating out..I have still stuck with my morning healthy breakfast. The worst has just been eating out for dinner.

So I am not giving up on myself..I am still very proud of how far I have come.
I am wearing tank tops for the first time in my adult life..I was always way to self conscious to EVER wear a tank top and I live in Arizona..I would not even wear them at home. Now I am wearing them almost everyday.
I said I would not go shopping. But I had no choice. I got lucky and was able to find some really great sales. Even bought a pair of shorts in a size that I have not worn since HS.. How cool is that!!

So there is no way that I am going to go back to where I was..This is just a bump in the road.
Come August.. I am thinking the second week of August or so I should be able to get back to things..

I have to say I REALLY do miss eating healthy and I can feel a difference in my body!