Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Don't worry..It's more then copaxone..( :

Copaxone it is...


I know it has been like 30 minutes since my last post..hahha
But I could not wait till tomorrow to tell you about my success..
OK no..This is not a weigh loss success.. But this is HUGE!!!
I have been working towards this for a while now. Long before I even had the medication delivered to my home!

We were busy trying to hang these lamps on the wall in bedroom and I seen that the clock was ticking. I did not want it to get too far past 11PM then I would be too far off schedule...
So I said screw it..While Jack was hanging the little lamps. I went into the kitchen grabbed my needle and alcohol wipe from the pantry. I lifted my shirt and tucked it under mt bra and stabbed my tummy!DONE! The burning began..It is a very familiar burn. One I never thought I would be feeling again.This was 20minutes ago and I am STILL burning..It is to be expected..Every now and then I get a shooting pain. I am so glad,excited and thrilled YES thrilled that I got it over with and I can move on..Partly sad because I cannot share it with my BF..Long story ) :
But hey..I am on the road to feeling so much better! Now I get to journal about it in my new pretty stripped journal that I talked about in my You Tube Vlog..

This is the first step to getting back to some normalcy around here!
Last night I went to bed at a decent time. I will be doing the same tonight. I tracked everything that I ate today and will do the same tomorrow. Plus tomorrow I will be adding in floor exercises and the treadmill..So what the scale is back at 182.5 that number likes me..(  :...He needs to go find someone else..I am sure someone else would like him..I am sure of it..
My goal for next week is 179..I know it is a big goal but I am capable of it!
I need to start setting BIG goal for myself. Ones that I need to REALLY work towards! If I set a one pound goal. To me I feel like...OK we can go on a nightly walk. That should do it! But if I set a 3 pound goal! That makes me work a bit harder. I make sure that I track EVERYTHING!!! I work out above and beyond. I don't skip when I really want to..It just gives me that extra push! That is something I really need right now!

So far today my calorie count is..
953.9....Now that is a bit low..I like to stay around 1200-1400..1200 if I am sedentary and 1400 if I am active..Since I am very very sedentary today I am good with 953.9...I had vegetables,fruit,protein,whole grains and I am going to slam 2 more bottles of water before I go to bed!

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  1. Oh, now I can post!

    Fiancee B is on Copaxone as well. Is this your first injection? I don't know if they told you this, but if you heat up the injection site with a hot water bottle it helps alleviate a lot of the long term damage to your skin.


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