Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Skinny Bitch in a Box

I am happy to report I maintained..
I am always hoping for a loss but if I eat something I should not be eating then I expect a gain or a maintain.
Can't expect to lose weight eating CRAP and for me my crap happened to be CHEESECAKE..
Blahhhhh.. What was I thinking!!??

Just realized I weighed one day early.  Oh well.....


What's done is done and moving on..
I do know that this year will be different then any Christmas.
Lots of cookies and candy and baking in years past.
I will still bake this year. I just won't be eating it as I have in the past.

Last year for Christmas Jack bought me lots of baking supplies and new very cool measuring spoons.
Have you ever seen the kind that Paula Denne Uses???
Well those are what he got me and I love them!!
I love them so much that they are still in the boxes.
I have planned to hang them and not even sure that I want to use them. So I never have!
The year prior he got me the HUGE Kitchenaid mixer which I love and use to do all my baking.

This year Is going to be way different..
I want anything that involves working out and losing weight.
I bought myself and early Christmas present..
Skinny Bitch in a Box..It includes the book and the cookbook.
Its the small cookbook not the new one..I think it says Bitch in the Kitch.
Anyways I got it yesterday and started reading it last night..I just love it..
I also got a screaming deal. I think both books were $7 and with shipping it was $10 FOR BOTH BOOKS!!! My kind of deal!


  1. I love Skinny bitch, however, it is very veggie... well straight says you have to be a veggie only gal, that isnt me! but I found a lot of the info super useful!! And it makes a lot of sense!

  2. I am only a couple chapters in and I was a vegitarian for about 5 years..But turned into a carbatarian.. LOL..So I may be able to handle it..I am reading it for the fun of it and I take bits a pieces that work for me.


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