Friday, November 12, 2010


                                                       Today has started off great!

One thing I am noticing is that I am not that hungry in the morning. For years I have gotten up and the first thing I have to do is eat. I usually wake up nauseated. But for the last couple of days. I wake up and then have an 8 Ounce glass of OJ. I do my usual check my email etc..Then about an hour later I have a small breakfast. Today I had 1 Cup of Applesauce and 33Grams of Heart to Heart Kashi Cinnamon Oats.
Breakfast 330 Calories
This is a breakfast that I use to eat every single day. Then when my weight loss stoped. I decided to change it up a bit. So I started having eggs. Or a small bagel with laughing cow cheese.
I noticed a difference.

I think our bodies get use to the food and need to see changes every now and then. I have also noticed that when I have a fattening meal once or twice a week. Spread out of course. It sort of speeds of my metabolism to burn  more calories. In the 10 weeks since I have been doing this.I am learning what works for my body and what doesn't. Eating salad and chicken every day just does not work for me. But having a low calorie meal 90% of the time and throwing in some high calorie meals. Seems to help with the weigh loss.

A few years back. WoW I guess it was probably 7 or 8 years now. My husband Jack did "Body for Life" On that program you mostly have a serving of carb. Like a potato. A serving of Protein and a veggie. Very strict and very boring. Every single day. Except for one day a week you could eat whatever you wanted. In moderation of course. But we would eat at his favorite restaurant. He would have his PBJ which he loves and ice cream. He lost and lost every week. There was also a ton of supplements and working out. But having that one day a week to eat whatever helped him stay on track. When he would want to have that PBJ. He knew that come Saturday he could have it. So it kept him from eating it.
That's kinda how this is working for me. If I want to have Mexican food and I have been good all week then I have it. That way I am not blowing it all week because I am craving something that I can't have.
I am learning that everything is in moderation. I can't have it everyday. When before I gave into those cravings daily without a second thought.

I was sitting here this morning thinking back to what I use to eat.
To be honest. It is not all that different. I was never a binge eater. I hear of people saying that they would stop at the drive thru and get 3 burgers and two fries. Or eat and entire half gallon of ice cream in one sitting. I was more of a snacker. I ate throughout the day. Usually the night.

OK so a typical day......
I would wake up. Have a Thomas Everything Bagel with Regular cream Cheese.
I almost never had lunch but if I did it would be a small frozen entree or a sandwich with chips.
Dinner is where it could go wrong. If spaghetti was made it would be a large serving of pasta. When I measured what a serving of pasta was I was amazed. I have always made 5 course dinners. A piece of meat,potatoes or packaged pasta, corn, bread and a salad with regular dressing and croutons,cheese and diet soda. No one course dinners here. We would eat out a few times a week. Fast Food would be Taco Bell. Two Tacos and a Nacho Supreme. McDonald's would have chicken nuggets a 10 pack and a large fry. If we ate out I would opt for Greek or Mexican.

Then came the night time snacking. I would snack all night long. Ice cream,chips,candy..Oh boy was candy my weakness. Just before I started this I could finish off a LARGE bag of reds starburst in 2 evenings.I have not figured out what the calories would be. But I really should.
So looking back. They were not HUGE differences. But they were big enough to keep me fat.
I always said but I don't do like they do on Biggest Loser. I am not stuffing down 10 tacos or a Gallon of Ice Cream..I was consuming close to the same calories. I just spread it out over the day.Mostly the night.
I also notice that I go to bed now when my husband does.I am not staying up till 6AM like I use to. I am now in bed around midnight and up some time in the morning.
So this whole eating healthy is also making changes that I never expected. I never even thought about it.
But little by little I am noticing changes in every part of my life and I am only 10 weeks in..
So I look forward to what the future holds. I am very excited to see the changes 10 weeks from now!

I read back on what I had wrote...There are some significant changes.At COSTCO we would buy that big thing of cheese Balls and polish it off in a week. Then there was the cheesecakes..If I bought one. It did not take long to get rid of that..
That is what is so great about this blog..It helps me keep track and to remember where I once was.
To never,NEVER go back where I came from!


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