Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 5 30 of 30 Days in pictures plus need your opinion

DAY 5 A Picture of my favorite memory!

At least it should be right! Plus it is the only the I can think of right now!
We were married on March 7, 1998 In a small church. I wanted a small church.
Just prior I had a friend that was married in this HUGE church and then there was was 50 people at the very front..It was weird. I wanted all my family in one small church..It was a good fun and memorable day! I loved that dress..

 I can't wait to try it on when I have lost all my weight..I still have it and right now it is in the garage all double bagged and sealed in a dress box. It was a size 18. I was at my heaviest. I wanted to lose weight before my wedding and what did I do?? I gained so much weight I had never been heavier!!! This is suppose to be a good memory Hahahaha....But this is part of it!

OK guys...I am finding that 30 days in pictures is getting away from what my blog is really about and it is taking time away from blogging about what I should be blogging about. By the time I blog my Day of picture I have lost track of what I was going to blog about for the day or I just don't feel like it..So I may bag it all together..I may do one her and there or I may keep it separate from my weight loss blogging..
What is your opinion?? Bag it?? Keep it?? Separate?? Does it matter?
I hate to bow out on something that I started..But I started this as my online journal and now it feeling like a chore before I even get to sit down and write my feeling for the day! You know what I mean?


  1. Hmmm, that is your call. Do you feel like the 30 days of pictures helps your weight loss journey? If so keep it, but maybe just post the pic and what it is, then go into the rest of what you want to talk about. If it does not help you, then bag it for now...

    Polar's Mom

  2. I enjoy seeing your pictures, but it's totally up to you. :) I wish I still had my wedding dress, but I sold it not long after I got married. LOL (It was a size 18 too). I sure did love that dress.

  3. I pre-wrote a bunch of my 30 days of pictures post when I was in a picture mood and then scheduled the entries to publish on the correct dates when I wasn't feeling like talking about weight loss as much.

    That way I can do both things when I'm in the mood for them!

  4. Maybe set aside one day a week for it??

  5. I like the 30 days of pics, but I too noticed Im not really blogging about WL as much. So I started making one post in two parts. with the pic of the day/ then weight loss

  6. I am gonna take today and think about it..I may do what FAB said and just set aside one day and rack up a bunch.. I did have a few but that did not last long..
    I have some new plans..I will be posting about that later. But dont worry. I am still sticking to my 1200x3 then 1600. But more to come!
    Part of this has to do with the fact I dont have all my pics loaded into my computer and I have go digging for them and it is kinda a pain!!! We will see!

  7. It's fun seeing the pictures! I like Suzi's idea. :)

  8. I will keep doing it..I think I am just a bit overwhelmed right now with my MS acting up that everything seems like extra effort!
    I also did not want to take away from the true meaning of why I started doing this!


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