Monday, January 24, 2011

What was I thinking??

Yesterday both me and Jack slept in really late and when I say late it was evening when we got up. Not even evening. It was something like 7PM. So that is night time. But we did not go to bed till the sun was up. It was because well what else...My hands were driving me nuts. Jack well....He just never likes to sleep on the weekends and his back bothers him.

So we had dinner. I made Chicken Oriental Stir Fry with Brown Rice. Then we watched a movie called Parana. Nothing to write home about. But it was entertaining and was filmed here in Arizona in Lake Havasu. For some reason they called it lake Victoria. Even on the boats it said Arizona Lake Victoria ?? No Idea!!!!

By this time it was 2AM and we decided to go to Walmart and get our grocery shopping done. Or I should say..I did..Early in the evening I said..How about a 3AM shopping trip?? He said sure!!!
So I got dressed really quick. I mean it's walmart at 3AM!!! Did not take me long..On the way there I started thinking..What day is it?? SO I said I am confused on the day? Which is sad to say..happens often because of my wacky sleep schedule. Jack says..Well..It is Sunday..But tomorrow in a couple of hours is Monday. Then he was like, But actually it's really already Monday. I have to drive to work in 3 hours!!!! I was was like WHAT!!!!!!!!!
WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU GOING TO WALMART WITH ME AT 3AM WHEN YOU HAVE TO LEAVE FOR WORK AT 5:45AM????? You should be at home resting! Turn the car around. I had no idea it was Monday! Why did you not say something when I said..Hey let's go shopping at 3AM on a MONDAY MORNING?!?!
He says..I figured you knew it was Monday.
Me..Since when have I ever asked you to go shopping in the middle of the night just 2 hours before you have to leave for work?
Him..I will be fine.
Me..Please..Just drop me off then and come back and get me
Him..No I will be fine.
Me..Well I guess you will have milk for your lunch.
Me..I will be really fast!
I have NEVER been so fast.I was in and out in an hour! He helped me unload and then I put it away and I even made his lunch which he usually does. But this time he layed on the sofa.
He came home today at 2:30 not feeling well..

A few weeks back I swore off ice cream its a binge food for me and triggers other foods and sweets.
TOM is on it's way and I am craving ice cream!! I had it on the list with a ?..
When I got to that isle I asked Jack..Should I???  Then I said NO..I said I was not going to and I am NOT!!! Instead I got 86% chocolate with the hopes of having 1 every now and then. I have had 3 today! So that is not going to work either. We had it once before but it was a bar and these are individual packages.
I can't rule sweets completely out!! I have a sweet tooth. It is just the way it is. Especially when TOM rolls around. So trying to find a way to incorporate a way to have it in my diet is just a hit and miss right now.
I know that I can not pass over the candy line..I know that for sure!!
So as with everything else I am learning!
So even though I DID have 3 of the chocolates. I am proud of the fact I did NOT buy the ice cream because I figured out I was consuming about 19,200 calories worth of ice cream and honey every month..Yes I would put honey on it!! triggered other things! So I ate 180 calories worth of dark chocolate..That is OK! Live and learn! I would have had a much harder time getting off of the ice cream.

I bet you are still on the 19..Thousand right???
Well..The no sugar added ice cream is 100 calories for 1/2 a cup and usually I would have a cup so that is 200 calories. The honey is 60 calories for a TBS which I weighed. But to be honest a lot of the time I would not and for 2TBS that would be 120 calories. I know without a doubt I had it EVERY day..Sometimes twice a day. So lets just say that I have it twice a day. 2 Cup of Ice cream at 200 Calories and 2Tbs of Honey at 120 calories twice a day that is 19,200calories in 30 days!!!!!  That seems like a crazy number but I checked and rechecked..ASTOUNDING!!!!!
DONE!!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!! How was I even losing weight at all???
I was fooling myself..It has been over a week now since I have had any ice cream.

That just seems crazy and it is worst case..But there are days where I had it twice and usually I did have it every day..


  1. Ice cream is my nemesis! That, and eating too fast!

    Wal Mart is fun in the wee hours! But not when I need to get up in 2 hours! What a terrific Guy!

  2. Wow good for you for doing the math on your old ice cream habit. Numbers don't lie. You will be able to eat ice cream in moderation.

    Ps your hubby is a trooper for still going to walmart lol

  3. Good morning, I gave you some link love this morning,

    Wow, 19k in ice cream, that is like nearly 2 weeks work of calories if looked at in a different perspective. Yep, do the math and it equals Never Again!

  4. Wow, good job on analyzing your own behavior. That is something to be proud of.

  5. Wow! Crazy on that 19k calories! As for the Lake Victoria/Havasu understanding is that they didn't want people thinking Lake Havasu had killer fish in it. Go figure. LOL.

    Julio G's closed but his son owns Garcia's which is still open and the recipes are the same. Mmmmm...makes me want Mexican. I haven't had any in a long time.

  6. Manda.. That is so interesting..My family will think that is funny!!

  7. Patrick.. Thanks for the link love.. I just wish I knew what it was..( ;

  8. you could try getting just one of those tiny little single serving skinny cow ice cream thingies maybe once a month. That way you can cure your craving but you won't have enough of it in the house for it to be a continual temptation.

    I browsed the candy isle in a CVS tonight, I picked up three or four different kinds of canybar, looked at the calories on the back and then put them back. I was *pinches fingers together* this close to buying one but I just couldn't do it. I wanted to but none of them, not even the little ones, were anything less than 200 calories each and the little voice in my head was literally screaming "It's not worth it! Just walk away! You'll forget all about them once you're out the door!" It worked; I had forgotten all about them until reading this post. ;)

    My nemesis, as you may already know, is cheese. I'm losing it right now, I had nacho's twice in two weeks, then had pizza this last weekend. All for the pure love of cheese. Tonight I ordered a veggie wrap and "Temptation" ordered nacho's. Then when he caught me staring at them he picked one up and held it out to me; I called him an enabler and threw an orange slice at him so I wouldn't actually accept and eat the nacho.

    One of these days I'm going to lose it, I mean really lose it. The pizza incident will pale in comparison. "Temptation" will come home and find me bloated and unconscious on the floor with various cheese wrappers scattered all around my immobile body; drowning in a pool of cheese vomit. I'm not kidding ... that's how insane I feel right now.

    I feel your pain; we may have different vices but I most definitely feel your pain.


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