Monday, January 31, 2011

Look back in 6 months!

Being numb is all I can think about right now!
I just want to sleep all day long and it is what I did yesterday.
I don't want to be awake to have to deal with it!

This morning half my face is numb my lip,under my eye,my hand,my foot and all down my left leg..
The parts on my face are just numb. On my hand and leg it is pins and needles and I told Jack tonight while having a crying fit that I will cut my arm off if this is a symptom that I will have to live with!( I know being overly dramatic)!!!!
I just never know which ones are permanent and which ones will go away.
This one seems to be sticking around for a while. This one and the other one that I went to the gynecologist for. Thank god I have a medication that seems to be working for that one most of the time.

So I slept all day long and got up and had an orange and Jack made Turkey roll up sandwiches with the flatouts..So I had that and some cottage cheese. Regardless my eating stays the same.
He asked me as he was getting me up if he would like me to have him go get dinner like healthy Taco Bell..I said no..probably just sandwiches..Then I laid there for a sec and thought WOW how things have changed..I don't think I will EVER again be able to eat FF and be OK with it..Eating at home will always be healthier and easier.When you learn the crap that is in that food!! Why EVER put that in our bodies??? BY CHOICE??? Jack is not quite there yet but he is getting there.

There are days where I literally go through HELL!!!
So if by eating healthy and not putting crap in my body helps me in some certain way that I don't know yet. I am willing to take that chance.I have a long ways to go yet in the weight department. Thus far I have lost almost half of what I need to. So I am getting there. So there has to be changes that have been made that I can not see yet. But the hope is that some day I will feel even 10% better or have 10% more energy keeps me going.

So my hope is to look back 6 months from now and see some changes!


  1. (HUG) Hope today is a better day with less pain!

  2. Im sorry to hear you're in so much pain. I hope you do start feeling better soon. Bug hugs to you

  3. Prayers that today is a better day for you... (((hugggsss)))

  4. You have definitely made changes and the fact that you're half-way there means you can definitely see them. I know you're wanting your healthier life-style to have a more obvious impact on your MS, and I hope it will also; but don't forget to view the weight loss as progress and success too.

    I'm heart broken that you're having such a hard time with the MS and I really hope that you find something that will help be it diet, medication, some form of physical therapy etc. I confess I am very ignorant when it comes to MS but your symptoms sound pretty terrible so my heart goes out to you. I'm not sure if it would help but maybe a heated blanket or some kind of extremely gentle vibrating massager to stimulate blood flow? I mean I don't really know what causes the numbness so I am just assuming that it's like when I sleep on my arm until it falls asleep; except in your case it doesn't go away on it's own. If my ideas are way off or not helpful at all I'm really sorry; I'm just the type of person who hates feeling helpless when someone I care about is miserable. :(

  5. Oh man, I am sorry you are in pain/numb-hope it all goes away! I understand your want for FF, I was not a big FF eater, but a fan of takeout from restaurants. So in my dieting process, we have found places that will specifically tailor their takeout items to be pretty healthy or have found other places-like boston market, that have healthy choices. Because let's face it-who really wants to cook everyday?

    Polar's Mom

  6. I hope you're feeling better today, I'm sorry it seems to be one thing or another lately. :( Good job on saying no to fast food, though. That's still one thing I need to get through my head.


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