Thursday, July 14, 2011

I am back..Well...I will be very soon

Right now I have no choice but to take a break from blogging..
I have so much going on with moving,packing,trying to find a place to live and all the stress that comes along with it..

I have tryed to keep up with it..But then i would find that I would start a blog and then it would sit in my to be sent folder for days and then it would be to outdated to post..

So my plan is to just wait until I get through everything which should not be much longer and then I will pick up where I left off...

Are you wondering how my diet is going??
Well if you are wondering if I have been eating healthy..The answer is NO..Not the way that I should be.
It is not CLEAN be any means..When you spend a day of packing or a day out in the heat looking for a place to live the last thing you want to do is come home and cook. So we have done a lot of eating out.
I know that I need to learn to be able to work these types of things into my life if I am ever going to succeed..But I had A LOT thrown at me..More then just ONE THING! So it was just too overwhelming.
But overall I am doing ok..

Have I gained? Yes and no..It goes up and down by 2 pounds..So I have not lost..That is for sure.

As soon as this is all over I am right back to it...

It is AMAZING that is for sure how fast you can go right back to old habits..I have not picked back up all bad habits..I have not gone that far.The worst has just been eating out..I have still stuck with my morning healthy breakfast. The worst has just been eating out for dinner.

So I am not giving up on myself..I am still very proud of how far I have come.
I am wearing tank tops for the first time in my adult life..I was always way to self conscious to EVER wear a tank top and I live in Arizona..I would not even wear them at home. Now I am wearing them almost everyday.
I said I would not go shopping. But I had no choice. I got lucky and was able to find some really great sales. Even bought a pair of shorts in a size that I have not worn since HS.. How cool is that!!

So there is no way that I am going to go back to where I was..This is just a bump in the road.
Come August.. I am thinking the second week of August or so I should be able to get back to things..

I have to say I REALLY do miss eating healthy and I can feel a difference in my body!


  1. You had so much thrown at you, if the worst thing you are doing right now is eating out, so be it. You can still make decent choices. You haven't really gained if you are going between a two pound gain and two pound loss. That can be a million and one things. Stress, water, salt, ya know? Glad that things are finally getting better. It is nice to see you are back!! Or will be back!! ;)

  2. When I fell of the wagon I felt a noticeable difference in how my body felt.

  3. Renea, I hope things settle down for you soon. Tank tops and shorts won't be on my radar for some time to come. I'm glad that you are able to enjoy them. Especially if you're trying to move while it's hot in Arizona (no thank you). With all the stress you're under and eating out, it's good that you've been able to maintain. Looking forward to your return.


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