Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I have been doing clean eating on my own..I just did my own research on the Internet!
When I first read the reviews for the Clean eating book it said that if you know the basics on how to eat healthy that the book was pretty much a waste of time!! So I never bought the book!
But soon I will be doing just that!

I have been reviewing everything that I eat and at this point right now I cannot state that I do CLEAN EATING until I cut a few things out of my diet! One of those things being ice cream..Now I do buy the kind that is no sugar added and you can read all the ingredients. But I do not believe this to be CLEAN correct me if I am wrong..I came across something today that said NO SUGAR with clean eating! That is what makes me think that I have been doing this all wrong..I don't know if I can cut out ALL sugar! I mean I can get it down to a minimum..

I recently bought a different type of honey which I have read about before called RAW honey..It is suppose to be the purest of the pure.. If you would like to read up on it or even purchase some yourself you won't be disappointed. It is not like your typical honey..It is not going to come streaming from a bottle. It is much thicker! It is also a bit grainy. But you can soften it a bit by setting the jar in a bowl of warm water. I purchased a small jar from whole foods to see if I even liked it! Which of course I do! Jack was not as impressed!
On the very top of every jar they have something called
CAPPINGS..This is what it is..The crunchy bits of pollen, propolis, and capping wax that crown each jar of our honey are called "cappings". Cappings have the highest concentrations of pollen and propolis, which are known for their healthful properties. Due to popular request, Really Raw Honey Cappings are now available by the jar and can be chewed, just like chewing gum, for a sweetly delicious way to enjoy and ingest the goodness the bees put in. Again all this information is found at the website I have listed! It sounds odd..But it truly is delish!
I bought that small jar on the bottom at Whole Foods!

So with the exception of eating out on occasion which I am sorry but I am JUST NOT going to get around that and the sugar the rest IS "clean eating" so I am NOT far off track! But until then I will not state that I am clean eating until I buy the book read through it and make sure that I am doing everything right!

Tonight FINALLY back on track with my eating..My stomach has ran a full course and is back to normal..I was able to eat a full meal tonight with no rumbling..So let’s see that took from Saturday Morning till Tuesday Night! Jack has asked around at work and it sounds like it may have been more of a stomach virus because even once the food was gone I was still sick! People at his work have been dealing with similar and even went to the doc for it! I was sick enough that morning to go to the hospital but Jack had been up all night cleaning the carpets in the house and was passed out and I was too sick to even express to him how sick I was! I was so dehydrated that my calf muscled were cramped up!! So I am sooooo glad that is done and over with!!!

So considering there has not much eating that has been going on and I have not been doing much else but lying in bed since Saturday I also have not gotten any exercise done either!
I think one more day and I will be good as new and then it will be time to hit the treadmill and start making goals for April which will include getting out of the 70's!

One very exciting thing that I did come across last week while cleaning out the house was a very old doctor’s appointment paper that I get every time I go..It always has on it a bunch of stuff marked like eat this and that drink this much water and strive for this weight. Well I never noticed that till recently!
This one that I found was from March 3, 2010 and it said to reach a goal of 180 Pounds!! Well at a year exactly I did just that!!! AMAZING!!! I had no idea that paper was even there or that he had ever written that!


  1. If you get locally grown honey you'll have other benefits as well if you have allergy problems. It makes a huge difference for my husband.

  2. I`m going to have to look for raw honey! I love learning about new foods :) Thanks

  3. I just started buying locally made honey and I love it! You can also just put it out in the sun for 20 minutes or so and it'll get syrupy. I find I feel a lot better when I'm off sugar but I also take an 80/20 approach. If I can do all the right things 80% of the time, I think I'll be OK. You're doing great!

  4. I'm not eating any sugar so honey is also off my list....but raw is the best I would enjoy it.

    Well done on reaching your goal weight in a year...thats such an achievement.


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