Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weigh-in and MY new calorie plan "UPDATED"

I was really stressed out about today's weigh in. I don't think I have ever been more stressed out about any other weigh in. This is a result of New Years Eve eating..Then of course there was the day before yesterday. How can we forget about that!

I was up for a few more hours last night and ended up have 2 pieces of toast with PB SF Jam and Honey.Which is all good..I was actually hungry!

We got to sleep on our 'NEW' Memory Foam bed topper...This has got to be the first night in a very long time that Jack slept really well. I did not wake up and see my husband sleeping sitting up. It was nice to actually hear him snoring.He actually OVERSLEPT! I also slept really well and did not wake up sore as usuall.

I got up this morning and the first thing I did was weigh..I was sooooo very nervous..I did not want a gain. But then I also had this slight feeling that I could lose. You just never know with the scale. I typically lose one week post TOM and this is that week. But with it also being the week post new years eve and my BAD day of eating well....I did not know. So I stepped on the scale 186..

I took off what I gained last week putting me right where I was the week prior!!!!
Lord do not put me in another plateau.
I am honestly starting to feel like my body likes this weight! But I do not!

"I actually lost 1 pound and I have NEVER seen 186..I have now offically lost 20 pounds!!  It's early what can I say!.."

So...I am listening??? Anyone got any advice?
Exercise is so hard for me with my MS fatigue.I am NOT saying that I do not plan to do it. But lately it has been really hard and not happening. So lets just say that I am not able to do it. Then what would you do? Would you cut your calories way down? I am thinking of being really strict with 1200 for a week and then for 2-3 days bumping that up by say 400 calories and then going back down to 1200 and seeing if I see any results.

I need to try something..This has been the plan. But I have not done it yet. I guess I could start today. I am just not sure if switching between 1200 and 1600 will work. But I will never know unless I try.
So maybe today is the day..I will sit and think about it and all the ins and outs and do a post about it later!

I am just not sure how high and low I should go and for how long. I have talked with my Doc about this and he agrees.But we did not decided on numbers. So any advice??


  1. I remember seeing on a TV show where the women would multiply their goal weight times ten and that was the amount of calories they had to consume each day to reach their goal. It worked for them, so maybe it's a good option? That would put my calories at 1,700 a day which seems very do-able to me (and safe). Just a thought, but in the end you should always do what works for YOU. :) Good luck!

  2. I'm not sure about your question- but be careful about reducing your calories too much because your body will get used to that and you'll have to keep reducing your calories. I was told that it's important to eat as much as you can, while you can...because as you lose weight you eat less calories... not sure if that makes sense or not?

    Great job on that loss!

  3. 20 pounds is absolutely awesome! Those are twenty pounds I'm still lugging around - I'm proud of YOU!

    Please don't lower your food intake.. It can be dangerous, especially when we're taking medications. When I am overly sore (which is more often than not this time of year), I enjoy easy pilates or beginning yoga. Nothing strenuous, just gentle stretching and bending - building the core. Also, short walks, a few steps that sort of thing. Just to get moving, at least a little...

    (((huggggssss))) to you hoping this plateau passes quickly!!

    Oh, our friends are in Scotsdale. I spoke to them today and they said it was "pleasant".. it's snowing here, so where there is no snow is always a good place!


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