Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Weigh In...ERRRRR

OK...So I am back up to 182.5!!! It is what it is..
I am clearly in a plateau. I have been doing a lot of reading on it. My body is just use to what I am eating and to tell you the truth I have been doing the same thing and eating the same things FOREVER!!

I have had plans to start 30 day shred but with the way I have been feeling with my MS I did not want to push it!
So I still have those plans and the day I wake up feeling up to it is the day I will start it and that has not happened yet!

I am not beating myself up over the 182..I have still lost over 20 pounds..That is 20 pounds that I have had on my body for the last 13 years. Would I like the scale to be moving?? You bet I would!

This morning I made sure to measure every single thing that I ate..

This is what I had for breakfast.
Cheerios 32 grams   110
Soy Milk Light vanilla 8oz  80
Strawberries 109 grams  34
Orange 115 grams   54

All I can do is eat healthy,weigh what I eat and get as much exercise in as I can!
Right now that is what I am going to stay focused on..If I don't I will say screw it and eat what I want!
I want this to work and I want to make it to goal one way or another.
I am thinking I may need to do something sever like Adkins to jump start my body again!
Gonna have to do some thinking!

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  1. I would say switch up your breakfast, maybe have some oatmeal. If after a week of eating different things that doesn't help, try something new for lunch, and if THAT doesn't work... there's only one other answer. :( Try to exercise more. :(


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