Monday, February 14, 2011

Almost here!

I finally got my COPAXONE all worked out and for those of you that don't know what that is and that is about 99% of you.. It is my shots for my MS (Multiple Sclerosis)..So those will be delivered on Wednesday.YEAH for me..NOT!! I get to go through lots of burning pain on top of the burning pain I already go through every day. Oh well..It is the hand I was dealt. Things could be worse. I just have to be grateful that the shots are available to me and so are my doctors and so on.

Two more days and I get to weigh..Or one more day depending on how you look at it..I get to weigh on Wednesday morning. I am going to video tape it and post it on YouTube and on here as soon as I know you will know.. I cannot wait to know!!! Driving me a bit batty. I mean not really.. I have been able to leave my scales on the bathroom floor and not touch them. But I sure would like to know what I weigh.

I am ready to know what I weigh and move onto something else. That something else being 30 day shred. Now I hear it is suppose to be really hard. So I may just do it my way. I may not do it the way it is intended. I have to modify things so that I do not end up in the hospital.I am not sure yet. I won't know till I try it once.Also as soon as I know how much I lost it will help me know if I need to up my calories or lower my calories..I have been flying blind here for a while..

As soon as a weigh I am gonna start over with everything.. I am gonna start being really good with my tracking because I have been slacking.I have to really pick up my exercise because summer is on its way and when it gets here I wont be doing much if any. The heat is really hard on me. Regardless if I am in the house..

I have a neurologist appointment on Wednesday and a Primary doctors appointment on Thursday..So I will get to talk to them both not only about my weight but about my most recent MRI and about doing this 30 day shred!?

Food is still doing good..Everything has been the same.. There have been a few nights where I have had Jack get me a McDonald's Ice cream cone..I have a sweet tooth what can I say.. But they did fit into my calories!


  1. Good luck at your appointments.
    sounds like you're ready to get back on track after you weigh in. Yeah!
    I looove a little mcdonalds cone!

  2. What is a 30 day shred? I've never heard of that before. Can you point me in the right direction for info on how it is intended and what it is etc?

  3. Best of luck to you with your Doctor appointments. Keep us posted, okay? And I can't wait to read all about your weigh-in! :)


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