Sunday, January 16, 2011

My 20Th weigh in Plus some changes

This coming Wednesday will be my 20TH weigh in!!!
I just can not believe that I have been doing this for 20 week!!!
I have had 5 gains in those 19 weeks..They were small gains.
I also has TWO maintains.
The most weight I have ever lost in one week is 5.5LBS and that is just CRAZY!!!!!

As most of us I can and do seem to at times get crazy about about the scale.
I have my weeks where I just don't care! I weigh on my weigh day and that is it. I don't bother to step on it any other time or even think about it. Then there are other weeks where I just cannot stay off the scale. It is all I think about. I sometimes weigh every single day. I think those are weeks that I have come off of a gain or a maintain.

So I have been putting a lot of thought into this..
I really want to start concentrating on my food and my exercise more then anything right now.
I am also going to start focusing more on clean eating. I am doing really good and my only down fall has been ice cream and today I had my last HERAH and toasted Jack with a small McDonald's cone while out shopping at Walmart.

This next Wednesday as I said will be my 20TH weigh in and will be my last weigh in for the next 4 WEEKS!! I am going to stop concentrating so much on the number on the scale and more on the health of it. How my body feels! What I put into my body. How I treat my body. The next step in becoming an athlete! That is a lot of hard work and being fixated on the scale is just going to derail me from that! Especially since it becomes all I think about.

I will have a doctors appointment..Actually I have a few in January. So I will just have to ask that they don't tell me what my weight is and stand backwards.

Then I started thinking OK...What do I do with my scales so that I am not tempted??
Jack said put them in the Garage..YEAH RIGHT!!! That is NOT good enough..At least not in the beginning.

So I guess what I will do is put them in a box and tape it up real good and put them in the car that my husband takes to work. That should do!

Lots and lots of stuff twirling in my head and plans that I have..

Jack moved the treadmill from the workout room where I was NOT using it to the living room where I WILL use it.. My doc told me that it is better for me to walk for 10 minutes at a time then for 45 minutes all at once to burn fat and that is for anyone.

I went to the store today..I was wanting to get PB2 and Coconut oil but did not want to drive the 40 miles for the 2 things so I may have to order them online or I will drive to whole foods next week.
If anyone knows if a store like frys sells either please let me know. Otherwise I found a place with a $4.95 flat shipping rate.

So I am hoping with cutting a few things out like ice cream..Adding in some exercise. Plus laying off the scale I will start to see some results!!!


  1. I swore off the scale and made it 15 days! I was trying to go a month, but I'm kind of glad I did it. I do think the break was good for me. I was weighing several times a day at one point. I may weigh weekly now, or I may do it every two weeks. I've been doing great with focusing on food and exercise. Sounds like that is your plan too. Seems to be working for me. Good luck!

  2. Just keep doing what's best for you! Good work so far too!! =)

  3. I love the idea of staying off the scale!!! That is something I am thinking about stealing from you (I will totally give you credit, don't worry ;) ) But truly that is interesting! Just concentrate on the foods and workouts rather than the numbers... I like it!!

  4. I try to eat as clean as possible and my body definitely likes it!
    Put the scale in the car trunk :)

  5. Sounds like a great plan!! I like the idea of hiding the scales!

  6. If it works for you, more power to you!!! Best of luck, and get on that treadmill!

    Polar's Mom

  7. I think that's a great plan, Renea! I admire you doing it because I think it would drive me batty. LOL Good luck! :)


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