Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weigh Day plus sleepin good!

Day two of a good nights sleep..
I have a couple of alarms set on my cell phone. One goes off at 10Pm to get ready for bed and the other goes off at 11PM to go to bed. I was already in bed at 945 reading a couple of magazines that Jack had bought me..There is a used book store here called bookmans and they also sell magazines. The other day we were at Walgreen's filling one of my srips and they had the new SELF but I did not want to spend $4 for it. Well he got it the next day at bookmans for $1.50 along with 2 others. All magazines are that price there. So why buy for the full price. So I got in bed to read my magazine and before I knew it I was drifting off to sleep and then my alarms were going off waking me up...Hahahah..Go figure!!! But I went right back to sleep. I then had an alarm set to wake me up this morning. But I was just way to tired. I ended up sleeping two extra hours and got up at 10:30. I am on two new scrips and I think they are BOTH making me slightly more sleepy. They may be a good thing come night time. But a little harder in the morning to wake up.

It was weigh day..I was really not worried about it..I have those weeks where I think I should be because I may have ate something I should not have. I think we did eat out once this week but I would have to go back and see when that was. It was the night we ate at Applebees.Oh yeah and can't forget about pizza night! I also have not stuck to my 1200 calories but it is not like I am eating 3000 either!!! Regardless of if I ate pizza or Applebees. It really is just food. I watched what I ate and how much I ate. I split my dinner in half and got my dressing on the side. So I am sure calorie wise I was fine.

So I took a deep breath...I am OK with whatever the scale says.If it is up a pound it will come off next week.I already have a plan to eat 1200 calories every day this week yada yada yada..JUST GET ON THE SCALE ALREADY.........184.5lbs

I am good with that..That is a 1.5LB loss from last week!


  1. AWESOMENESS!!! Congrats on that loss, Renea! SO proud of you! On another note, isn't it ridiculous how much magazines cost nowadays? There are a ton of them out there I'd love to buy, but I just can't make myself fork over $4 or more for one. I wish we had a Bookmans here.

  2. Your loss is terrific!! Way to GO!! I am so very proud of YOU! Great job!

  3. YAHHHOOOOOO!!!!! AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! Good Job, Buddy! Keep up the good work!

  4. That's a great loss! You probably had the biggest smile on your face when you saw that number :)


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