Monday, March 14, 2011

NSV's are AMAZING! & Being electrocuted!

I had an awesome weekend as far as weigh loss goes!!!

It has been a few months since I re-tried on some of the Jeans that did NOT fit..
If you will recall I had 2 pairs of GOAL jeans that I had hanging on my wall..
A few months ago. I would say around the holidays I was able to wear one pair of them. But my favorite pair..The pair that I wore to my brother wedding reception about 6 years ago I am guessing did not fit!. I mean I could get them on but they were REALLY tight and I had muffin top and everything!
So I figured it would be a while before I would be wearing those again!

So come Saturday me and hubby decide we are going to go out for a bit..Go shopping and go have dinner. I go to my closet which these day is not much fun to enter..Every shirt that I look at looks like a HUGE baggy tent. They have all become sleeping shirts if they are T-Shirt material. Other then that I don't have many other tops that are very nice to wear out to dinner! So I need to do some shopping!

So...I stood there in the doorway. I knew it would be a pair of jeans and I knew exactly which ones. Then I realized they were in the wash! CRAP!!! So then I grabbed another pair. Just as I realize that I still have that ONE pair of goal jeans that I have yet to try back on. Do you know how when you go to put a pair of pants on and just as you go to put one leg in you know right then if they will fit? Well I knew they were gonna fit! I did not know how well. But I did know they would fit. To my surprise not ONLY did they fit.. They had ROOM.. They were BAGGY!!!! WHAT???? I am so glad I tried these on! We are in the 80's and soon I won't be going near a pair of jeans and come winter these would not have fit me at all..I would NEVER again been able to wear my fav jeans!
So I was really happy to say the least. So the top was the least of my worries. I grabbed what I had to wear and it was the same shirt that I am wearing in my LAST progress pic..But hey..I said I was not buying any new clothes until it was ABSOLUTELY necessary.. I mean we are really close..Come next winter NONE of my clothes that I have are going to fit!

I was laying in bed last night and I told Jack.. I officially have NO goal clothes!! It just dawned on me.
Well I may have a few Jackets that my MIL gave me and one pair of dress pants. But nothing that I was dieing to get into. EVERYTHING FITS!!
It is the strangest feeling..Like I am melting away. That is the best way I know how to explain it!
But it is a NICE feeling..Strange but nice!
My MS has hit me HARD!
Most of the time I can carry on with life as usual. But every now and then it gets the best of me and I just can't take it any more!
I am not really sure WHAT is going on right now..If you don't know MS effect your central nervous system and for me that is 10 fold! I get little jerks here and there with my legs and arms just like every other MS patient. But a few times I have gotten so bad that I literally feel as though I am being electrocuted and that is what I am dealing with right now! I will lay in bed and try and sleep at night and and my entire body with NO NOTICE will twitch REALLY hard and my body flips in the air. It is crazy I am sure to witness but it hurts like hell and very irritating! This will happen over and over! Sound is an issue..Music,Voices,Dogs Barking, Doors closing, Dishes Clanking. Any noise what so ever and it is like fireworks going off inside of my body!
Who can live like this and not just want to break down..I have this constant feeling like I am gonna cry but I don't.
I have also been breaking out in hives which I have never done. So I am not sure if that is from the nerves?
So I spent all of last night in bed simply because I could not get out of bed! I feel that bad!

I got up today and took a shower and I now back in bed! I am feeling a bit better. But I can feel my insides vibrating and every now and then my whole body jerks. So for the most part I am trying to stay as stress free as I can hoping that this will pass...

I did not even think about weighing this morning. It has been the last thing on my mind. But as soon as I am feeling better I will get back on that scale!


  1. Congrats on fitting into your fav jeans and that sucks re: MS.

    I don't have personal experience with it but the fiancee of one of my BFFs has MS and he has a tough time with it. More so in the summer than the winter.

  2. Such great news about you fitting into all your jeans now...such a good your aim must be for the smaller size that you are going to have to be buying soon :)

    Hang in with the MS, you know from past experience that this will pass and you will feel better.
    What worries me ( you know why ) is how come you have started medication and now feeling worse???
    One of the reasons I dont take medication as I feel so good and why make myself feel so bad...
    Did the Neuro say your symptoms will improve or just prevent things from getting worse.
    I feel for you and wake up in the middle of the night thinking of you!!!


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