Monday, January 31, 2011

Look back in 6 months!

Being numb is all I can think about right now!
I just want to sleep all day long and it is what I did yesterday.
I don't want to be awake to have to deal with it!

This morning half my face is numb my lip,under my eye,my hand,my foot and all down my left leg..
The parts on my face are just numb. On my hand and leg it is pins and needles and I told Jack tonight while having a crying fit that I will cut my arm off if this is a symptom that I will have to live with!( I know being overly dramatic)!!!!
I just never know which ones are permanent and which ones will go away.
This one seems to be sticking around for a while. This one and the other one that I went to the gynecologist for. Thank god I have a medication that seems to be working for that one most of the time.

So I slept all day long and got up and had an orange and Jack made Turkey roll up sandwiches with the flatouts..So I had that and some cottage cheese. Regardless my eating stays the same.
He asked me as he was getting me up if he would like me to have him go get dinner like healthy Taco Bell..I said no..probably just sandwiches..Then I laid there for a sec and thought WOW how things have changed..I don't think I will EVER again be able to eat FF and be OK with it..Eating at home will always be healthier and easier.When you learn the crap that is in that food!! Why EVER put that in our bodies??? BY CHOICE??? Jack is not quite there yet but he is getting there.

There are days where I literally go through HELL!!!
So if by eating healthy and not putting crap in my body helps me in some certain way that I don't know yet. I am willing to take that chance.I have a long ways to go yet in the weight department. Thus far I have lost almost half of what I need to. So I am getting there. So there has to be changes that have been made that I can not see yet. But the hope is that some day I will feel even 10% better or have 10% more energy keeps me going.

So my hope is to look back 6 months from now and see some changes!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Today I decided it was time to get a few things done.
One of those things was cleaning out the pantry. Before we moved 8 months or so ago I had cleaned out my pantry some. But obviously not enough. At the other house I had two pantry's. I use to be a HUGE coupon user and would buy in bulk. I don't do that so much anymore. Especially now with eating healthy there really are not many coupons for healthy products. I don't care what anyone says. You may come across a coupon for a bag of salad once a year but other then that it is processed foods. Plus I don't buy bagged salad.Hahaha..Yeah that it is about it..Other then the occasional soy milk..Now OK..You can also find coupons for lunch meat etc..So there are a few! But before I was eating healthy I was buying 5 Sunday papers a weeks worth of coupons..So there is a BIG difference! PLUS printing online!!!

So..I started by pulling EVERYTHING out of the pantry.
Separating it between stuff that I knew I wanted,baking stuff for next year,donation,and expired...When I say expired!! OMG!!! There was some stuff in there from 06 I am NOT kidding! I can't remember what exactly. I think it was a bag of egg noodles or something. I had a lot of 09..That was some big bags of pasta and some cereal.Makes me mad that I let it go to waste.


As I was going through my pantry I would look at one thing and wanted to keep it but then would say to Jack but look at all the crap that is in it..So he would say to get rid of it. It made no sense.If I was going to keep one thing then I might as well keep it all. The point of clean eating is to not eat any of it right?Supposedly you get one free day like if you go to a restaurant or something. But I am not following someone else's plan. So for some book(which I don't have) or a website or a person to say that I have a free day means nothing to me. If I chose now to have a free day that is a different story.Thus far I eat 99% clean. Like tonight for instance the tacos we had the flour tortillas are not clean. When I told Jack to get something healthy he went by calories which is usually what I would want him to do. He said that the whole wheat ones had more calories. So I did not complain. I just went with it.

I had just as much throw away as I did donate. In the donate it was a lot of noodles,cake mixes,brownies,cookies,potatoes..All processed stuff!
I also has lots of pudding mix..I kinda wanted to hold onto some of the pudding or the potato mixes. But that is just me being lazy. If I was going to keep one then I should just keep all. That is when jack said just get rid of it! I thought well what if one night I want to make those potatoes..Lets see...23 weeks in and I have not yet! I think I will be OK! Plus I am much better off with a REAL potato.



Then later tonight we had left over tacos for dinner. They were just as good as last night
Then I got a sweet tooth..So I was like man ice cream sounds so good. He says you want me to go get some?? I said NOOOO!!! I am NOT suppose to have ice cream. Then I remembered that I had a bunch of frozen bananas and I never have made banana ice cream when you just blend bananas. So that was what I made for dessert. I have never done it before and it was really hard to get them to blend so I added a couple TBS of soy milk..It was really good. I think Jack even liked it more then I did!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

MS Update and Taco Night

The last few days seem to be blending together. My MS is still acting up. I spoke to my Neurologist Yesterday. I am to either go to the emergency room or come into to see him next week. Neither of which I want to do. I have an MRI next Friday and I also start Copaxone which are my daily shots next week. I have spent the last few weeks going through this. I think a few more days won't hurt.
Then I got some kinda stomach bug...GREATTTT
So ready for a break!!!!

When I am sick I still want to eat and I have been craving mexican food. My stomach was feeling a bit better last night so we decided to go ahead and have the taco night.
Oh boy were they good! I like Mexican food anytime. But I have been craving Chicken tacos. There is a sports bar down the street from us that makes chicken tacos and I wanted to see if I could replicate them. Trust me the ones they make are really healthy. They don't fry their shells and they use all white chicken.



They turned out really good..I also made rice and beans but only had a bite of each. I really only made it for Jack.

I am hoping to get a lot done this weekend. I have been planing on having a garage sell. Plus with not feeling well I have not been able to keep up on the house myself. So Jack is going to help me get caught up. Then it is easier for me after that. But once I get backed up that is it! I just can't get caught up. I just don't have the energy ....Things can get pretty crazy around here!!! Thankfully he is really good with the laundry. I guess he has to be if he wants work clothes!

As I sit here typing my hands are numb..The first half of this I typed last night. Then when I could not get the picture thing to work I figured I would wait till this morning well it still does not work but anyways..
 That is fixed now!
I just woke up about 30 minutes ago and my hands are REALLY numb and NO I don't want to go to freakin ER. Jack is still sleeping so I have NOT told him yet.I am also so freaked out about starting my shots again. I use to sit there and cry every day before I had to do my shot. EVERY SINGLE DAY! Because they hurt so freakin bad! I am not talking the needle that is a breeze! I can do that myself.I actually prefer to do it myself. It is the drug itself. Imagine being stung by 1000 bees all at once and it lasting for 3 hours! I have to do that to myself EVERY day of my life and I freakin hate it!!! I have tried just getting it over with in the morning. Then I don't want to get out of bed. or doing it at night. Then I don't want to go to bed. It is just a vicious cycle. I have tried ice packs. You name it. I have also been on other therapy's. Meaning other shots. They all come with their own side effects.
My Nuro has tryed to make me feel better by saying that it burns that bad because instead of my body attaching my brain it is attaching that shot and that is why it burns..That still does not make me feel better..LOL
Ohhh Just one of those days. I will get over it!
I did NOT ask to have this F-UP disease so I have the right to bitch about it every now and then right?
This journal/blog gives me an outlet for it!

Friday, January 28, 2011

I eat a lot different!

I was sitting here tonight thinking back to the way things once were..

I was reading a blog..She was talking about her grocery list and what to buy. She did not know what to eat for Breakfast,Lunch or Dinner.
I have never really had that issue. For one I love to cook. So if I am craving something then I can just make it or if I want to be really creative I will start searching the Internet for a new recipe.
But 99% of the time we already know what we are going to have for dinner. Jack will say what do you want to have? I will think for a out a few things and then we will decide from there. We ALWAYS go shopping together so we know what is on the menu. We also crave the same foods.

Tonight was another one of my NOT SO GREAT DAYS!!! So I was in bed when Jack got home. So once he got settled and everything and was already in his PJ's he said did you get my message? I said no I have not checked anything. He said I left a message asking if you wanted me to pick up Taco Bell..I said..See ya in a bit..Then I started looking it up online..Now when he said TB he meant the health TB..Well as healthy as you can get..I forget what it is called but it has no cheese or sour cream. But when I pulled up the nutritional info for what I WAS going to get it had like 1800 in sodium and still 15 in fat and the calories were 450..I was going to get 2 chicken soft tacos and a crunchy taco. I use to get two taco supremes,nacho supreme and 2 cinnamon twist..WoW how things have changed..After reading the nutritional info..I said if I get on the scale in 3 week and I lose 2 pounds because of taco bell I am gonna be really upset..It is NOT worth it..So I made FlATOUT PIZZA..They are better anyways..YES I was craving mexican food. But I will wait and MAKE healthier mexican food. I have the stuff. So maybe tomorrow night I will come up with some kinda chicken tacos.

Anyways..I started thinking after reading the other blog about the food that we buy now compared to the food that we use to buy. I mean there is a HUGE difference..It is MASSIVE!!!!
There is NO WAY that a person can not over time lose weight with the way that I am eating. There is just no way. Now I must say if anything my sugar is a bit high. There is always going to be something.
I will always look at my diet and say sodium needs work or my carbs are a bit high. sugar needs work and it is the darn honey. But I freakin LOVE honey! If I was not having honey once or twice a day what else would I be eating and I am NOT eating as much as I was when I was still eating ice cream.

I can remember times before I was eating healthy when I would tell Jack at some point I am going to have to start eating healthy. I can't just keep eating this way and he would nod his head. i don't think that he really ever though that I would do it! I don't think that I ever really though that I would do it. Now it is strange to me to NOT get up in the morning and the first thing I do is have an orange. I MUST have that orange. I remember having ice cream for breakfast!!!!Plus since when would I ever cook oats and eat them for breakfast. A year ago that is something I would NEVER do.

Would you believe that I have NEVER gone through my pantry and thrown out all the junk food!
I don't think there is much in there. There may be a few boxes of cake mix. I do know that. There is also some brownie mix.I have been meaning to go through it forever..I just have not gotten around to it. I really need to do that this week!

I have plans to show everyone what my food pantry looks like and what it is that I do eat.. So you can look forward to that.
It will happen in the next 3 weeks.
I will go over what I eat all month long. Trust me...It does not change much!

I did my first order with I got some great stuff. I can't wait till I get my order.
I will also share with you what I got when I show you my pantry.

Last night after I told you that I did the treadmill but did not do the kettle bell I took a shower and figured I was done for the day.
Well I started watching one of my recorded shows..Housewife's of beverly hills..Some of them are in such great shape. So I got on the floor while watching my show and decided that I would do some floor exercises. I got my blanket and a small pillow. Let me tell ya..My legs were a burning!!!!
I was hoping that I would feel it this morning but I did not. Feeling it is a sign that it is working. So I will do it again tonight and try and do more sets.

If I am doing everything that I should be doing then I should not have this fear of the scale right??
So why do I have a fear of it all of a sudden?
I have not moved it. They are both still sitting on my bathroom floor.
I have had a plateau where I did not lose anything for over a month. What if that happens again and I go all 4 weeks and lose nothing!! What if I gain!!! OMG
These were some of my worries with not weighing because you just don't know.
I was not one to weigh every day. I stuck to weighing weekly..
Just some thoughts running through my head..The what ifs...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 1 plus plan changed

Day 1 of sticking to my goals went pretty good but not completely as planned!

It was a bad MS day..What's new?? I should have known that would happen.
So I spend the day in bed.

When I did get up my husband got home and made us dinner. He made chicken patties on thin buns
with some fries..It was really good!

I knew there was no way with the way that I am feeling that I was going to want to do 12 minutes 4 times today plus doing kettle bells..So I decided that I would just get on the treadmill and do what I could do while watching biggest loser.
I ended up doing 30 minutes at 2.0..Now remember this is at a 10%incline!
I rested for about 20 minutes while I finished watching biggest loser.
I was then going to do the kettle Bell. We have had this for a few years and I have NEVER used it.
I also have a few DVDs for it. So I poped one in.
As I started watching this girl do the exercises..I picked up my very heavy KB and was like NO WAY!!!
Without even doing the very first exercises I knew right off the bat that I would be in serious pain!
That would just kill my back!

While looking for the KB DVDs I came across some other DVDs that I have.
I have 2 Pilate's. I remember buying them a few years back and trying one and it being really hard.
I also have quite a few books on Pilate's and on yoga. Looks like one is Denise Austin and the other is just two DVDs beginner and intermediate.

So Looks like my plan is going to change. I would have hurt my back with that 15 POUND KB..Then been in bed for 2 weeks..So that would have been a big mistake

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Goals for my month of no weighing!

I need to set a few goals for this month of NO weighing!!

I think that I should set a pretty high goal for the scale. I have NOT ONCE..Pushed myself to see what I am capable of.
I also don't want to set a goal that is SO HIGH that if I don't reach it that I am so disappointed.

There are some big changes being made this month.
For one I am starting my the disease modifying drug COPAXONE again...
It has been a while since I have been on it.
It does crazy thing to my body. It creates HUGE stress! I just don't know how I am going to react to that.
I have been on it before. It is a daily shot and one of the reasons I stoped taking it was because of the amount of stress I was under every day as a result of the shot.The medication is extremely painful. Not the shot but the med itself.It reacts different for everyone.
I have no idea if I will gain weight on the shots or not!

But for now..I am going to set a few goals.
My first having nothing to do with the scale.
The treadmill..It now sits in my living room...I need to be on that no less then 4 times a day. 12 minutes walks. It is 2 minute warm up 8 minute tread climb and 2 minute cool down.
Then I have a Kettle Bell. I have a DVD that I am going to watch first and then do the workout once a day. So I will be working out 7 days a week.
I will start this today. That is when I get up. I have not slept yet!

As far as food goes..I pretty much have that down. I have been eating a bit more bread then I would like which is weird because I am not a real big bread eater. It is 100% whole grain. But I need to cut it down to a few times a week. I also need to cut my honey down to a few times a week. Other then that all is good!

Now for the scale..I have been really happy with how things have progressed. I have never forced myself to lose HUGE amounts..I wanted this to be a slow steady process so that I knew that it would be for good. I did not want to lose all the weight in 4 months and did not learn anything along the way.
But I have decided fatigue or not I am going to do my best to try and fight through it. That can sometimes be easier said then done and then I will be in bed for a week. I am going to be positive here and say that it is NOT going to happen!!!
So..In the end..I would like the scale to have averaged a 3 pound per week loss..I know it is asking a lot..I think I am capable of it. If I stay focused and do what I am suppose to do.

So these are my goals..

4 - 12 Minute walks on the treadmill- DAILY
Kettle Bell Workout- DAILY
12 Pound Loss

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bugs and pictures

I had the worst thing happen today..
I got a virus on my computer..!
Well I don't know if it is a Virus. But it is one of those things that invades your computer.
So I spent hours trying to get this thing off. Till I came across someone saying to go to YOUTUBE!!!
I mean I was trying everything! It would not even let me get to me security software.It has overtaken that.
So I go to YouTube and I type in this crazy thing and by the way it is called..system tools 2011. It comes with it's own desktop icon and everything and don't try rebooting that only makes it worse and then you end up with this nice little screen saver. So I went to YouTube and this guy walks you through the whole process. Then he has you install something called MalwareBytes..Or something like that. This thing then runs on my computer for 2 hours!! I had security software on my computer. But this found 268 files of spy ware on my computer. It is now running so much better!!! So if you ever get that thing. Get on another computer and go to YouTube.


As far as weight loss goes..Tomorrow is suppose to be my weigh day. But of course I am NOT weighing for a month. So I won't be weighing. WOW...That seems so weird..For the first week I wont have to get up and weigh! I don't know yet if that is a good or bad thing. My scales are still in my bathroom. I have yet to put them in a box. I am wondering..Do I have the will power to leave them there??

A few months back I took a picture of myself standing sideways in the bathroom wearing nothing but a black sports bra and a pair of pants. This was a couple of months ago and how ever many pounds. Then last night I did the same thing. I wish I had the time stamp on last time. But anyways..I loaded the pictures on my computer last night..I just wanted to cry!!! The difference was amazing!!!! I never expected such a difference because the pounds lost was not that much. But you can really tell in my stomach,face,arms..everywhere. I am not ready just yet to post those pics on my Blog..I am bearing quite a bit!! I will eventually! But just thought I would share it with you! So even if you are not noticing that many pounds on the scale..Just know that there are some differences being made.

There is a picture up there where I weighed 203. Stupid me I took those pics in dark clothing. Well I am 20 pounds less then I was in those pics. I am going to take them again in the same clothes and in the same spot. I have some where I lifted my shirt. So I will do the same and see how that goes..Don't worry I had a sports bra on..Hahaha

Monday, January 24, 2011

What was I thinking??

Yesterday both me and Jack slept in really late and when I say late it was evening when we got up. Not even evening. It was something like 7PM. So that is night time. But we did not go to bed till the sun was up. It was because well what else...My hands were driving me nuts. Jack well....He just never likes to sleep on the weekends and his back bothers him.

So we had dinner. I made Chicken Oriental Stir Fry with Brown Rice. Then we watched a movie called Parana. Nothing to write home about. But it was entertaining and was filmed here in Arizona in Lake Havasu. For some reason they called it lake Victoria. Even on the boats it said Arizona Lake Victoria ?? No Idea!!!!

By this time it was 2AM and we decided to go to Walmart and get our grocery shopping done. Or I should say..I did..Early in the evening I said..How about a 3AM shopping trip?? He said sure!!!
So I got dressed really quick. I mean it's walmart at 3AM!!! Did not take me long..On the way there I started thinking..What day is it?? SO I said I am confused on the day? Which is sad to say..happens often because of my wacky sleep schedule. Jack says..Well..It is Sunday..But tomorrow in a couple of hours is Monday. Then he was like, But actually it's really already Monday. I have to drive to work in 3 hours!!!! I was was like WHAT!!!!!!!!!
WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU GOING TO WALMART WITH ME AT 3AM WHEN YOU HAVE TO LEAVE FOR WORK AT 5:45AM????? You should be at home resting! Turn the car around. I had no idea it was Monday! Why did you not say something when I said..Hey let's go shopping at 3AM on a MONDAY MORNING?!?!
He says..I figured you knew it was Monday.
Me..Since when have I ever asked you to go shopping in the middle of the night just 2 hours before you have to leave for work?
Him..I will be fine.
Me..Please..Just drop me off then and come back and get me
Him..No I will be fine.
Me..Well I guess you will have milk for your lunch.
Me..I will be really fast!
I have NEVER been so fast.I was in and out in an hour! He helped me unload and then I put it away and I even made his lunch which he usually does. But this time he layed on the sofa.
He came home today at 2:30 not feeling well..

A few weeks back I swore off ice cream its a binge food for me and triggers other foods and sweets.
TOM is on it's way and I am craving ice cream!! I had it on the list with a ?..
When I got to that isle I asked Jack..Should I???  Then I said NO..I said I was not going to and I am NOT!!! Instead I got 86% chocolate with the hopes of having 1 every now and then. I have had 3 today! So that is not going to work either. We had it once before but it was a bar and these are individual packages.
I can't rule sweets completely out!! I have a sweet tooth. It is just the way it is. Especially when TOM rolls around. So trying to find a way to incorporate a way to have it in my diet is just a hit and miss right now.
I know that I can not pass over the candy line..I know that for sure!!
So as with everything else I am learning!
So even though I DID have 3 of the chocolates. I am proud of the fact I did NOT buy the ice cream because I figured out I was consuming about 19,200 calories worth of ice cream and honey every month..Yes I would put honey on it!! triggered other things! So I ate 180 calories worth of dark chocolate..That is OK! Live and learn! I would have had a much harder time getting off of the ice cream.

I bet you are still on the 19..Thousand right???
Well..The no sugar added ice cream is 100 calories for 1/2 a cup and usually I would have a cup so that is 200 calories. The honey is 60 calories for a TBS which I weighed. But to be honest a lot of the time I would not and for 2TBS that would be 120 calories. I know without a doubt I had it EVERY day..Sometimes twice a day. So lets just say that I have it twice a day. 2 Cup of Ice cream at 200 Calories and 2Tbs of Honey at 120 calories twice a day that is 19,200calories in 30 days!!!!!  That seems like a crazy number but I checked and rechecked..ASTOUNDING!!!!!
DONE!!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!! How was I even losing weight at all???
I was fooling myself..It has been over a week now since I have had any ice cream.

That just seems crazy and it is worst case..But there are days where I had it twice and usually I did have it every day..

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Date Night...30 Days of pictures

We usually go to the same old restaurants but decided to try somewhere new last night and went to somewhere called abuelos It has been around for a long time. From the outside it looks pretty fancy and also when you walk in. From the menu online their food looks really good!!
The chips and salsa came and it was pretty good..Nothing to rave about but was good. I always judge a Mexican food restaurant by their chips and salsa..Well part of it anyways..They had some good looking stuff on the menu. But also some very fattening stuff!!! So I decided I would just go with the usual and I ordered a taco and tostada combo. From the second they set the plate in front of me. I knew I would NOT like it. They put some much money in the DECOR and NOT in the food!! There was like 3 shreds of lettuce on both my taco and my tostada..It was ridiculous..Typically I would complain. But I am trying to be better about that.Jack ordered some kind of combo plate and told me his tasted like some kind of bad catered food..Now trust me..We are NOT food snobs..We like Mexican food and we know good Mexican food and THIS IS NOT!!!!! Mexican food should have cheese on it right?? Regardless of if you are dieting...There was no cheese on my taco and like 4 shreds on my tostada. Enough that I could count them..lets just say we will NEVER be going back there!! The worst part is..I even have to burn those calories off!!!

Taken last night.

Afterwards we went and seen the movie Black Swan. It was a very good movie..It kept me and Jack entertained. I was not sure because of the whole ballerina thing..But it had enough other stuff going on and it was not too fru fru..If you know what I mean..

Today I am back to dealing with my MS and lots of numbness in my hands. So looks like I have no choice but to call my Nuro on Monday. I have not till now because I hate the steroids. So I avoid them at all cost. But the day I went to see my nuro the NP had told me not to let things like this go and it had just started that day! I have let it go for almost 2 weeks now. So I guess it is time to put a stop to it with drugs!

Due to not feeling well I am on a wacky sleep schedule. I slept all day today. When you have hands that feel like mine do..The last thing you want to do is be awake and have to deal with it. So I slept till 7PM today. We are actually going to do a 3AM shopping trip at walmart later. I love doing that. No one is there!
30 days of pictures

Day 11 Something that I hate
I have to go through all of these boxes to have a garage sell..Plus whats in my house..UGH!!!!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

A story of this and that & More 30 days of pictures...

As most of you may know I have been having a few rough days and Jack brought this home for me yesterday...They are so beautiful. The picture does not do them justice.Plus all you can see is a white wall. There actually is window right to left of them.

There is a story behind the CD..Besides the fact it is James Blunt which I really like..OK..See the album cover??? I watch a guy on YouTube. His name is Shay Carl. He is what you would call a Vloger. He documents his daily life. There are a few of them and a few of them are very famous and actually work for YouTube and make VERY good money. But they started out at the very bottom. They decided to move to LA and see if they could make it work. He has this thing where he will throw one of his daughters up in the air. Well one day he got an email from what he thought was a joke but turned out it was not. Asking him if they could use THIS as his cover for his NEW album. The email was from James Blunt by the way. Shay Carl talks about this in one of his videos. Well the CD came out yesterday and I did not know. So Jack bought it for me..You can find the shaytards here..SHAYTARDS They are a great family! So check them out! You will get addicted!


My worse fear was came true..With  the pictures that is..Everything else that I type every day is getting missed. I am getting messages..Saying..Oh you are going to go an ENTIRE month without weighing..Well yes if you go one post PAST the 30 days in pictures you will see the post where I wrote about NOT weighing for a month..So from here forth I am going to put them at the END of my post!

I am back to a wacky sleep schedule..Well at least for now..Jack just got home about an hour ago and I JUST got up. So while he laying on the sofa trying to take a nap. I am having an orange trying to wake up. Isn't that nice!!!! Not so much! It will only last a few days. Maybe one and then I will be right back where I need to be. It is hard to get back to to a 11-8 sleeping schedule. Especially since I will have to go to sleep after only being awake a few hours. Or I will have to stay awake for 24 hours. Both are hard..OK enough of that!

I am still feeling good about my monthly weighing. I have yet to tape up my scales. They are still sitting on my bathroom floor. I say scales because I have 2. One of then weighs at .5 and the other I bought because I wanted one that weighed at .1 and it does but I actually like my other one better. But I do plan to put them in a box and tape them up real good and put them in the car. Someone mentioned putting them in the trunk I think it was Sue. But we don't have a trunk. It a KIA sportage. So everyone can see what is in there. Hence it needs to be in a box!

I just finished eating my orange from walmart. They are getting really good. All the oranges..
I have to have atleast 3 a day..I love oranges! They are much sweeter right now. Last week when I went to the store I noticed a HUGE difference!

I have not been on my treadmill the last 2 days. I am trying to let my most recent flare pass.
Having pins and needles in your hand and arms 24-7 and there being nothing you can do about it. Well lets just say...You want to pull your hair out! So I have been trying to be as calm and as stress free as possible. Then when it passes and it has not. As I sit here typing my finger tips are pins and needles. When it passes I will be right back on my treadmill..
 30 days of pictures...
Day 9. A picture of a person who has gotten you through the most
Day10. A picture of the person you do the most fucked up things with

This is my favorite picture. He sent this when I was in the hospital once to my cell phone. I had told him to go home and be with the dogs!
I decided to combine these two because well....It is the same person... Of course it being Jack. There would be no other person!

Lets start with Day 9..Person who has gotten me through the most
When I was first diagnosed with MS we were self employed. My husband owned a cleaning service. I know not very glamorous but the pay was good. The problem was we did not have health insurance.
We went through all the loop holes of state health insurance until that ran out. Finally my husband started looking for work. He finally found a job doing what he used to. He work for Motorola for 10 years prior to having the cleaning company.So he found a job with a temp agency. He worked for this new company making crap for an entire year in the hopes that one day they would hire him full time with benefits and I would have medical.A year later he was offered a job. That was almost 8 years ago. When he came home and told me what his starting salary was.. Well lets just say that we celebrated and he had benefits from that first day. I also received disability that same year. He has NEVER missed a doctors appointment. Trust me there are a lot! He goes with me to every MRI I have. He comes home if I am having a bad day.There can be a lot that comes with taking care of someone that has an illness. My husband Jack has been there with me through it all!!

Day 10..Now this one is kinda funny and is going to be short and sweet.Do most F-up things with??
I am just kinda drawing a blank guys..??LOL I am just not that kinda person I guess. I don't really do F-up things..I mean sure I like to have fun just as much as the next person.But I would never call them F-up things and if they are they would be with Jack..hahaha

Late night munchies..

Post...Fail..Did NOT get posted lats night!
I have been doing soooo good with my new sleeping schedule. All except tonight! That has to do with the fact that I let myself sleep till 2PM today. That is always how it starts. It is a vicious cycle.
I had planned on going back to bed early tonight so that this would not happen.

And what happens when I don't sleep??? I EAT!!!!

I did really good all day..

It's good I don't have a problem with this..
 It's what I ate after...I had been craving something all night long I just could not put my finger on it. Though I was not really hungry. So I decided to have a Lorna Doone cookie. These have been in the pantry since before Thanksgiving. I was going to use them to make a new kind of crust for the pumpkin cheesecake. I did not have 1. I had 4. Then I had another 4. This resulted in 280 calories. It could have been worse. I also did not do it without looking at the calories. I knew full well what I was doing. So I have no excuses. I wanted the cookies and I ate them!

I am going through something right now and I need to fix it fast before it gets out of control..

I have a few things planned towards the end of the month. It will include all of my readers. So keep reading!!!
Hopefully this will keep me busy and I won't have time to think about food. That is the hope anyways. TOM is just around the corner and it also has EVERYTHING to do with it..The cravings are a plenty. Time to stock up on some 80% chocolate.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Better NOW then later!

Instantly.. I knew this would happen!

The day after I weigh I say to myself..OK I don't have to weigh for another 6 days. So I can Breathhhh...
So I give myself a break for a day. Then I get really strict the 2 days before I weigh.
I do this EVERY week. Sometime mindlessly and sometimes unknowingly.

So..I decide that I am going to go an entire MONTH without weighing. So how long do you think I would give myself a breather???? Well it is a good thing that I caught it right off the bat!

Yesterday I had a piece of whole grain toast with 1 Tbs of Peanut Butter and 1 Tbs of Simply Fruit Jam. That is fine I have that at least once a day with 8 ounces of light vanilla soy milk. Then last night before I went to bed I got hungry and I had it again. Afterwards I started thinking to myself..I have never done this before so why now??? Well sheeeshh I don't have to weigh for 30 more days. That gives me plenty of time to burn it off right?? If I did this for say...the next 2-3 days that is one week out the window!!!

So I am glad that I caught it right away!
If I take one day a week and say oh I'll just have this one extra piece of toast that is no different then me having a 300 calorie slice of pie!! Peanut Butter is NOT bad for you! But it is how much you have. I count calories and not fat. But it IS in the back of my mind.I do know that having 2 slices whole grain is fine but not both with peanut butter.

So by catching it right away I don't have to worry that the scale will tell me something in a month that I don't want it to.
The trick this month will be to stick to my health eating. To try and remember that even though I am not weighing for another month. I need to eat and workout as if I am.

The point of doing this is NOT to eat what I want for 3 weeks and then spend a week trying to make up for it. If that were the case I would just go back to weighing weekly!
But I caught what happened last night and now I know what to look for!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 8... 30 day of pictures

Day 8. A picture that makes ME laugh OK I could have been a bit more prepared.. I have limited pictures in my laptop. But these do make me laugh!

She is actually very sweet and was yawning!!
Does this every morning..It's her way to wake you up!

More to Come.....
 9. A picture of a person who has gotten you through the most
10. A picture of the person you do the most fucked up things with
11. A picture of something you hate
12. A picture of something you love
13. A picture of your favourite band or artist
14. A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without
15. A picture of something you want to do before you die
16. A picture of someone who inspires you
17. A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently
18. A picture of your biggest insecurity
19. A picture of you when you were little
20. A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel
21. A picture of something you wish you could forget
22. A picture of something you wish you were better at
23. A picture of your favourite book
24. A picture of something you wish you could change
25. A picture of your day
26. A picture of something that means a lot to you
27. A picture of yourself and a family member
28. A picture of something your afraid of
29. A picture that can always make you smile
30. A picture of someone you miss

Weigh-in day Need clothes already??

For some reason today I was not nervous about the scale whatsoever...
I expected that I should have a loss..
Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I did REALLY good this week.
I mean I am sure everyone has good weeks and still does not mean a loss on the scale and I may have stepped on the scale and not have seen a loss who knows..
But I did and that is a good thing!!! 183.5  So...1 POUND...I am good with that!! It is one more pound closer to the 70's..I can not believe that I am something like 4 pounds from seeing the 70's which I don't think I have seen in over 13 years!!!

OK but here is the crazy thing.. I have a few articles of clothing that STILL don't fit me..So it obvious that our bodies change as we get older..I am only talking about 4 years here.. They are just a couple pairs of pants..That I should be able to wear at the weight I am at right now. But I think that my mid section has changed since I am in my 30's! So they don't fit the same. So they won't fit till I am in my 70's to where they fit when I was in my high 80's the one time for that short while a few years back. But that is OK..I mean I have already fit into 20 pairs of pants that did not fit and many pairs I can't even wear anymore..

The most recent thing that has happened...
I was standing in my closet the other day. It was Sunday. Me and Jack were going to run out and pick up some groceries and I was just going to throw on some sweat and a T-shirt. When I realized that I did not have to do that because I have a closet full of jeans that fit. So I put on a pair of jeans.Then I started looking through my tops... They are ALL HUGE!!!! I have a couple of T-shirts that were small enough that I could wear. So I took one down and put it on. Jack said too he had never seen me wear it. because NOTHING ELSE FITS!!!! That is a good thing. I am going in a different direction. I also have a few bras that I noticed when I wear them they are so uncomfortable. As I walk they swoosh and leave a rash. I guess they call it chaffing from being too big. So I had one that use to be too small. IT FITS!!! Boy it felt great to wear a bra that fit that I was not tugging on all day! So 90% of all my shirts are now jammy shirts or donate pile and I need to go shopping.. How do I do that when I am saving to move?? Guess I will have to buy just a couple of tops to get me by for the spring. I am going to wait another 10 pounds before I buy anything.It seems my body is changing faster then I thought it would!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 7 30 Days of pictures and back on my treadmill

DAY 7. A picture of most treasured item
I was young..I don't remember at what age..Maybe 14... My grandmother had this ring and I loved it and she let me wear it. It had one diamond that was missing but I did not care. At one point she asked for it back. I did not think anything of it. After all it was HER ring! For Christmas that year she had given me the ring and had the missing diamond replaced. I have wore the ring ever since. If you go back to my homepage and go to my pictures there is a picture of me and Jack in 1995 and I am wearing the ring then. It really has nothing to do with the ring. YES the ring is beautiful. I get many compliments. Especially if I walk in to a jewelry store wearing it! It is a very old ring. If I am correct I think she said my Papa gave it to her for her 26TH birthday.It is something like 50 years old..Don't quote me on that I am really bad on dates!! But regardless of the ring being beautiful I Cherish it because of who gave it to me..When I am not wearing it I keep it in a fireproof safe!

Today was day one of getting started back on my treadmill...I am telling you. It is way different working out on that treadmill then just walking outside..The thing was built for it and it does it's job! I think it is called a tread climber. It is either set at 10% or 20%  It does not go flat. So you burn double. Sometimes triple the calories and TRUST me..You feel it!!!

As I told you the other day Jack moved it from the back room to the living room. There was a day I would NEVER do that. I JUST DON'T CARE ANYMORE!!!! I will use it more where it is at!!!
I was even going to turn it around.. But as it sits right now it is facing the TV.So I may just leave it..
Not this TV the TV in the living room..haha..Just clearing that up!


I have gotten on once today so far for 12 minutes. That is like 22 minutes walking on a flat road..It has been a while and it was hard work. That also had a lot to with the fact that my MS is acting up right now. So even walking at 1mile an hour I was like OMG..So I walked at that pace for 2 minutes then took it up to 2.5 for 8 minutes and back down to 1 for 2 minutes. Now this is at a 10% incline. So I WAS walking uphill the whole time! I will get better over time and I am NOT done for the day.
I use to do this everyday for 45 minutes on this treadmill and at 3.2..But I am doing something new. I am spreading it out through the day. 10 minutes here and there. This is the advice of my doc. So that I don't get burned out and he says that the experts say that you burn more fat this way. So we shall see!


It's a go ( :

I have NOT changed my mind...

I have given myself a couple of days to decided if I want to take the month and not weigh.
I am going to go ahead with it.
I want to take that month to focus on me..To focus on my eating and my exercise most of all..
I feel like I am capable of losing more then I am.
Even if I don't that is fine. But there is no harm in trying and seeing what I am capable of.

I always have good intentions..By the end of the day I have all these really good plans then I wake the next day feeling like crap and then all of that goes out the window. So it makes it hard. But I am going to do my best. Even if I have to do the bulk of what it is that I need to get done when I am feeling my best.
Whether that be 2PM or 2AM..I just never know.

My feeling on it is this..If I am doing everything that I should be doing....Eating right,exercising and sleeping then I should not have anything to worry about. RIGHT???

When I am weighing every week I find that it sneaks up on me really quick and the day before I am stressed about what I am eating and it is not consistent. Well what if it was consistent??? Consistent from day 1-30?? I don't know about you..But the day after I feel like I can breath a little bit because...well I just weighed and I don't have to for another 7 days. Then 2 days before I weigh I start thinking about it again. So once again I change it up again and start cutting stuff out and get really strict.
This is how EVERY week goes..Then there is the week of TOM..It is pretty much the same with the added sweets.. Well...I always have added sweets but lets just double it!!!

So I want to take this month to learn to eat the same way from day 1-30 with no fluctuation..
No mind games!!! No having to think about the scale..How great will that be!
Then how fun will it be to see what my loss is come the end of the month.
Why would I NOT have a loss if I am doing everything right?

So I have one more day..I have not stepped on the scale not once this week!
Tomorrow is the day..Then Thursday is the countdown!


My MS has hit me really hard right now..Currently I am in a MS flare..So bad that both my hands and arms are numb. The prickly numb and it completely annoying. I layed on the sofa yesterday just PISSED off..Sometimes I am just MAD about the whole situation..I guess you for one would have to know what it feels like and know what it feels like to be on huge does of steroids..When I went and seen my nuro recently it had just started in my fingertips..We had thought that it was a result of a resent seizure that I had. NOPE I was wrong about that!!! So I am going to give it another day and if it does not let up then I will call and start the steroids.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 6 of 30 Days of pictures

DAY 6. A picture of a person you’d love to trade places with for a day

I would love to right now be be in the woods in a cabin!

There is nothing more peaceful then this to me! This is our idea of camping! Forget the tents and all that!
Our favorite place to go is a place in Arizona called GREER. It is a VERY small town. There is a road off of a highway just outside of a ski resort. There is one way in and one way out. There is a creek that runs along the back side of it. There are lots of summer homes,cabins,a few restaurants and some antique shops..We love to go up there and stay a week and go fishing and well...Just do NOTHING!!!
It is my FAVORITE place in the world!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My 20Th weigh in Plus some changes

This coming Wednesday will be my 20TH weigh in!!!
I just can not believe that I have been doing this for 20 week!!!
I have had 5 gains in those 19 weeks..They were small gains.
I also has TWO maintains.
The most weight I have ever lost in one week is 5.5LBS and that is just CRAZY!!!!!

As most of us I can and do seem to at times get crazy about about the scale.
I have my weeks where I just don't care! I weigh on my weigh day and that is it. I don't bother to step on it any other time or even think about it. Then there are other weeks where I just cannot stay off the scale. It is all I think about. I sometimes weigh every single day. I think those are weeks that I have come off of a gain or a maintain.

So I have been putting a lot of thought into this..
I really want to start concentrating on my food and my exercise more then anything right now.
I am also going to start focusing more on clean eating. I am doing really good and my only down fall has been ice cream and today I had my last HERAH and toasted Jack with a small McDonald's cone while out shopping at Walmart.

This next Wednesday as I said will be my 20TH weigh in and will be my last weigh in for the next 4 WEEKS!! I am going to stop concentrating so much on the number on the scale and more on the health of it. How my body feels! What I put into my body. How I treat my body. The next step in becoming an athlete! That is a lot of hard work and being fixated on the scale is just going to derail me from that! Especially since it becomes all I think about.

I will have a doctors appointment..Actually I have a few in January. So I will just have to ask that they don't tell me what my weight is and stand backwards.

Then I started thinking OK...What do I do with my scales so that I am not tempted??
Jack said put them in the Garage..YEAH RIGHT!!! That is NOT good enough..At least not in the beginning.

So I guess what I will do is put them in a box and tape it up real good and put them in the car that my husband takes to work. That should do!

Lots and lots of stuff twirling in my head and plans that I have..

Jack moved the treadmill from the workout room where I was NOT using it to the living room where I WILL use it.. My doc told me that it is better for me to walk for 10 minutes at a time then for 45 minutes all at once to burn fat and that is for anyone.

I went to the store today..I was wanting to get PB2 and Coconut oil but did not want to drive the 40 miles for the 2 things so I may have to order them online or I will drive to whole foods next week.
If anyone knows if a store like frys sells either please let me know. Otherwise I found a place with a $4.95 flat shipping rate.

So I am hoping with cutting a few things out like ice cream..Adding in some exercise. Plus laying off the scale I will start to see some results!!!

Day 5 30 of 30 Days in pictures plus need your opinion

DAY 5 A Picture of my favorite memory!

At least it should be right! Plus it is the only the I can think of right now!
We were married on March 7, 1998 In a small church. I wanted a small church.
Just prior I had a friend that was married in this HUGE church and then there was was 50 people at the very front..It was weird. I wanted all my family in one small church..It was a good fun and memorable day! I loved that dress..

 I can't wait to try it on when I have lost all my weight..I still have it and right now it is in the garage all double bagged and sealed in a dress box. It was a size 18. I was at my heaviest. I wanted to lose weight before my wedding and what did I do?? I gained so much weight I had never been heavier!!! This is suppose to be a good memory Hahahaha....But this is part of it!

OK guys...I am finding that 30 days in pictures is getting away from what my blog is really about and it is taking time away from blogging about what I should be blogging about. By the time I blog my Day of picture I have lost track of what I was going to blog about for the day or I just don't feel like it..So I may bag it all together..I may do one her and there or I may keep it separate from my weight loss blogging..
What is your opinion?? Bag it?? Keep it?? Separate?? Does it matter?
I hate to bow out on something that I started..But I started this as my online journal and now it feeling like a chore before I even get to sit down and write my feeling for the day! You know what I mean?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 4 of 30 Days in pictures and MS will not beat me!

Day 4 A picture of my night!

Now I kinda forgot to do this!
Last night was kinda a lazy do nothing go to bed early,lay in bed, read fitness kinda night!
There is only one thing I did do and here it is..  By the way..the tatoo is fake..We have a bunch of them

I have been so bad the last couple of days of tracking what I am eating. I am doing OK on what I am eating. I thing I am just rebelling..First I go through this losing steam and then what was I thinking with Alli..??

I just have a lot on my mind right now!

I woke up this morning and was crying before I even got out of bed.
MS takes so much out of me. Some days I just need a really good cry and today was one of those days.
Call it what you want. Feeling sorry for myself. Whatever you want. For me it is being fed up!
Being sick and fing tired of not being able to live my life like everyone else.
I am sure you all wake up on a Saturday morning and plan your day? Am I right?
I wake up on a Saturday morning and lay on the sofa for 4 hours before I can even move again and usually have to take another nap and then maybe I can make plans to do something.
So on Friday nights me and Jack will make "Saturday plans" then I wake up feeling like shit as always and I FING hate it!!!! I don't know why I am so surprised it happens everyday..Wishful thinking I guess!

I really love my Neurologist and the NP I am seeing when I go. She is doing what she can to try and help me the best she can to see that I have the best life possible. Living with an illness such as MS is really hard and especially hard since to everyone around you, you seem fine because they can't see it. Everything is going on inside of your body.

It's a scary disease to have..I have been having a lot of vision issues that just keep getting worse. I have gotten to the point where when I read at night I am closing my right eye because my vision is so double. My neurologist tells me that with the new MRI I am having it will show how much swelling there is that will determine why I am having that.

I have started to receive the things that I need for my daily shots. They send you something so that you can stick the needle inside of it and then you push a button and it gives the shot for you. I hate that thing and never used it before. It shoots it really fast..But anyways. I just don't get why they ship everything separately!

I never should have went off of my shots..The reason why I did was because my shots are so freaking painful. Not the actual shot but afterwards. They burn so bad for HOURS!!! I dread the shot!!! When I went and seen my nuro a few months back we had talked about me going back on them and he explained to me that if I were to develop a new symptom I cant go back. But if I am on the shots they can hopefully prevent those new symptoms. Well in those few months..I developed a new symptom and I am very upset about it..One of my many reasons for being upset this morning! I angry and pissed off at myself and hate having this disease. But it is what it is and there is nothing I can do about it!

My hope is that some day it lightens up on me a bit..Gives me a breather every now and then.
I hope that by losing weight it improves my health and that improves my MS.
I am also hoping that by eating a clean diet no processed food that it also helps.
I think that I can be more strict with this and I have a lot more to learn. So if anyone has any information for me I would love to know about it..A book,website, or store..?

I have been eating healthy now for about 6 months and so far I am not noticing a difference in the way that I feel. I need to pick up some books on clean eating.

Today me and Jack are going to whole food. I am going to look for PB2 and coconut oil..If there is anything that I should look for please let me know..

My hope is 6 months from now I can look back and feel like a different person..If any of you knew where I am at right now...You would know I have I have a very long road ahead of me.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Another AWARD and a tempting one at that!

TRISHA...Thanks for giving me this very tempting piece of CAKE!!!!!!
What are you trying to do to me girl??

Well we all know it is not real and I am kidding of course and I love Trisha to pieces!

Here are the rules: List five guilty pleasures and pass this on to three fabulous bloggers that you know and love.

1. Laying around in my PJ's all day long! I mean if I am not going anywhere then why get up and get dressed and put makeup on if I am not going anywhere. So most days I am in my PJ's. My idea of PJ's is a top and pants in the winter. In the summer it is a T-shirt and shorts. Think work out wear.
I have never been one for the frilly night gowns.
2. This is a strange one but I love going to walmart at 2 AM.. I love to just go and walk around when no one else is there. I just take my time and look at everything. It is my me time. A lot of the time Jack is with me. Well just about always. He likes to shop as well. So he heads to the electronics and I do my thing. Sure you have to go around all the boxes since they are stocking. But oh well. I still like doing it. Heck I may do it tonight!!!
3.This may not be the best thing since I am eating healthy and I have only had it twice in 19 weeks and it was a holiday but it is CHEESECAKE..Plain and simple. I just love the stuff. Love is a strong word. Maybe there will come a day where I will just look at it as food. But right now. I still LOVE cheesecake!
4.Sleeping..I love to sleep! I always have. I think my body for one requires more sleep. I could sleep some days for 24 hours if I let myself. What happens is I wake up roll over and fall back to sleep. If I don't get up this will happen over and over. Who knows how long I would sleep. I just love to sleep!
5.Mexican Food...Maybe it is the fact I live in Arizona and we have a Mexican restaurant on every corner. There is this Mexican restaurant that me and my husband really like. I have been going there since I was a kid. I did not go for months and then when I did go I did not get that high from eating there that I usually do! That was the oddest feeling. I felt like I could have made something better at home. But Mexican food in itself..It is just so good!

So TWO of those are food..That's OK..Just because I am eating healthy does not mean that I am not going to stop enjoying things like Mexican food and neither should you! It's how I am going to do this and KEEP it off!!!! By enjoying the same foods but in a different way.

Now I guess I am suppose to pick
3 Bloggers

It was just a thought !


It was just a thought..
I was in the 90's in for 11 WEEKS!!!!!! Now the 80's for I don't know something like 8 weeks!
It gets frustrating!

Trisha..You are right! When I went and seen my PCP he was blown away at how much I had lost. Looking back 3 visits prior which would be 6 months prior I was at 206.
So I know when looking at it that way I have lost quite a bit.

Then there are my clothes. Last winter I could not fit into any of my jeans and I have something like 20 pairs and now I fit into every single one of them. Some of them are too big!

It is just one of those days yah know??

I have one of those kettle bells and I also have a DVD for it that I have NEVER used. This weekend I am going to dig that out and start using it and see if that helps any.
It is so frustrating living with MS and so badly wanting to exercise but having fatigue so bad that my body just wont let me!

Most of you don't know that Trisha is a friend,fellow blogger and also has MS..I am sure you see her posting along with the rest of you!
I say this because Trisha is the one that got me blogging in the first place and if it had not been for her I probably would not be where I am right now. So stop by her blog and say hello! She is doing an amazing job!!!

Thanks for letting me know that Alli is not the way to go!...
I just have these days..I know what I am doing now is healthier for my body and i will get there when I do.

I guess I also did not realize that at this point and time that I motivate other people. So thanks Monique for pointing that out to me. I am glad that I can be here for you even in some small way!

Day 3 of 30 days in pictures & Losing steam!

Day 3. A picture of the cast of your favorite show.
Another day another picture. I love this show. One of many. But this one is one of my favorites. Has a lot to do with Sally field!
One picture is just not enough

I just love Sally Field

Calista Flockhart is also a doll.
I start watching her while she was in Ally Mcbeal.
She was known for her short Skirts and the co-ed bathroom at her law firm that she worked for.
If most of you don't stay up with current affairs or celebrity news you would probably be interested in knowing that she is also married to Harrison Ford!!! Yeah I too was shocked when I found that out!

I have been sitting here today thinking that my weigh loss is dropping off so slow!
Someone the other day had asked me if I had ever tried Alli?
It makes me think? I wonder if I did try something like that if it would help it to move a bit faster.
Me with my fatigue and not being able to exercise the the way that I want to. This may help to burn some extra calories???
The only thing is that I wanted to do this on my own!! No matter how long it took. No pill,programs or gimmicks..So why now am I so worried about when I get there?

I guess looking back at my weight loss. Which you can too. If you just go to the top of my page. I have been in the 80's FOREVER..If I can just get to the 70's then I will know that I am getting somewhere!
Is a pound a week really enough? I am losing steam here!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 2 of 30 Days in Pictures...AWARDED as well...( :

Day 2   A picture of you and the person you’ve been the closest with the longest

Well this one was pretty easy to be honest with you! There is only one person in my life that I have been friends with since HS and I am now 35. We have had our ups and downs over the years just like any friendship I suppose. But this IS who stands out to me. The funny thing is...I really don't have many pictures of us and I don't really know why. There are other people in my life that I am close to. Even closer then I am to her but not as LONG as I have been to her.

Taken about 3 years ago.
                                             Still to come
3. A picture of the cast of your favourite show
4. A picture of your night
5. A picture of your favourite memory
6. A picture of a person you’d love to trade places with for a day
7. A picture of most treasured item
8. A picture that makes you laugh
9. A picture of a person who has gotten you through the most
10. A picture of the person you do the most fucked up things with
11. A picture of something you hate
12. A picture of something you love
13. A picture of your favourite band or artist
14. A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without
15. A picture of something you want to do before you die
16. A picture of someone who inspires you
17. A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently
18. A picture of your biggest insecurity
19. A picture of you when you were little
20. A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel
21. A picture of something you wish you could forget
22. A picture of something you wish you were better at
23. A picture of your favourite book
24. A picture of something you wish you could change
25. A picture of your day
26. A picture of something that means a lot to you
27. A picture of yourself and a family member
28. A picture of something your afraid of
29. A picture that can always make you smile
30. A picture of someone you miss
                                 ♥♥ AWARDED ♥♥♥
Thank You Stephanie @ She's in there somewhere for giving me this award. I was also given this same award today by Sue @ Dreaming of where I want to be.
It means a lot to me!

Here are the details:1. Post and link back to the person who awarded you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers (or as many as you can)
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won!

WoW...You all are gonna be learning a lot about me with the 30 Days of pictures and now this..Hahaha

1. I have 1 Sister who is older and 1 brother who is younger.
2. I have 1 nephew that is 19 and 2 nieces under 3 and YES my sister gave birth to all 3..I love them dearly!
3. I have been married almost 13 years.
4. I love the mountains and one day want to live where it is green and snows.
5. I love to bake but not to eat it. Unless it is Cheesecake!
6. I have always wanted to write a book and until now Jack is the only person that knows that.
7.I wear flip flops all year long. It is a habit I am slowly breaking.

I follow many Bloggers. So trying to get it down to 15 is quite the task. I also can't say that any of them are recently discovered. But I do enjoy these blogs and I do think others will as well...

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