Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Part 3...So much on my mind!

I have had so much on my mind today..
I am starting to think that I can't just be happy with the good news.
I have to tear it apart!

A few years back. It was right around this time. It may have been about 5 years ago.
Out of nowhere I lost a bunch of weight without even trying.
I remember going to my families house for Thanksgiving and all the comments I got for the amount of weight I had lost. This was not long after my diagnosis of MS. So I chalked it up to that.
I remember my weight 188 and I even have pictures and the jeans I wore that day.
So this is what is bugging me..I was 3-4 pounds lighter then I am right now. But I am nowhere near wearing those size 12 jeans. I was a bit younger then. They say that when you hit your mid-30's that it becomes harder to lose weight.
A while back I had tried on a pair of shorts that I had bought early this summer that were a bit tight. I had tried them on when I lost a few pounds and they fit way better.
I have 2 pairs of my favorite jeans hanging on the wall. I have yet try them on and I have no plan to.
This being because I am not seeing a difference.
Early this summer I hit my high of 208. So that is 2 pounds shy of a 20 pound loss at my current weight. I mean you would think I would notice a difference. I started dieting back then but did not get serious about it till September when I was at a weight of 203.

So I started thinking. Well, maybe I am losing in other places. I have a bra that I bought early this summer that was too small but I figured I would hang onto it so I had one to wear when I lost weight. I tried it on today. It is not so small that I would not wear it as before. But there is no HUGE difference.

Is it just me??? I would think with a 12 pound loss that I would see something.
Plus there is the fact that the last time I weighed just 3 pounds less. I was wearing a size 12 and I am now still in a 18 maybe a 16. I have not tried anything on with a number yet. But I can just tell that they won't fit and I am not about to give myself that let down.

So I guess what they say is TRUE! When you age it is harder to lose the weight.
I have a string. It is actually cooking yarn. I had cut it to the size of my waist way back in July when I was at 208. It also shows no difference and that is almost a 20 pound difference. I am just boggled as to where the weigh is coming off of.


  1. Legs, arms, fingers, toes, butt, boobs, belly, face, I mean the list goes ON and on and on ... you get the picture. If you are looking for this dramatic difference, YOU WILL NOT FIND IT! One day, it will hit you smack in the face! That day will be great, then you will go on this path again, and look for a difference, keep in mind, you look for this difference EVERY day EVERY time you look in the mirror, every time you put on a shirt. You will get there, and I am SURE there is a difference you just cant see it ... yet... :)

  2. It's so odd to have once been in size 12 at this weight..Lets take you for instance..You can't be much taller then me and I am sure you are in a size 16 by now???
    I notice HUGE differences in your pictures!
    I just want to see somthing..I want to be able to put some article of clothing on and it be baggy.Something to say HEY this is working..
    I am NOT giving up. I know I will get there and one day I will say Trish you were so right. I am just not there right now..Thanks for saying what I need to hear. You always do ! ( :


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