Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My little black book!

I started using a book to keep track of what I eat.
 I also weigh every thing. If you are NOT weighing everything I am sorry but you are deceiving yourself. You would be amazed as to what an actual serving of anything actually is..I have just your regular scale that does grams ounces fluid ounces and milliliters. Then yesterday while at the blog bitch cakes I seen that she has a measuring cup that also does the same thing. It really is what I have but it is in cup form.Taylor measuring cup I always have to get a cup or bowl down. I mean it came with a bowl. I just really like this thing she has. Then I started doing some research on amazon and I REALLY like theMeasuring spoons That way when say.....I am measuring out a tablespoon of peanut butter or Olive oil I don't waist anything and I am getting an accurate measurement. These things of course I can do with out. Right now we are saving to move. But I would love to have them eventually. As soon as we move it will be on the top of my list and I will add it to my amazon wish list!!!

So back to my little black book..
I use to use caloriecount.com and I still do on occasion. But for the most part I just use this little book. It is easier to have it in the kitchen with me while I am cooking. Caloriecount is fun because they give you so much information. I still use it for some stuff. For instance I weight my fruits. I will peel two oranges in the morning and put them in a bowl and then weigh it. It is usually around 230grams and 110 calories. I get all this after looking it up on calorie count which takes just a few minutes.
I am willing to try anything. This is a learning process for me. Every single day I learn something new and nothing is set in stone.
So for now I am writing it in a book. Next month I may be doing something new. But for now this seems to be working for me.
I am still struggling with how to lay out my meals for the day.
I think once I get on a set sleep schedule which if you follow my blog you will know that I am working on it.
So once I get a few days under my belt I will lay out a new set eating schedule. The calorie count won't change.
1200 for 3 weeks
1600 for once week
That won't change
What needs work is when I eat my meals. Do I do 6 small meals a day? Or do I do BLD and 2 snacks?
I have always just ate when I was hungry. But clearly by what you can see above... That is NOT working!!!!
Come night time I am good on my calories and then I get hungry and have toast or ice cream and go over.
Now last night I did go to bed after only having 600 calories the entire day. So it did balance out my week. But still...I need to work out a schedule!


  1. I have to say i weigh and measure everything! It's second nature for me now :)
    From what i've learned different eating schedules work for different people. For me i eat 3 meals no snacks and that's what works for me. I tried eating more often but it triggered my binge eating.

  2. I buy those Moleskin blank books they sell at the local book store. Just started a new one this week, writing it down works!!!

  3. Writing always helps me - it lets me know when I'm going too far, and when I can have some extra. I've been using my new ipad to write everything I eat and do down - it's been a lifesaver!!

  4. Tracking always helps me too, and I find that I feel full longer when I eat three small meals and two snacks a day. :)

  5. I've given you an award, Renea. Stop by my blog to find out more! :)

  6. Dude! I follow bitch cakes too but I hadn't seen the measuring cup and I am IN LOVE! I have a plain old set of metal measuring cups and I use them so much now that "Temptation" knows better than to touch them when he's cooking something. He gets the plastic measuring cups, the metal ones are MINE! lol. I have even gotten to the point where, on the rare occasion that I drink wine ... I usually just sip it straight from the measuring cup. I've also started eating out of "the cup" a lot too. In the absence of a food scale I try to do the best I can counting in cups as apposed to weight but a scale is definitely something that I would really like to have for all the reasons you've listed.

    This is why you see so many "single serving foods" on my blog list. You know, snack packs, etc. Pre-packaged foods that come 1 serving per package so counting is easy. When I can't do that I tend to over-estimate the calories and portion size so that if I am off on my count, I'm counting higher than I'm eating and not the other way around.

    Your book is awesome, I pretty much do the same thing with the blog but I do have a book, similar to yours, that I use when I can't get to a computer (like when I go to restaurants) ... mine doesn't look as neat and tidy as yours though. I tend to scribble all over the page at random.

    Those measuring cups and spoons are going on my wish list ... they're the coolest gadgets I've seen in a long time.


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