Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 3 of 30 days in pictures & Losing steam!

Day 3. A picture of the cast of your favorite show.
Another day another picture. I love this show. One of many. But this one is one of my favorites. Has a lot to do with Sally field!
One picture is just not enough

I just love Sally Field

Calista Flockhart is also a doll.
I start watching her while she was in Ally Mcbeal.
She was known for her short Skirts and the co-ed bathroom at her law firm that she worked for.
If most of you don't stay up with current affairs or celebrity news you would probably be interested in knowing that she is also married to Harrison Ford!!! Yeah I too was shocked when I found that out!

I have been sitting here today thinking that my weigh loss is dropping off so slow!
Someone the other day had asked me if I had ever tried Alli?
It makes me think? I wonder if I did try something like that if it would help it to move a bit faster.
Me with my fatigue and not being able to exercise the the way that I want to. This may help to burn some extra calories???
The only thing is that I wanted to do this on my own!! No matter how long it took. No pill,programs or gimmicks..So why now am I so worried about when I get there?

I guess looking back at my weight loss. Which you can too. If you just go to the top of my page. I have been in the 80's FOREVER..If I can just get to the 70's then I will know that I am getting somewhere!
Is a pound a week really enough? I am losing steam here!


  1. Yoga? Burns some extra calories for people who find it difficult to exercise with intensity....don't quit, you're doing so awesome, you're one of the people who motivated me!

    Slow and steady wins the race :-)

  2. Personally I think that if you give in to a pill you are going the WRONG direction! Also you should really read the information on Alli before doing it. The most common side effect is unexpected, sudden, and explosive diarrhea. Literally pooping your pants. So while you’re at the drug store picking up your Alli, you may want to be like the Astronaut Lisa Nowak and buy yourself some diapers. Alli users are having to carry an extra pair of pants wherever they go - seriously!

    I know you want to lose weight, and you want to be out of the 80s, however, not that long ago, you were in the 90s. Lets not forget where you were when you started! Be proud, not discouraged! You are doing amazing!

    Also keep in mind, Alli, is a diet pill. Most diet pills work for a while, then stop. And once you stop taking them you risk putting on all the weight you have gained PLUS some! I say this only from experience. I went through the diet pill craze, trying almost EVERY one out there! Even Anna Nicole Smith's awesome little pills that she was the spokes person for. They helped me drop some pounds, then I gained it back! It really isn't worth it!

  3. Uh yeah, listen to Trisha about Alli. Unless you are eating a high fat diet, it won't make THAT big a difference anyway. You'd be better off just eating well on your own. Most people say one pound a week is the safe amount to lose, and will help it stay off. But honestly, I am waaay too impatient to settle for one pound, so I eat less and exercise more (within healthy limits), with the realization that while I may lose faster, it might be harder for me to keep it off.

    Polar's Mom

  4. Let me warn you off Alli. I tried it and hated it. If you stray from their fat content recommendations, you will SERIOUSLY pay for it. Eeeewww...I can't even go into detail. I would try changing up your routine...amount of calories you're taking in, the kinds of exercises you're doing, etc. Good luck!

  5. I just have to ditto what everyone else has said. I have two friends who have tried Alli, and it's definitely NOT the way to go. I'm glad you changed your mind about that. *Hugs*

  6. They do say 'slow and steady wins the race' for a reason :)

    Keep up your great work that you are already doing and it will happen, it has too


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