Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Emotional Eating!!!!

I had a pretty rough night with the MS (multiple sclerosis)..So when I feel this CRAPPY I just want to eat!
I have also been on a really wacky sleep schedule for a really long time.
The holidays have passed and I thought that I could finally get back to some normalcy when it comes to my eating.

When I was first diagnosed with MS in 2004 I had this DEEP burning in my chest and I have had it 24-7 for 7 years. Some days are worse then others and when it is really bad at night I cannot sleep.
So when I sit alone by myself I EAT to numb the emotional pain of having to deal with this. I can explain it till I am blue in the face.But only I know what it feels like and there really is no point.
I have been to multiple docs and been on multiple meds..Nothing has ever worked but narcotic pain meds and I hate taking them! But it is my only choice.But even they do not always take away all the pain. So I can sit and cry all night and run around like someone on fire.Or I can eat to numb the pain. On the really bad night I choose to eat and last night I chose to eat!! I have only had about 2-3 of these really bad EATING days in 17 weeks and last night and rolling over into this morning is one of them.
I HATE it but I hate the burning worse!

This is what I have had since I woke up yesterday...At 5PM
Coffee Drink Mix
Whole grain Pasta
Turkey breast ground
Pasta Sauce
1TBS Cheese
California Veggies
Snacks between 12am -11am
3 bowls no sugar added ice cream with honey
6 Hershey Kisses
A small Bowl 3?? servings Sun Chips
2 Slices whole grain toast 1TBS PB 1TBS SF Jam,Butter Spray 1 Tbs Honey
Coffee drink 50 cal

I have no idea what my calories for the day are..
I am going to bed soon..
I am weighing tomorrow( Wednesday) and I do not have high hopes for the scale.
I am going to have to try and even out my calorie and sugar intake for the next few days!
Looks like I am going to be doing some serious FASTING!!!
If anyone has any recommendations please let me know..
I feel horrible..
I have the worst headache. I clearly ate wayyyy to much sugar!
But...What's done is done!
I am so tired now I have not choice but to go to sleep burning or not.


  1. Oh Honey, don't fast. It's just gonna make the cycle worse...from my personal experience. Just (if you can) work out a little harder, drink more water and get a little extra sleep for the headache. I am no doctor, but I can say that my mediocre suggestions have got to be better choices than fasting. Take care of yourself. Love you with a little extra today to get through. Tomorrow is a new day. You are worth it. Don't forget why you started this journey, and the next steps should be easy to take. Good luck tomorrow, girl! Skinny Dust comin your way! ;-)

  2. Please don't fast.. I am an emotional NON eater - when I am in pain or emotionally distressed, I don't eat - and that's not a good thing either as it prolongs the bad feelings by making me weak and tired. It also prolongs the hurting too, physically and emotionally.

    Remember, this is a journey.. A marathon, not a sprint! We'll get through this - together!

  3. I'm so sorry you had a bad night. *Hugs* I'm proud of you for being honest and sharing it with us though, and the best thing now is to move forward. Like you said - what's done is done. I hope your weigh-in is a good one BUT if not, just try and keep your chin up okay? It WILL get better and once this passes you'll have a better weigh-in next week. Just don't give up (and please don't fast). *BIG HUGS*

  4. When you get up just start the day like yesterday had never happened. What's in the past stays in the past. What matters is the present!

  5. We all have days like this, an actually need it. My ww leader told me one day to occasionally take a day go all out eat and whatever I want. Not only will it shock your system during a plateau, but the feeling you get after eating all the junk will be a motivational tool. Now, technically she wasn't supposed to tell me this and told me not to do it every week, but occasionally it is ok. =) so chin up girl! Just get back on plan when you wake up and think about all you have accomplished in the last 17 weeks.
    P.S. I will be praying for you and your MS. feel better soon!


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