Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wait it out???

I think for a lot of us the reason why we can't stay off of the scale that sits on the bathroom floor staring back at us is because we want someone,something to tell us that what we are doing is working! We need to know that all this hard work is paying off. I need to know that eating 1200 calories every day last week and writing down every last thing I put in my mouth and every step I took on the treadmill and documented was going to help me lose such and such pounds that week.

Sooo...You then go over a week without weighing and then two weeks and then three weeks. There is NOTHING giving you(me)that validation I need.  That I need to to say hey you are losing weight and doing exactly what you should be doing. So keep doing what you are doing.

The first 2 weeks I think were fine..But Now...I am struggling!!! I HONESTLY feel like I have gained weight. It may all be in my head. That may very well be. TOM was here and I get really bloated but it passed 2 days ago and I still feel the same and I also noticed that my jeans felt a bit tight. I just donut feel quite the same.

So I am looking for a bit of advice. I like to finish what I start. Should I keep going and go the month. Or should I just go to 3 weeks.

I am REALLY sick right now. I am still an emotional eater. At no time have I said that I have been cured! So since I feel like CRAP I have wanted to eat. I have had 3 pieces of chocolate today and even had peanut butter on toast last night. I bought PB2..But NO I use REGULAR peanut butter??? I guess I was too lazy to mix the PB2. That is my best guess.

So I was thinking maybe this next week I can try and lose whatever I gained this past week so that I am not disappointed.I am torn on what to do?? Go ahead and weigh this week or wait it out??

I can tell you this! I will NEVER do this again. I need that scale. I need to know that what I am doing is working. Or even if I need to make a slight adjustment because in the past the SLIGHT adjustments have made a difference.

I am totally torn!


  1. I say give it your best for one more week and see what scale says... TOM is over, right? No more PB? ;-) I totally get that emotional eating thing-I used to celebrate and medicate both ways with food, no matter the occasion. But do you think you can forgo the emo eating for a week to see if the plan is a good plan for you? If it's a tough time, then maybe a plan with more small meals so you are always eating but it is good stuff?

    As for the scale...he is like my crossing guard. I know I have to drive straight with the hands at 10 and 2 in order to not get cursed at by him. In other, less mysterious words-I'm his bee-atch, and he keeps me in line. I have to weigh once a week, but no more than that-that's what works for me.

    Polar's Mom

  2. I had a major binge section 2 weeks ago and i felt bad about it for a min but then I realized that it was in the past now and all i could do was just move forward. Don't stress about one day that may lead to more unhealthy choices. Forgive, forget and move on. I wish I could give you more advice but I hope this week gets better for you. :)Do what works for you.

  3. I think since it sounds like the scale is playing mind games with you so i would step on the scale. Then you will know if you are up or down and can regroup/ refocus. Weight loss is hard enough without causing yourself unnecessary stress. Just my. 2cents.

  4. Oh Hon...I feel for ya. I know it must be frustrating. Just remember even if you have gained some, you are doing so amazing and have come so very far! Just think of all the amazing new choices that you're making for yourself! You are still an inspiration to me. You just might be really proud of yourself if you stick to your plan and wait it then mat decide that you don't want to limit yourself like that again, but at least you did what you set out to. Either way, rooting for ya over here!!!! Hope you feel better soon.

  5. I see that you already got this award, but I just couldn't help myself! Stop by to pick it up!

  6. I would just step on the scale and put your mind at ease. :)


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