Sunday, February 13, 2011

New plans with Jillian and Atkins "EDITED"

It has been a few days since my last post.
It seems since I have started doing vlogs I have been doing less and less post and I don't want that to happen.
I also have really not had all that much to talk about.
When you go an entire month without weighing..Well....It is kinda like not being on any program at all.
I am doing the same thing as I was doing yesterday and the day before and the week before and so on.
But that is soon to come to a close when I FINALLY get to weigh on Wednesday and I can not wait!!!!
I thought about doing it on my webcam. But I will just do it on my camera with video and post it on YouTube and here. That way you all get to see what I weighed in at! Won't that be fun???
I really have NO IDEA what it will say.. I don't feel any different then I did a month ago. So it could be the same. I could have gained. Who the heck knows...But I will know soon!If I gain sure I will be disappointed. But if I do I will just keep right on going. No matter what I will never do this again. But you live and learn right? So if I have a gain. I will just dust myself off and keep on truckin and on to the next day. I will NEVER give up!!!

My great friend Trisha recently started 30 day shred..I also know there is one other blogger doing it.
So I started looking into this..With my MS I have to be really careful in what exercise I choose to do and the intensity. If I chose something that is too hard it could send me into a flare or just put me in bed for a week. But I also will try anything once!! I defiantly don't let my MS hold me back. But sometimes it does and I have no control over it!
I told Jack all about it and guess what he came home with on Friday? I had actually asked him to look for it at Bookmans since he goes there all the time. But he went to Walmart and bought it.

I have a few doc appointments coming up this week including one with my neurologist. Plus I weigh on Wednesday. I don't want to start 30 day shred until I know that I am going to be home each morning for at least the first week and that I can weigh. So I may not start until next Wednesday. Have to wait and see..

"Had a conversation with JACK my husband and he does not want me doing the Atkins diet and that is NOT the only reason why I made the choice NOT to do it..There is NO way that I can without eating fruit. There is just no way. I started this program by eating a well balanced diet. If I switch to Atkins I will be then doing the complete opposite of EVERYTHING I have been working to accomplish..So I don't know what I was thinking!! Thank you Sarah for helping me decide."
Now something else I have been thinking about. I know some people may not agree..
I have been saying since the beginning that I wanted to do this on my own. No pills,gimmicks,or programs!
I have been reading a lot on the new Atkins diet. I don't know if I have the willpower for that program.
I have also always thought that it was not the healthiest. So even if I did do it. This is not something that I would do long term. We are talking just a couple of months. I would want to do the first phase and then do the second phase for a month or so..
I am thinking about it..I am going to get the book and read through it before I make any decisions. I would still eat clean with no processed foods or I would not do it!!! I have already been thinking that I needed to cut out some carbs. This would be to the extreme! It is NOT a done deal!
But definitely something to think about. I think with 30 day shred and Atkins... This would really kick my weight loss into gear!


  1. I think the Adkins diet would definitely jump start your weight loss again.. It would kick your body into burning the fat, and get your mind into the place it needs to be carb-wise.. I know that I can eat carbs until I am so full I want to puke, so why this diet works for me is an anomaly, but it does.. but I agree with ya, I only plan to do this until I get around my goal weight, then possibly go to WW.. :)

    I wish you luck in whatever you decide to do.. I'm here for ya whatever you decide. :)

  2. I'm really glad you decided against doing Atkins. I can't live without fruit either.

  3. Shred - - - intense! Wont lie. Day 2 I was literally shaking from it! Day 3 had my MS flaring and I had to skip day four and do day four when I should have been on day 5! Be ready!!

    I dont think you need to change your plan so I am glad that you were able to decide. I think what you are doing has been working and is working I think its that you need the scale. I am doing weigh ins every 2 weeks instead of weekly... but I will never try to do it for a month again!! EVER!!


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