Thursday, January 20, 2011

Better NOW then later!

Instantly.. I knew this would happen!

The day after I weigh I say to myself..OK I don't have to weigh for another 6 days. So I can Breathhhh...
So I give myself a break for a day. Then I get really strict the 2 days before I weigh.
I do this EVERY week. Sometime mindlessly and sometimes unknowingly.

So..I decide that I am going to go an entire MONTH without weighing. So how long do you think I would give myself a breather???? Well it is a good thing that I caught it right off the bat!

Yesterday I had a piece of whole grain toast with 1 Tbs of Peanut Butter and 1 Tbs of Simply Fruit Jam. That is fine I have that at least once a day with 8 ounces of light vanilla soy milk. Then last night before I went to bed I got hungry and I had it again. Afterwards I started thinking to myself..I have never done this before so why now??? Well sheeeshh I don't have to weigh for 30 more days. That gives me plenty of time to burn it off right?? If I did this for say...the next 2-3 days that is one week out the window!!!

So I am glad that I caught it right away!
If I take one day a week and say oh I'll just have this one extra piece of toast that is no different then me having a 300 calorie slice of pie!! Peanut Butter is NOT bad for you! But it is how much you have. I count calories and not fat. But it IS in the back of my mind.I do know that having 2 slices whole grain is fine but not both with peanut butter.

So by catching it right away I don't have to worry that the scale will tell me something in a month that I don't want it to.
The trick this month will be to stick to my health eating. To try and remember that even though I am not weighing for another month. I need to eat and workout as if I am.

The point of doing this is NOT to eat what I want for 3 weeks and then spend a week trying to make up for it. If that were the case I would just go back to weighing weekly!
But I caught what happened last night and now I know what to look for!


  1. Hi, new follower ;)
    great blog, love the 30 days of pics.
    way to go on catching yourself early since you are not weighing in for a month!
    I am also working my way back to my skinney jeans

  2. Good catch!!! I do the same. I eat the most high fat protein I can have on plan the night after I weigh, then it's all fish fish fish. I'm gonna sprout fins soon. ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  3. Good for you for realizing what could have become a habit and dealing with it before it got out of hand.

  4. Way to go stopping that before it got out of hand! I'm horrible about eating crappy the first three days after weigh-in, and then starving myself the final days until weighing in again. It's a vicious cycle I'm trying to break.

  5. Good for you for recognizing a pattern adn taking steps to break the habit!

  6. Weighing everyday keeps me accountable- which is why I do it. I find myself doing the same thing- I eat very strict the last 2 days before WI- but I that's ok with me!

  7. I don't think I could go 2 days without weighing myself. I don't know how you are going to go a month, that will be interesting to see your battle with yourself over the scales. More power to you but I couldn't do it.

  8. I do the SAME thing. I weigh in on Monday mornings, so all day Monday I'm all, "an extra bite of cheese won't hurt" and "ONE spoon of peanut butter and that's it."

    I'm with you. I have to be strict and on my program on all days. The scale's not going to yell at me if I gain. It's simply going to show me the number. It feels much better to see a loss (oh the elation!) than a gain (which is usually followed by a lot of negativity) and I'm the only one who can change it!

    Here's to a great day!!
    Goodbye, Fat Girl!


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