Thursday, March 31, 2011

Losing inches and clothes!

I had replied to someones post the other day about the inches they had lost. It is AMAZING how many inches we can lose on TOP of the weight that we lose!
I remember when I was growing up and my mom AND my grandmother were obsessed with dieting! My grandmother was always on Weight Watchers..She was successful..As a matter of fact I have one of her cookbooks from the 70's and it is quite funny to look back at what they use to eat! I always remember though that she was always saying "BUT I HAVE LOST INCHES" and in the back if my mind I was thinking how in the world can you lose inches when you are NOT losing anything from the scale..That just did not register with me and quite frankly it still does not..But I have seen it with my own eyes!
So I know it to be true! Now I am not talking 0 weight loss..There were more then a few pounds in there..But I never expected for there to be over 13 inches and for my fellow blogger a couple of pounds and 7inches!!! HOLLY COW!! It just amazes me and makes me want to keep going! I can't wait to see what my measurements are next month! Speaking of next month..I am still working on my goals and will have those posted tomorrow..

I still go into my closet and sift through my clothes and see what will fit and what won't. What I can throw out. What can be donated. What can I sleep in. What can I convert into a shirt to wear with leggings..I AM NOT KIDDING!!! This one blew me away!!!

I have some of those tops that are from old navy..They were really in a few years ago..Collared and stripped in different colors. Well I have a couple and this morning I pulled a few down. They are so big they are either going in the donate pile or I will wear them with stretch pants.. THEY ARE THAT BIG!! To think I use to wear  these with jeans as a top! That is CRAZY!!!!
I also have a few T-Shirts that are the same and I have been wearing them as night gowns around the house over leggings! They are like tents! When the same! I use to wear them with Jeans..They use to fit just like any other T-Shirt. Now of course they did not fit FITTED..But they were not like this either! I am one that likes my clothes to fit my body..I don't like things too big or too small. I like them to fit for the way they were made to be worn.

I decided to go ahead and take a few pictures in the tops..Even though I just woke up..( : Otherwise this blog would NEVER get posted!

So even though I am REALLY getting very low on clothes..These stripped shirts will be going in to the donate pile! As soon as the temp hits 100 I will be able to pull out all of my winter clothes and put them in a box! I won't get rid of them just yet! I mean I have to hang on to them for vanity reasons..I mean heck..I need pictures for next winter RIGHT???? But NO they will not fit come next winter and I am gonna miss some of those clothes..A few of the jeans that I have I paid good money for! Being fat you have to pay good money for good fitting clothes! I got the chance to wear some of my favorite jeans that I have not worn in a very long time and it will be the last time I EVER wear them!


  1. You are looking fabulous!! Hey, with you needing some new clothes soon, you should enter my giveaway. :)

  2. I think you have misunderstood my entry with my measurements in centimeters...
    7 centimeters what I lost is 2.7 Inches
    I lost 1.8 kg's in a whole month, which is VERY little but as I am at goal weight its harder, thats why I am going to do The 17 Days want to shake my body up a bit.
    1.8 kgs = 4 lbs.

    You doing so well...and looking so good...never forget your own personal achievements.

  3. I am sorry..I guess I have made more then one comment..This paticular friend and blogger HAS lost 7 inches!

    I am very proud of my achievments! I am blown away at my 13.5inches! I will be tracking my progress on my inches better then I have in the past now that I know how well I and others have done just in inches alone!

  4. I'm moving in June so am waiting until then to go through my closet. I'm afraid I won't have anything left! Good for you!

  5. Thanks for the support on my post. We're moving back to town...Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Ahwatukee...still East Valley. We just can't handle the utilities and commute anymore. We did the math and we can afford higher rent with what we'll save on utilities and gas. I can't wait! Moving in June so it'll be HOT!


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