Friday, January 14, 2011

Another AWARD and a tempting one at that!

TRISHA...Thanks for giving me this very tempting piece of CAKE!!!!!!
What are you trying to do to me girl??

Well we all know it is not real and I am kidding of course and I love Trisha to pieces!

Here are the rules: List five guilty pleasures and pass this on to three fabulous bloggers that you know and love.

1. Laying around in my PJ's all day long! I mean if I am not going anywhere then why get up and get dressed and put makeup on if I am not going anywhere. So most days I am in my PJ's. My idea of PJ's is a top and pants in the winter. In the summer it is a T-shirt and shorts. Think work out wear.
I have never been one for the frilly night gowns.
2. This is a strange one but I love going to walmart at 2 AM.. I love to just go and walk around when no one else is there. I just take my time and look at everything. It is my me time. A lot of the time Jack is with me. Well just about always. He likes to shop as well. So he heads to the electronics and I do my thing. Sure you have to go around all the boxes since they are stocking. But oh well. I still like doing it. Heck I may do it tonight!!!
3.This may not be the best thing since I am eating healthy and I have only had it twice in 19 weeks and it was a holiday but it is CHEESECAKE..Plain and simple. I just love the stuff. Love is a strong word. Maybe there will come a day where I will just look at it as food. But right now. I still LOVE cheesecake!
4.Sleeping..I love to sleep! I always have. I think my body for one requires more sleep. I could sleep some days for 24 hours if I let myself. What happens is I wake up roll over and fall back to sleep. If I don't get up this will happen over and over. Who knows how long I would sleep. I just love to sleep!
5.Mexican Food...Maybe it is the fact I live in Arizona and we have a Mexican restaurant on every corner. There is this Mexican restaurant that me and my husband really like. I have been going there since I was a kid. I did not go for months and then when I did go I did not get that high from eating there that I usually do! That was the oddest feeling. I felt like I could have made something better at home. But Mexican food in itself..It is just so good!

So TWO of those are food..That's OK..Just because I am eating healthy does not mean that I am not going to stop enjoying things like Mexican food and neither should you! It's how I am going to do this and KEEP it off!!!! By enjoying the same foods but in a different way.

Now I guess I am suppose to pick
3 Bloggers


  1. I would love to go at Walmart in the middle of the night just to see what i'ts like! Walmart are not open 24 hours here!

  2. Congratulations on the sweet award :)

  3. Thanks for the award! :) I love to sleep too!


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