Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Water and cheesecake...

I NEVER thought I would see the day where PLAIN WATER is more appealing to me then flavored water!
I now crave the stuff and no day would be complete without lots of water.
Jack is now drinking lots of water as well..
So between us two and our animals who have always drank bottled water
we are going through a TON...
We bought more water then food tonight at the store..Well close anyways..Haha..

I had a pretty good day.. Though it did not start off that way.
I manged to squeeze in 4 hours of sleep before Jack got home.
We had dinner at a place called Arena..They have every kind of food imaginable.
I chose a grilled chicken soft taco..It's easy to go fattening or healthy there.
Plus you can go large or small and I went small and it was more then enough food.
We then went to the store to do some Thanks Giving shopping.
Dinner will be at my Aunts but I still make quite a bit.
Every year I make a pumpkin cheesecake and I was torn as to if I should this year.
The choice I made is to make ONLY 1. I only bought enough for 1.
I talked to Jack about this at dinner.
I was setting myself up..My mind was doing that thing.." Well maybe I can freeze one"
NO WAY!!!!!!! That cheesecake would be gone in a week.
I get Joy out of baking for my family. But cheesecake is a weakness.
So I am happy about the fact I could see myself rationalizing it.

Any coupon users???
I use to use them like crazy..Then when we moved six months ago I got out of the habit.
I took and hour today and looked up the deals and printed some coupons.
When I checked out of the store I saved 60%
I forget how great it is to buy so many grocery's and spend so little.
So my goal is to get organized again.
Some people say you can't eat healthy with coupons.
Even just $10 a shopping trip is $40 a month. It really adds up.
If anyone wants help getting started just let me know.

 Today I am proud because....
 I chose a "small" dinner..
 I made the decision to NOT make a cheesecake that will be in my freezer!

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  1. Good for you!! Stay on track!! NO CHEESECAKE! I am making green bean cassarole. But already planning on using a small kids plate instead of a "adult plates" which hold more servings than Claim Jumpers!! hahahahaha Keep it up woman!


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