Monday, February 28, 2011

Seasons are changing

The seasons in Arizona is getting ready to change and that means that we get to wear shorts!!!
Now I don't like summer for the fact that it is HOT and the heat messes with my MS.
But I do like the fact that I get to wear shorts. I have never had issues with my legs..
As a matter of fact I have always been complimented on my legs..
WHY?? I have no idea! They are short and stubby..But take it where you can get it right!
No but really! I don't see anything wrong with my legs. So wearing shorts does not bother me.

I am starting to wonder how my shorts from last year will fit considering I am 23 pounds lighter then I was last summer. Here during February we can pretty much wear shorts. At night time it still gets cold though.. I have been home during the day so I have not had a chance to wear my shorts. So I have NOT tried any of them on..It will be interesting though.
I thought I would be farther along. But then I started thinking...When I thought that I was think more into July. So I still have 5 more months till we get to July!! That is a ways off!

I have written down EVERYTHING I ate today! For dinner I forgot to take down any meat so we had salad and a flatout with Hummus. It was really good..I sure love that Hummus. You just need to make sure that you measure it out!

Tomorrow I am going to restart my treadmill goal of 10min x 4 per day.
It is about time I get back to that!
Then I will slowly add in some other stuff.. I just need to make sure I don't do everything at once.That is when I get into trouble!
Tonight is Copaxone night and I mean that. As a matter of fact as soon as I get off here I am going to do it. No over thinking it! I just have to think it is there to make me better because it is!


  1. I wish anyone loved my legs. Jealous! And I hope your shorts don't fit. ;)

  2. Good luck with your treadmill goals...and the shorts! I am ready for warmer weather!


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