Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 7 30 Days of pictures and back on my treadmill

DAY 7. A picture of most treasured item
I was young..I don't remember at what age..Maybe 14... My grandmother had this ring and I loved it and she let me wear it. It had one diamond that was missing but I did not care. At one point she asked for it back. I did not think anything of it. After all it was HER ring! For Christmas that year she had given me the ring and had the missing diamond replaced. I have wore the ring ever since. If you go back to my homepage and go to my pictures there is a picture of me and Jack in 1995 and I am wearing the ring then. It really has nothing to do with the ring. YES the ring is beautiful. I get many compliments. Especially if I walk in to a jewelry store wearing it! It is a very old ring. If I am correct I think she said my Papa gave it to her for her 26TH birthday.It is something like 50 years old..Don't quote me on that I am really bad on dates!! But regardless of the ring being beautiful I Cherish it because of who gave it to me..When I am not wearing it I keep it in a fireproof safe!

Today was day one of getting started back on my treadmill...I am telling you. It is way different working out on that treadmill then just walking outside..The thing was built for it and it does it's job! I think it is called a tread climber. It is either set at 10% or 20%  It does not go flat. So you burn double. Sometimes triple the calories and TRUST me..You feel it!!!

As I told you the other day Jack moved it from the back room to the living room. There was a day I would NEVER do that. I JUST DON'T CARE ANYMORE!!!! I will use it more where it is at!!!
I was even going to turn it around.. But as it sits right now it is facing the TV.So I may just leave it..
Not this TV the TV in the living room..haha..Just clearing that up!


I have gotten on once today so far for 12 minutes. That is like 22 minutes walking on a flat road..It has been a while and it was hard work. That also had a lot to with the fact that my MS is acting up right now. So even walking at 1mile an hour I was like OMG..So I walked at that pace for 2 minutes then took it up to 2.5 for 8 minutes and back down to 1 for 2 minutes. Now this is at a 10% incline. So I WAS walking uphill the whole time! I will get better over time and I am NOT done for the day.
I use to do this everyday for 45 minutes on this treadmill and at 3.2..But I am doing something new. I am spreading it out through the day. 10 minutes here and there. This is the advice of my doc. So that I don't get burned out and he says that the experts say that you burn more fat this way. So we shall see!



  1. that story it just beautiful!! and the ring is too!!!

    nice place for the tredmill!!

  2. The ring is neat with a neat story behind it.

    I have never been on a tread climber but seen them in use, seems like a challenge to take up. Keep at it!

  3. First off, that ring is just beautiful, and I can understand why it's your most treasured item. :) Now, way to go on that exercise! I'm so proud of you for putting that treadmill where you would use it. You rock!

  4. Love the ring and what an awesome gift!

  5. What a terrific story about your Grandmother's ring - a beautiful story, a beautiful ring!

    Good luck on that treadmill!!

  6. Good for you! Keep it up! I have a ring kind of like that from my grandmother too but it doesn't fit...yet.

  7. Nice treaddy! Use it! Best way to use it is to set yourself a goal like I'm doing on mine; knowing that I've told all 33 of my followers that I am going to walk 10 miles a week is sometimes my only motivation to drag my ass to the gym every night.

    You don't have to do 10 miles a week, obviously, but set something: something you know you can do but that will benefit you and take more than one or two days to accomplish; start small and then let us know each day how you're doing with your goal. You could do time based goals instead of distance too like "I promise to walk 20 minutes a day" and then don't worry about speed, just walk at a pace that is comfortable. I promise, you'll be sitting there looking at your treaddy thinking "I really don't want to" and then you'll think "but I told everyone I would so I need to". :)

  8. I love that story. They things that matter the most are the ones of sentimental value. My G-ma just passed this last October. Before she died she made everyone a blanket (she loved to crochet) so that she could hug us while we slept.

  9. Oops, it should say the not they, lol


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