Friday, January 21, 2011

A story of this and that & More 30 days of pictures...

As most of you may know I have been having a few rough days and Jack brought this home for me yesterday...They are so beautiful. The picture does not do them justice.Plus all you can see is a white wall. There actually is window right to left of them.

There is a story behind the CD..Besides the fact it is James Blunt which I really like..OK..See the album cover??? I watch a guy on YouTube. His name is Shay Carl. He is what you would call a Vloger. He documents his daily life. There are a few of them and a few of them are very famous and actually work for YouTube and make VERY good money. But they started out at the very bottom. They decided to move to LA and see if they could make it work. He has this thing where he will throw one of his daughters up in the air. Well one day he got an email from what he thought was a joke but turned out it was not. Asking him if they could use THIS as his cover for his NEW album. The email was from James Blunt by the way. Shay Carl talks about this in one of his videos. Well the CD came out yesterday and I did not know. So Jack bought it for me..You can find the shaytards here..SHAYTARDS They are a great family! So check them out! You will get addicted!


My worse fear was came true..With  the pictures that is..Everything else that I type every day is getting missed. I am getting messages..Saying..Oh you are going to go an ENTIRE month without weighing..Well yes if you go one post PAST the 30 days in pictures you will see the post where I wrote about NOT weighing for a month..So from here forth I am going to put them at the END of my post!

I am back to a wacky sleep schedule..Well at least for now..Jack just got home about an hour ago and I JUST got up. So while he laying on the sofa trying to take a nap. I am having an orange trying to wake up. Isn't that nice!!!! Not so much! It will only last a few days. Maybe one and then I will be right back where I need to be. It is hard to get back to to a 11-8 sleeping schedule. Especially since I will have to go to sleep after only being awake a few hours. Or I will have to stay awake for 24 hours. Both are hard..OK enough of that!

I am still feeling good about my monthly weighing. I have yet to tape up my scales. They are still sitting on my bathroom floor. I say scales because I have 2. One of then weighs at .5 and the other I bought because I wanted one that weighed at .1 and it does but I actually like my other one better. But I do plan to put them in a box and tape them up real good and put them in the car. Someone mentioned putting them in the trunk I think it was Sue. But we don't have a trunk. It a KIA sportage. So everyone can see what is in there. Hence it needs to be in a box!

I just finished eating my orange from walmart. They are getting really good. All the oranges..
I have to have atleast 3 a day..I love oranges! They are much sweeter right now. Last week when I went to the store I noticed a HUGE difference!

I have not been on my treadmill the last 2 days. I am trying to let my most recent flare pass.
Having pins and needles in your hand and arms 24-7 and there being nothing you can do about it. Well lets just say...You want to pull your hair out! So I have been trying to be as calm and as stress free as possible. Then when it passes and it has not. As I sit here typing my finger tips are pins and needles. When it passes I will be right back on my treadmill..
 30 days of pictures...
Day 9. A picture of a person who has gotten you through the most
Day10. A picture of the person you do the most fucked up things with

This is my favorite picture. He sent this when I was in the hospital once to my cell phone. I had told him to go home and be with the dogs!
I decided to combine these two because well....It is the same person... Of course it being Jack. There would be no other person!

Lets start with Day 9..Person who has gotten me through the most
When I was first diagnosed with MS we were self employed. My husband owned a cleaning service. I know not very glamorous but the pay was good. The problem was we did not have health insurance.
We went through all the loop holes of state health insurance until that ran out. Finally my husband started looking for work. He finally found a job doing what he used to. He work for Motorola for 10 years prior to having the cleaning company.So he found a job with a temp agency. He worked for this new company making crap for an entire year in the hopes that one day they would hire him full time with benefits and I would have medical.A year later he was offered a job. That was almost 8 years ago. When he came home and told me what his starting salary was.. Well lets just say that we celebrated and he had benefits from that first day. I also received disability that same year. He has NEVER missed a doctors appointment. Trust me there are a lot! He goes with me to every MRI I have. He comes home if I am having a bad day.There can be a lot that comes with taking care of someone that has an illness. My husband Jack has been there with me through it all!!

Day 10..Now this one is kinda funny and is going to be short and sweet.Do most F-up things with??
I am just kinda drawing a blank guys..??LOL I am just not that kinda person I guess. I don't really do F-up things..I mean sure I like to have fun just as much as the next person.But I would never call them F-up things and if they are they would be with Jack..hahaha


  1. To sweet-the flowers, CD, AND the appointments? Good guy!

    Polar's Mom

  2. Your husband sounds like an amazing man, and those roses are beautiful. Like I've said before, I think you weighing once a month is a fabulous idea, and I can't wait to read about the loss you'll have at your next weigh-in. :)

  3. God I can't remember the last time my husband brough me any flowers let alone roses, you lucky duck.

    As to your question on my blog, well, this year we, I am planning on being in LA for at least 2 weeks or more.......

  4. The roses are absolutely gorgeous! And give that Hubs of yours a big hug from me - just for being such a Sweetie to YOU!

  5. ...thinking of you! Good luck on your monthly weighing! :)


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