Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The night before last I could not sleep and some night when I can't I actually gets these burst of energy and I end up running around the house doing things. It is really crazy!
Well I decided to try on those shorts!!

So I dug them all out..I had a stack of them..last summer I had 2 pairs that fit WELL..I had ONE jean pair and one other pair that I bought at walmart to get me by. I did not even really like them but hey...They fit!!
So I started trying them on...One after another they fit and I don't mean just fit. I mean most of them are almost too big. We are talking 23 pounds lighter then I was the last time that I wore these!!!

I had a black pair that I bought at Torid and they were TIGHT I mean muffin top tight and now they actually swoosh back and forth.. That is just crazy!!!

There was 2 pairs that don't fit at all..One pair is the one I bought at walmart last summer and the other pair is also from last summer which kinda upsets me because they are from Torid and I paid a lot for them!!! You know how you have some clothes that you like just not the size?

So now I have an entire stack of shorts..I don't need any shorts for summer but I will need tops. I have not bought any of those.

WoW..To think what 10 more pounds will bring or another 20..Just blows my mind! I have never been in this place EVER!! So it is all new to me..

Yeah for me!!!!


  1. I'm so happy to see you so excited!! That is a great nsv.
    Think of all the fun you will have buying new clothes.

  2. love it!!!
    very very very cute post!!=P
    follow u

  3. That's the best kind of NSV. Honestly, that's my biggest frustration. Not seeing a big enough difference in the clothes. Celebrate!!

  4. woop woop! That's fabulous! I can't wait til I can fit into the pair of shorts from 7 years ago..

    Can we get some pics???

  5. Congrats!! I had fun cleaning out my closet a while back, too! It's exciting that the clothes don't fit- but I understand what you mean about liking some of the clothes, just not the size! I'm planning on having a big garage sale this spring. :)

  6. Congratulations!!!! I can't wait to see the difference in how my clothes fit. I haven't lost that much yet. Can't wait to shop in my closet and wear stuff I "thought" fit, until I realized i was squeezing out of it, lol.

  7. WOOHOO!!!! That is the best feeling ever! Great job!

  8. CONGRATS HUNNY! I have another new award for you on my blog:


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