Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Did good today!!!

I think I did really good today!

Jack got home late! He went to my Nanny's and picked up a therapeutic bed topper that she was not using. Plus there is the long drive home.
I am curious to see how we both sleep. We have a new mattress that we paid quite a bit for 2 years ago.
But they just don't make mattresses very well anymore.

We decided to have dinner and watch a movie.
I made Flatout Pizza again..They were good. Just like last time.
Since then I have had a Banana.
Have you ever realized if you choose a smaller prettier dish the food item does not seem so small?
I said I was not having ice cream tonight but I was really craving it and I would have kept eating this and that to make up for those cravings. So instead of my normal size bowl... I got down a small espresso size glass and served it in there. Amazingly....I felt like I ate just as much as if I used the other bowl which is easily double!

So food for the day..
Coffee drink mix 50 cal
Flatout Pizza
Ice Cream with Honey

Not bad for the day AFTER a really BAD eating day!!!!!


  1. Awesomeness! Way to go on a great on-program day! :)

  2. Using smaller dishes has helped me SO much! Instead of using a cereal bowl to scoop ice cream into, I use a ramekin and that gives me a much better idea of serving sizes- plus I weigh everything. Good job today!


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