Wednesday, November 17, 2010


When is a good time to go shopping for new clothes while losing weight?

Well some would say....DUHHHH....When yours get too big !
I have been saying for years that I was going to go on a diet and I did and it only lasted for
a few weeks. But I still held to what I said. I WAS NOT BUYING NEW CLOTHES TILL I DROPPED SOME WEIGHT !

But then you do this for a few years as I have. Now I am down to about 5 nice tops and the rest are T-shirts. Lots and lots or T-Shirts. You know the kind that you can buy just about anywhere in every color  usually for around $10..I usually get mine from target. They are easy to throw on with a pair of jeans..(I have lots of too small clothes that are in boxes in the top of my closet. Another 15-20 pounds and I may pull those out).

But this time around I am losing and I can see that I will make it to the end. I guess I want it more this time. Plus having lots of support helps.
I wanted a few tops that I could wear through the holidays.
First I looked online..I like looking online but I don't like buying online. Usually I will go to the store and look at what I found online and be so glad that I did not buy what I saw..

This past weekend we went to Sears..I tried on everything that I seen online and did not buy any of it. But did find a sweater that I could wear even when I lose 20 more pounds. It is called the boyfriend sweater.. I love it..I could wear it with jeans or leggings and it is thin with big black and grey stripes..LOVE IT ! Plus it was on sale..I was just looking at it online and it is even cheaper but with shipping it would come out to about the same.

I love clothes..I love buying clothes. But I can't wait till I can buy whatever I want and not what looks good on me or what fits!

I noticed something this time around..
While in the dressing room trying on tops I was not disgusted with what I saw in the mirror..
I also was not trying on swimsuits..THANK GOD !!!
I tried on a lot of clothes and the issues that I was having is I am in between sizes. So when I tryed on this cute sparkly tank top in XL.It did not seem to fit right in the arm pits. But if I went to a L it was too tight..

So after a few hours of shopping I went home with 3 tops..Spent $25..I love sales!
So this may hold me over till summer..It will be very interesting to see where I am at then and how my clothes from this past summer will fit. I hope they are all too big to wear and I have to go and buy all new summer clothes..That is my goal anyway.

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE clothes. but I am afraid to buy anything in fear that I will get something so cute, and not be able to fit it after wearing it only once. Then I have people tell me to buy smaller sizes but then what happens if i stop shrinking?? then i am stuck with a tiny outfit mocking me. no thank you! glad you got some tops though!! i hate being in between sizes... or one size fits you great at that store then a different size fits you better at this store... lol... ugh what us girls have to deal with!


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