Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Book Part 2...Plus Habits

I am going to be making some HUGE changes in my eating habits between now and the next few months,
I have been doing this now for 12 weeks tomorrow and that is ample time to measure my progress. What works and what does not.

During these twelve weeks I have been breaking old habits and trying to create new one.

My list of BAD habits...
  1. Full fat ice cream
  2. Snacking all night every night
  3. Staying up all hours of the night.
  4. Drinking my calories..Which included lots of Juices.
  5. Drank almost NO water.. Maybe one bottle a day.
  6. Sitting on the sofa all day..(still working on that)
  7. Eating out 3-4 times per week.
  8. Lots of fast food.
  9. No fruit
  10. Ate a TON of candy..Not chocolate candy but sugar candy. A BIG bag of starburst in 2 evenings. Or a 10 LB bag of Jolly Ranchers in 10 days. Over and Over
  11. Eating when I was NOT hungry
  12. Eating out of boredom..(Work in progress)

If I had to choose two of my biggest changes. It would be the candy and the mindless eating all night.
Plus I have to add that I am drinking my water..

When I started this weight loss journey early summer...It was for purely vein reasons. I wanted to be the skinny girl. I wanted for the first time ever to not be the fat friend,sister,daughter and even the fat wife. Though he loves me as I am. He has NEVER seen me under 150.

As the weeks have past..My reasons have changed as well..
I want to be healthy...Healthy for me and healthy for my husband..He has gained a few over the years and I am already noticing a difference in him....YEAH..I want him healthy  and to live life with me till we are OLD!!!I want to be proud of accomplishing something I have been attempting for 10 plus years and failing every time or giving up is more like it..
I no longer have a time frame. When I get there I get there. Because no matter if it is 6 months or 2 years. This is not a temporary thing. This is a forever thing.
Every day I learn something new.
I though I knew it all... I have read all the books and tried many "diets"
I never tried what would work for me..

I have learned so much from people around me. People on the blogs. People that I consider my friends.
There is one person that keeps me going more then she would ever imagine..
When I think of making a horrible choice I am not about to lie about it..
This blog is for me foremost and I hope to eventually inspire others..
So if my blogs sometimes seem long..These are my thoughts.
Thoughts that I hope to look back on at 140 pounds and see where I once was..
There are so many bloggers out there that have inspired me..
But that one person was on me about blogging and if not for her I would have never kept doing this and now I am hooked..So thanks Trisha..You are a great friend,confidant and huge support..

So in the next few weeks and month I will be changing up my food choices,where I shop and my exercise and I am so excited..
Once I have my plan in place I will be posting it in detail..

I have also had people asking if I am still planning to do weekly Vlogs???
I am...I had to put it on hold because of sickness and since it will be my first I did not want to be on cam all sickly...

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  1. :) No need to thank me! You wanted to do it, I just gave you the extra push!! :) that is what friends are for!! I am so excited to see that you guys are getting bikes!! It is so fun!! I will warn you though, your first ride, make it short. then build up. I made the mistake of taking my bike all around town, then the next day, muscle spasms bad in my legs! :(

    still learning!! lol... you are doing so amazing! i am so very proud of all you have overcome and how far you have come!! i think we make the two greatest weight losers (LoL) with MS!! :D


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