Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Extra Dessert Delights Gum

I love trying new products..
I had been hearing about a gum that is suppose to taste like dessert.
I use to be a HUGE coupon user and received products at home to try. When visiting one of my old sites
it mentioned that if you "LIKE" their site on FB they will send you a free pack of the new Extra Dessert Delights. I went ahead and signed up.
But I could not wait that long. While waiting in line at the grocery store. I seen that they had the Key lime Pie flavor. It was the only flavor I seen and the one I chose on FB.
It is really good. It is best of course when you first start chewing. So I do wish that it lasted a bit longer.
But if you are trying to rid of a sweet tooth fast. This works!
I am not a HUGE gum chewer. But when I do it tends to be the sweet flavors. This works for me..
Can't wait to try the others.


  1. LOL!! I totally blogged about this gum too!! hahahahahahaha I LOVE the mint choco chip!! Kris loves the strawberry short cake, and I havent tried the keylime pie yet... still nervous, I had it in yogurt form once, and it was super tart!

  2. See I wish this was more tart.. That is what I like about keylime pie..I make a no-Bake one..Or I should say. I use to make one..LOL
    The more tart the better!


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